HubSpot Forms are an integral part of any website. They bear the sole responsibility of capturing the leads and gathering the necessary information, so the particular brand or organization can utilize the data to their benefit. Forms are the medium that connects you to the visitors and the information they send.

You can create HubSpot pop up forms, HubSpot smart forms, and HubSpot survey forms, to collect data from your website visitors. In fact, forms create multiple pathways for connecting with the clients. However, the requirements and specifications of the form vary from business to business. Thus, the need for customization rises.

The question that looks us in the face is, can you customize HubSpot forms? The good news is: Yes! You can. 

In this article, we will discuss how you can customize HubSpot forms to suit your business needs and gather the information and data you feel is relevant. So let's get started.

How to customize HubSpot Forms?

Here is a list of customizations you can perform in HubSpot forms and the subsequent steps to help you execute them.

Customize Form Field Options

By default, you can find all the contact property values as form field options, but you can edit the available field options on an individual form basis.

Here is how: 

  • Open your HubSpot account and go to MarketingLead Capture> Forms.
  • Over of the form title and click Actions>Edit form.
  • Go to the form editor, select a field to customize the options. 
  • In the left panel, you will find the Field options section:
    If you want to remove current options, hover over the option, and click on Remove.
    If you want to add new options, click Add options, you can find it at the bottom of the section. Go to the dialogue box and add the option (s) you need by clicking on Add.
  • To update the live form, click Publish on the top right.

Source: HubSpot

Add a Custom Field to your HubSpot Forms

If you want to add options to a radio select, a dropdown select, or a multiple checkbox form field, you need to customize the original contact property.

To do that, follow these steps:

  • Go to the navigation bar of your HubSpot account and click on the setting icon.
  • Then go to the left sidebar menu and navigate to CRM>Properties.
  • Find and select the Name of the property.
  • Make sure that the In forms switch is toggled on for all the property options you want to display in your forms.
  • If you want to add a new property option, click on the +Add an option.

Source: HubSpot

  • Put a label on your new option.
  • Finally, go to the bottom left and click save.

For more property options you want to add, repeat these steps. Your newly added property will appear in the live form and the form editor.

Add a File Upload Field to the Form

By adding this field, you can allow your users to upload images, documents, and other informative files at the time of their form submission.

To enable this feature, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open your HubSpot account and go to Marketing>Lead capture>Forms.
  • Then hover over the name of the form and click Actions>Edit form.
  • Next, go to the left panel, and under the Create new field, drag the File field to your form.
  • Click on the group dropdown menu in the dialog box to select a property group. Here you need to enter a Label and description for the field. Click Next.
  • Click create.
  • If you want to let your visitors upload multiple files, you have to go to the file upload field and select the Edit option. 
  • Select the Allow multiple files checkbox in the left panel.
  • Finally, click the Publish option.

You can access the files uploaded by your visitors in the hidden folder of your file manager. You can also find a link to the file in the contact's record of your HubSpot account.

Note: the size limit for the file upload fields is 100MB individually and 500MB collectively for multiple files.

Set up a Phone Number Form Field

In the default HubSpot form, you will find the contact phone number field that accepts numbers and the typical characters associated with phone numbers, e.g., +, -, ().

However, you can further validate the phone numbers in the form submissions by restricting the number of characters the visitors can enter in the field.

You can also offer a drop down menu with country codes that your visitors can use to facilitate the process.
However, you have to set the phone number settings on a form to form basis.

  • Open your HubSpot account and go to Marketing>Lead capture>Forms.
  • You can select an existing form by clicking on the Name of the current form, or you can create a new one.
  • Hover over the phone number field, and you can find the pencil icon that you have to select. 
  • Then input a Minimum and Maximum number length in the left panel. Owing to this, a visitor will only be able to submit a form when it meets the restricted length.
  • If you want to prompt the visitors to enter a country code, you can click to toggle the Show country code dropdown to switch on.

Source: HubSpot

Add a Blog Subscription Field in a Form

HubSpot recommends that you use the default blog subscription form to have visitors subscribe to your blog. 

You can use the following steps to add a blog subscription field in your forms:

  • Open your HubSpot account and go to Marketing>Lead capture>Forms.
  • Click on the Name of the form.
  • In the next step, enter Subscription in the search box in the left panel. The result of your search will show you the blog subscription properties, each labeled: [Blog name] Email Subscription.
  • Then click drag and then drop your Blog Subscription field, where you want in the form. 
  • You can go to the form editor, click the Email Subscription field to edit its display options.
  • Finally, click the Publish option in the top right to update the form.

Source: HubSpot

Add a Single Checkbox Field to your Form

To create a single checkbox contact property, follow these steps:

  • You have to create a custom contact property and set the field type to a single checkbox.
  • Make sure you select the Show option in the forms.
Add a Single Checkbox Field to your Form

Source: HubSpot

Add the Checkbox Field in your Form

  • Open your HubSpot account and go to Marketing>Lead capture>Forms.
  • Click on the Name of the form.
  • Go to the Search box and search the Name of the single checkbox contact property in the left panel.
  • Use the drag and drop option to place the property in the preferred location in the form editor, next click the field option to customize its display options. 
  • To update the live form, click the Publish option in the top right.

Source: HubSpot

Contacts who check the checkbox while submitting the form will have their checkbox property values selected as yes. 

Wrapping Up

Being able to customize your business tools is a significant advantage, and HubSpot certainly makes way for that. There are various other ways the marketing automation solution can help you personalize your business and website. 

Learn more about HubSpot in our blogs, or contact us for HubSpot services! We are ready at your service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To create a custom form in HubSpot, follow these steps: Log in to your HubSpot account and go to Marketing, then Lead Capture, and click on Forms. On the upper right corner, click “Create form.” If you have the Business units add-on, you can associate the form with a business unit. Next, choose your form type and click “Next” in the upper right corner. This process will help you design and customize your form for lead capture and data collection.

To customize the creation of a contact form in HubSpot, follow these steps: Click “Create contact” at the upper right. Then, in the right panel, input the contact's details, and more fields will show up. To further tailor the form to your needs, click “Edit this form” at the top. This enables you to adjust which properties are displayed when creating a contact.

To change the style of a HubSpot form, follow these steps: First, go to Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms in your HubSpot account. Then, choose the form you want to modify and click Edit. Once you're in the form editor, go to the Style & Preview tab. In the left pane, find the Style section and click it. Customize the form's appearance to your liking. Finally, when you're done, click Publish or Update in the upper right to save your changes. This allows you to create a custom look for your HubSpot form.

To customize your HubSpot leads, follow these steps: First, click on the Settings icon (which looks like a gear) at the top right corner. Then, from the menu on the left, choose “Properties”. Look for the option called “Lead Status”. You can now adjust the labels and internal values to match your specific situation or business needs. This way, you can organize and manage your leads in a way that makes the most sense for you. If you have any further questions, the HubSpot Community is a helpful resource for finding solutions!