Why Learners.ai choose Explainer Video for RevOps Solutions?

webdew is one of the best video production companies that are always ready to serve excellent services to their clients all around the globe. Creating the right video for the right platform is what makes the difference. That's why we at webdew always consider the pointers that are shared by the client so that the objective behind the video can be achieved easily. That's how Learners.ai was able to achieve the goals easily. Wanna know how it actually worked out? Read out the case study. 

Project Overview

This project is all about learners that want to create a RevOps explainer video to be added on their homepage. Before getting their video done, they were our website client. But after going through the animated videos, they plan to create an explainer video for a RevOps solutions startup for which they took the help of webdew professionals. `

webdew had a communicative team that met the client's expectations. We were able to ask important questions related to the project, which showed their great expertise in their field. Also we were also committed to delivering their promises on time. After receiving the final explainer video, the client was happy and shared positive feedback with the team.


Learners.ai is basically a RevOps implementation and consulting firm with a focus on Financial Services. RevOps can be considered as a fuel a high-performing revenue engine that helps in meeting the customer needs that further aligns the marketing, sales, and customer service with a shared strategy, simplified tech, and shared data and analytics to engage and delight the customers that further drive revenue growth. Operations Hub Integration, HubSpot Technical Audit, RevOps 360° Audit, RevOps Dashboards, Managed RevOps, and Managed Integrations are some of the features of RevOps that keep you engaged.


Since it was a new model for us thus, it took more time to understand the concept while the rest of every task was performed smoothly, and we were able to deliver the project successfully. 

The client had many products and services that they wanted to display to their clients. To serve this purpose we created a custom header in each page with all the products and services listed. We also made sure the header was responsive and worked just as fine on the mobile.

Mohamed Ghaleb

The Way to Results

Learners.ai was our cross sell customer. He availed our website services prior after which he has gone through our video portfolio and was quite excited to get their animated explainer video ready from webdew professionals. 

Once everything was fixed, webdew offered Scripting, Storyboarding, and creating animation explainer video services to the client by availing, and the client was very happy and satisfied. 

In each step, 2 rounds were conducted. Initially, we took to understanding the model as it was quite new, but once we had a clear understanding, we successfully delivered the project with zero errors. The client was impressed by observing how the professionals of webdew were able to capture the expectations and communicate their needs with the rest of our team.

We all know that communication is the base of the successful submission of a project. That's why we both shared on frame.io to complete this project successfully, where the client could provide comments directly for changes on audio and pace.

By watching the final video, the client was impressed and happy while working with such a valuable and professional team. By the end of it, the client shared positive feedback with us on clutch reviews. Want to read more reviews? Click here.


As the client wants a RevOps explainer video that can be added to their homepage, therefore, webdew successfully delivered a high-quality explainer video to the client, which helped them in showcasing all their products and services easily via an animated video. Overall, the client was impressed and happy with the work as the video explained succinctly with style Who they are and what they do.


learners.ai review

Just like other clients, the co-founder of Learners.ai, Mohamed Ghaleb, shared positive feedback with us, in which it is clearly defined that the client was happy with the way webdew professional communicates, asks questions, and delivers high-quality video on time. 

Overall, they really liked the commitment to getting it right and their patience. Thus, creating this video was a great learning experience for both client and the webdew team.

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