In today's world, digital marketing has become the main tool for large companies to attract customers. However, the longer the Internet has existed, and the more users register on social networks or websites, the more information needs to be processed to get results.

Modern marketers not only come up with great slogans and beautiful pictures, but they have also become real mathematicians, processing colossal data streams.

It is logical that this occupation began to grow into a separate industry with such an agiotage, which was called data analytics. For example, now specialists in this field may receive a salary of $60k-$70k.

To understand what the field of analytics is in digital marketing today, it is worth starting from the very beginning. So what is data analytics?

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is a field of research that deals with processing a large amount of unstructured information to find useful information for future use.

Previously, the people who did this were really mathematicians or workers in the field of statistics, but with the development of technology, everything has become much easier. Most of the databases are now analyzed using automated processes.

But it doesn't mean that a person's work has become useless. Only a familiar person with analytical algorithms and a lively mind can draw correct conclusions from the information received.

Now that you understand what exactly data analytics is, it is a vital for you to understand how these technologies are used in digital marketing.

How does Data Analytics affect Digital Marketing?

In marketing, the main thing is to correctly understand the desires of customers and find their weaknesses. A good marketer is constantly full of new ideas, but it becomes more difficult to please every client every day.

That is why companies began to implement entire departments of analysts who are able to see patterns where the average marketer would not see them.

Most likely, it is because of data analytics that digital marketing has begun to flourish in recent years because the information that the average person would almost certainly miss provides a huge advantage for the company that found this information.

This great opportunity has also led to a new phenomenon in marketing – targeted marketing. With technology to process data, companies can do things they never thought of before.

Now it is possible to develop content focused on a specific person or group of customers with their characteristics and desires.

After all, now every business on the Internet knows almost all the necessary information about a potential client, and it is not difficult for them to know what exactly the consumer wants. As a result, it leads to a huge increase in the quality of advertising products on the Internet.

Moreover, data analytics allows to increase the quality and reduce the price for advertising, which gives too strong an advantage over competitors that are not engaged in information processing.

It might sounds strange, but the analytics allows businesses to adjust their prices to be more competitive. And this, in turn, gives access to new markets and attracts new customers who previously used the services of another brand.

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What Trends are emerging in Data Analysis?

Irrespective of the field, data analytics is growing at a tremendous pace, which only helps to gain insight into the importance of technology for marketing. For example, there are various companies that provide analytics consulting services for other businesses.

If earlier marketers tried to persuade customers to buy with advertising, describing all the advantages of their company's goods, now the situation has changed dramatically due to information processing.

Modern marketing is much more logical and reasonable because data analytics made it possible to predict which customer is more likely to want to buy a product.

All this is possible due to the large number of features of this area, which you should definitely know about if you are interested in this area of ​​technology:

Extensive use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

These two technologies are experimental and not fully understood, but truly cutting-edge advances. Unsurprisingly, marketing is also trying to use them for their purposes.

For example, many companies implement data mining solutions built with machine-learning technologies, which facilitate discovering patterns in large data sets and creating new customer-centered marketing campaigns.

The use of machine learning allows you to automate many processes that also relate to the classification and storage of data.

Of course, it is not entirely clear where exactly these technologies will be able to prove themselves best, but we can already say for sure that they will be improved and will firmly enter the life of the modern business.

The wide Availability of Cloud Technologies

As mentioned earlier, every day there is more and more information about customers. It is logical that it needs to be stored and processed somewhere, but not every business can afford to build entire buildings filled with servers.

Therefore, here too, technologies come to the rescue but are already associated with the creation of cloud storage and data processing architecture. It is safe to say that the use of this technology will only become more popular in the future because the volume of information will continue to grow.

Focus on the Customer Experience 

All modern marketing is built on the emotions and wishes of the customers themselves. Collecting consumer feedback has already become an integral part of modern business because by listening to its customers, a company can offer more competent assistance and a higher level of service.

Now imagine that there are thousands of such reviews. Of course, without data analytics, it will be impossible to understand where the company should move in order not to lose customers.

And the use of machine learning allows you to automate the process and make help systems, for example, chatbots, as similar as possible to a real person.

Social Media Usage

The use of data analytics on resources such as Facebook is just getting infected, but it is already yielding impressive results. The company's servers store data about millions of users, which makes it a limitless source of good advertising campaigns.

However, analysis is needed here more than anywhere else, as social media targeting is a much more competitive area. But at the same time, there is much more profit than from ordinary contextual advertising.

What Skills do you need to work in Data Analytics?

If you are interested in this area, you should know what skills are needed for potential job candidates:

  • Visualization. You should not only see a series of numbers but complete information;
  • Communication. As a data analyst, you will be required to write reports and presentations, and this will certainly require skills in communicating with people.
  • Critical thinking. Probably the most important characteristic in any job, especially when it comes to numbers.


In today's digital marketing world, data analytics plays a key role. New technologies allow marketers to collect and process a huge amount of information about users and draw the right conclusions.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, organizations have access to progressive advertising methods and persuade users who have not even thought about buying them to buy.

So if you've been thinking about a career in digital marketing, consider learning data analytics and start making huge sums.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Data analytics means gathering, studying, and understanding data to make smart choices. It's like solving puzzles with information. When you use data analytics, you can figure out what your customers like, what your rivals are doing, and what's happening in your market. This helps you make better decisions, like improving your marketing plan to attract more customers. It's like having a secret weapon to make your business even better.

Digital marketing analytics are like detectives for your business. They sort through the data your customers create about your brand, like clicks and comments. With this info, you can create special experiences for each customer, like ads that match their interests. You'll also know how to find new customers and help them buy your stuff. If someone has a problem, you can fix it faster. So, these analytics are like a secret weapon to make your business better and make customers happier.

Digital marketing analytics are like online scorecards that show how well your online advertising and promotions are working. They measure things like how many people visit your website, how often they click on your ads, and how many of them actually buy something. It's like checking if your online strategies are hitting the mark. These numbers help you see what's working and what needs improvement. analyzing this data helps you make smarter decisions to boost your online success and make your marketing efforts more effective. In a nutshell, it's about understanding and improving your online marketing game.

In the world of digital marketing, analytics is like a superpower. It helps us understand what customers do online, see if our marketing efforts are working, and make more money for our clients. It's like having a secret weapon to beat our rivals. With analytics, we can make smarter decisions, create successful campaigns, and boost profits. So, for digital marketing agencies, it's not just important – it's essential! It's the key to success, helping us make our clients happy and stay on top in the digital marketing game.