Enhancing your digital footprint in 2020 isn’t as easy as developing a website and a Facebook page. Gone are the days when companies could compete in the digital ecosystem without a sophisticated online presence. Each year there are new trends of digital marketing, and 2024 is no different.

Digital evolution has become an irrefutable phenomenon. In today's marketing climate, businesses can only survive if they have a growing digital footprint: one that spans numerous platforms, and utilizes modern tools and technologies to engage targeted customers.

If marketing is not done in an appealing or right way, there are chances you might not get the desired output. That's why marketers always prefer using updated strategies and techniques to promote their products, connect to new audiences, build loyalty, etc.

So, if you are a business owner that is looking to revamp your customer acquisition strategy, then incorporating digital marketing trends brought forward in 2020 is a good place to start and increase website traffic. 

Top Digital Marketing Trends 

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Instagram: A Haven for Millennials

Instagram just crossed the 1 billion user threshold. While this number doesn’t raise the alarm for the ordinary person, digital marketers feel something else altogether. The notoriety of Instagram, specifically among the millennial of the world represents a teeming potential for brand building. 

If Instagram and Facebook are compared, the most startling discovery is the difference in demographics. These days, Facebook is being termed as a platform that has swathes of old people online.

People that have crossed their thirties already have decided on brands and services they want to settle for. With old-age comes reluctant inertia that marketing cannot break.

This is why Instagram is a platform to strive for when building a new digital marketing regime. This platform is also known for its creative freedom, so marketers can channel their imaginative spirit into making flashy ads that increase conversion rates.

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Uninterrupted Customer Service Will Lead the Way

Traditionally, brand pages utilized a customer-service model that had actual people behind the screen, but this is changing. Consumers demand convenience and customer service 24/7. Artificial Intelligence, specifically in the form of chatbots, provides this sort of assistance. 

Well! It's impossible to stay online 24*7 and respond to customers. But it's vital as it helps to make people connected and informed. That's where chatbots come into play. Basically, it is an artificial intelligence software that communicates with humans naturally through text chat windows or by verbal interactions. 

It is one of the cost-effective, quick and trending ways to make people familiar with what they are actually looking for without investing much time. Moreover, chatbots improve customer satisfaction and increase the chances of conversion rates. 

According to the research, 1.4 billion people use chatbots to grow and help customers by quickly resolving their problems. 

Programmed with a dynamic software based on AI, chatbots act as virtual assistants that can continuously collect data of conversations, and improve the quality of support they provide to customers. 

It's easy to design one too. With an intuitive chatbot builder, you can create your own chatbot even if you don't have any coding experience.

The benefits offered by chatbots are too significant to neglect: a 24 hour sustained customer service, prompt response to business queries, and a one-time investment in AI, rather than wage pays. No wonder a staggering amount of business is implementing chatbots in 2020.

The Impact of Video Is Profound

If your business isn’t using Video Marketing in 2020, it is already at a loss. In a world that is dominated by smartphone users, the number of people watching videos is increasing by the hour.

Video also allows businesses to market their brand appealingly; one that isn’t as boring as reading text on a picture.

The great thing about it is that it’s not much different than regular marketing; most of the principles still apply, but you have so much more space for your creativity to peak through. All you have to do is think about the visuals and how you’re going to get your message across in the best possible way, as well as finding the best video hosting site that will make sure it reaches as many potential customers as possible.

Whether it is a live video collaboration with an influencer engaging with their audience or short commercials that leave their mark on consumers, Video Marketing has become a sought-after trend in 2020.

Content Marketing Is Here to Stay

Though most of us want to deny the importance of Content Marketing, the trends suggest otherwise. Good-quality content is here to stay, specifically because of Google’s BERT update.

This change in the algorithm will give better rankings to domains that have high-utility content, natural language, and useful links. Successful digital marketing solution providers, like Operation Marketing, hold Content Marketing central to their efforts. 

Rather than getting confused by the latest SEO analytics, focusing on generating engaging content for your target audience will always remain essential.

Creation of personalized emails

When we talk about communicating and making people familiar with the services/products, email marketing plays a great role. Well! This marketing strategy is going to stay and evolve, so it's now a combination of automation and personalization.

Sending personalized and automated emails not only reduces the time spent but also grabs the visitors attention. Moreover, sending the followup of your promotional content in a personalized way will help you inspire more people to take action and improve brand awareness. 

Due to its high demand and excessive usage, it is going to be in the top trends of digital marketing in 2020. 

Messaging App will level up your marketing 

Nowadays, social media is not just used to stay in touch with family and friends but also provides a great opportunity for businesses to improve their brand awareness and increase conversions. 

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are two commonly used applications that are used by 1.3 billion people monthly to send messages. As people are more active on messaging apps, therefore, most of the logistic brands are considering these platforms to connect. 

According to the stats, marketing through Facebook messenger app offers 10 to 80% more engagement instead of regular posting on the Facebook Newsfeed. 

Yes! It can be expected that marketing via messaging applications is going to be highly considered and help you engage users. 

Paid advertising is highly preferred 

Paid advertising is another trending marketing approach which is commonly used by marketers to improve their brand awareness and grow business sales. According to the research, 92% of the business invest in social media to improve their bottom line and increase sales due to its high demand. 

Well! Advertising your business through paid marketing has tremendous benefits like enhances your targeting, it amplifies your reach, boosts brand awareness, gathers marketing insight, maximizes content marketing, gains access to mobile users, and many more. 

Thus due to its enormous benefits and excellent results, businesses of all sizes prefer to include paid advertising in their marketing strategy. Yes! It's going to drive greater results, allow you to create connections with your ideal buyers and be in the top trends of digital marketing by 2020. 

The Bottom line

Well! It's very difficult to predict the marketing and business world, but still, there are some strategies or techniques that will definitely shape your marketing in 2020. 

Email marketing, content, artificial intelligence, social media, messaging applications, etc. are some of the commonly preferred approaches that will definitely drive your business growth by improving your brand awareness and satisfying the customer's needs. 

Hopefully, the points mentioned above will help you get an in-depth understanding of the in-demand marketing trends and how it is evolving the world of digital marketing. 

Still, if you have any questions or want to add something into the above list of digital marketing trends, feel free to contact us or share your thoughts in the comment section added below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing can be highly successful when executed effectively. It offers measurable results, precise targeting, cost-effectiveness, global reach, interactivity, flexibility, and increased brand exposure. However, success hinges on a well-planned strategy, ongoing optimization, and staying updated with industry trends and algorithms to achieve desired results.

Digital marketing is booming due to its ability to reach audiences where they spend their time – online. It offers measurable results, precise targeting, cost-efficiency, global reach, interactivity, adaptability, and data-driven decision-making. The rapid evolution of digital platforms and technologies further fuels its growth, making it an essential strategy for businesses looking to stay competitive in the digital age.

Digital marketing can be highly successful when executed effectively. Its success depends on factors like campaign goals, industry, and strategy. With measurable results, precise targeting, cost-effectiveness, and global reach, it offers significant advantages. However, success requires careful planning, ongoing optimization, and adaptation to the evolving digital landscape. Ultimately, the effectiveness of digital marketing hinges on its alignment with business objectives and its ability to engage and convert the target audience.

The future of digital marketing will be driven by AI, voice search, video content, AR/VR, data privacy, personalization, sustainability, ephemeral content, influencer marketing, and chatbots. Adapting to these trends is crucial for delivering engaging, personalized, and responsible experiences in the evolving digital landscape.