How Christina promoted their Real Estate Business through a 2D Explainer Video?

Expressing real-estate services and strategy in the form of visuals is not a cakewalk. One needs to consider a lot of things so that the difficult concepts can be explained in an effortless way. But webdew made this possible by creating a high-quality explainer video company. All the pointers were clearly explained in the video, which further helped Christina to achieve their goals. Want to know how? Read this case study. 

Project Overview

webdew produced an explainer video for a real estate private equity company named Christina. The explainer video featured the client's company strategy and structure. Understanding the company base was not the cup of the team of every video production company.

But webdew's professionals tried to understand what exactly the client was looking for. webdew delivered a high-quality video that was well received by investors, making it well worth its price. We established a seamless workflow through their on-time delivery, receptiveness to feedback, and effective communication. The final product came out to be very productive and appealing, which won the heart of the client.


Christina is a commercial real estate company based in Malibu, CA, that helps people to make the right investment at the right time. It helps the owner to benefit from the cash flow tax savings, appreciation, stability, etc. Christina acquires excellent properties at discounted values to market price. They have 45+ years of business experience which helped them to service their clients in a better and more productive way.


Creating the explainer video was not a challenge, but showcasing the company's strategy and structure in a small period of time was a bit challenging. There were many companies with whom the client discussed the requirements and pointers, but nobody really understood the project. However, webdew was the team that really understood her project best. Yes, webdew's professionals made this possible by understanding the key pointers of the company and offering the same. 

The video came out great and we've gotten positive feedback from investors!
The video came out great and we've gotten positive feedback from investors! Their value was impressive, the end product was worth way more than what I paid!

Real Estate Private Equity Company

Way to Results

The entire journey started when the client finally realized that webdew was the only team that understood the pointers of their project along with the requirements and objectives. 

Usually, script writing, storyboarding, animation and editing are the main steps that are followed to get the final results. In this particular project, the script was provided by the client, but the rest of everything was done by the expert of webdew. Clients put all their ideas on paper, and we brought them to life.

Starting from storyboarding, to animation and editing, the webdew team took responsibility and delivered the project with full dedication and excellent results. There were around 2 rounds in which the product was finally delivered. There were no such problems faced by us while delivering the project.  

By receiving the final explainer video, the client was fully satisfied and shared positive feedback with the users. 


The explainer video created by webdew for Christina met all of her expectations. The video came out to be great, and the client received positive feedback from their investors as well. The communication throughout the project was quite smooth and transparent, which led to client satisfaction and excellent results.


The above screenshot shared above directly showcases how happy the client was after availing of the video services from the team of webdew. The production process was smooth and helped clients to share their thoughts and feedback with the team easily. 

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