Record Express choose webdew for Web Designing and HubSpot Management

The Belgian delivery service provider Record Express has its own success story. They have been delivering to their clients since the 90s. With the digital transformation, they realized the power they could unleash by leveraging the power of technology. Their requirements from webdew were HubSpot development, integration, and management.

What is Record Express all about?

Record Express is a Belgium based delivery company, operating since 1993. They offer a variety of services to their clients, completely adapted to their needs and requirements. They believe in value and consistency and have a dedicated support team to resolve any possible customer queries 24/7. 

They also have a track and trace service, supported by IT solutions to ensure their delivery service is on time, and their workforce is streamlined. The success of Record Express lies in the idealistic qualities and a synchronized workflow they follow.

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As we already mentioned, IT has a big part to play in facilitating the services that Record Express offers its clients. Thus they needed a reliable software suite to streamline and boost their sales, marketing, and service. 

Besides, team Record Express needed an exceptional website to represent their brand. As we started working together, our team was responsible for developing the client website on HubSpot, manage the system, and train their team in the use of HubSpot tools.


  • To provide Record Express with HubSpot development services
  • To provide HubSpot management services 
  • To train the clients' teams in HubSpot and help them with onboarding
  • Remove limitations and optimize the web design
  • Enhance lead generation, following inbound methodology

Guidelines and Particularities

  • We had to follow the brand specifications, including the brand colors with some variation
  • The fonts were provided

Why webdew?

Team Record Express needed a HubSpot service provider who would not only sell HubSpot services to them but would also take care of the development and management. wedew is the one and only HubSpot Diamond Certified Partner Agency in India that has earned Diamond partner's honor in a brief period.

Additionally, our client needed a new website to optimize their digital identity and remove the pre-existing website's loopholes. Our highly dedicated team comprises HubSpot certified digital marketing experts, business analysts, web designers & developers. 

Thus, we had all the resources and the workforce to carry out this massive project. Right from consultation to onboarding, our team of professionals took care of every requirement that our clients had and provided them with the best results.

What makes webdew fit the bill?

  • Proven track record
  • Upfront communication
  • Good turnaround time
  • Experienced professionals
  • Quality work

Process and Problem solving

HubSpot Development

A website is equivalent to the face of a brand or a company in the current times. It does not serve a company well to have a website that lags in terms of features or design. When team Record Express came to us, they had the following problems:

  • Unconvincing UI
  • Lack of CTA
  • Insufficient Forms

Our web designers and developers at webdew quickly analyzed the issues and concluded that it would be best to create the website from scratch. Thus, without compromising with the quality, we recreated the entire website and revamped the entire design.

We integrated all the features specified by our client and removed all the bloatware to create a clean and high-performing website, enhancing their lead generation. 

HubSpot Onboarding

Once we were thorough with the development, we had one more responsibility: assisting Record Express team members with onboarding. We not only provide consultancy but also make sure our clients are hands-on with workflows, triggers, outcomes, etc.

We have HubSpot certified experts present at every step of the process and make onboarding comprehensive and convenient. They made sure that our client had no problem getting started and operating comfortably on HubSpot.

HubSpot Management

HubSpot helps its users to bring the entire marketing funnel together. Its powerful tools are hassle-free and empower companies to gain more control. HubSpot management is crucial for clients to make sure the devices are working in sync and delivering their best. 

HubSpot tools for the client supercharge their business and grow bigger. Our team effectively took care of the management services and is still associated with Record Express.


  • Our client primarily spoke German and had a difficult time communicating in other languages. We had to take it slow and make sure we had a clear understanding of the client's needs and requirements, and the client understood what we were trying to say.
  • We had to do our own background research to learn about their services so our designers could maintain absolute relevancy
  • HubSpot tools were an utterly new adjustment for them; we had to make sure they could operate on it without difficulty.


At webdew, we believe in punctuality and consistency. Maintaining our track record, we delivered the website just in time and timely conducted the onboarding so the team members could get on with their operations as soon as possible. 


Our client was delighted with the quality of the service we delivered. We are glad that Record Express is one of our retainer clients and continues to receive our services.

Their website is up and running without any drawbacks!