webdew created Animation Explainer Video for Hair Restoration Center

It has been found that an explainer video is one of the best ways to generate 2x higher audience engagement. It not only helps to capture the attention but also makes it really easy for the audience to understand the product's benefits and features. That's why a company named a hair restoration center chose animated videos to let people know what they do and how for which they choose webdew. Read this case study to know the entire procedure of how the client successfully achieves their goals with webdew's explainer video.

Project Overview

webdew produced a video animation for a hair restoration center. The video showcased the features and benefits of the client's website. webdew successfully delivered the video animation in a short amount of time that met the client's expectations. Within the entire project, communication was quite smooth, which further led to the delivery of a great project.


It is a company working in the B2B space that helps people in getting transparent hair surgery. Its main objective is to extend its mission of providing for patients experiencing unwanted hair loss. They work with professional surgeons who put their best to prevent unwanted hair loss. They provide the most advanced hair transplant surgery at an affordable price. HRC surgeons are invited into the network to help people eliminate their hair loss problems. 


The main reason why hair restoration centers chose webdew is to create an animated video for their company. Well, showcasing all the features and benefits of the software in a small animated video was a small challenge that we faced initially, but finally, our experts tried their best to understand the company's products and approach, which helped them to achieve their goals without a challenge. 

The client had many products and services that they wanted to display to their clients. To serve this purpose we created a custom header in each page with all the products and services listed. We also made sure the header was responsive and worked just as fine on the mobile.
Hair restoration Centers
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Tanning Salon Software Company

Way to Results

Our client chose webdew through Fiverr. They have gone through various videos produced by the team, and by looking at the video quality, they decided to work with webdew. 

It won't be wrong to say that expressing hair transformation thoughts in a 2D animated video is a hassle, but webdew made this possible. 

From all the steps of video designing, webdew worked on storyboard creation and animation as a video script and voiceover were provided by our client of the hair restoration center. Our team worked really hard to get that implemented and achieve the results. 

The video took a little more time to complete than the actual one because, in this video, the illustration needs to be customized. Indeed it's not easy, but finally, the professionals of webdew made this task possible. 

In just 2 rounds, we delivered the final video to the client. By looking at the video, the client was quite surprised and happy, after which he shared positive feedback with the team. 


After receiving the final video, clients added it to their homepage, which helped them to explain their software benefits and features to their clients. The explainer video was created for marketing efforts, and the client was able to achieve their marketing objectives through this video.


HRC review

The client was happy after receiving the video. The communication within the entire project was quite smooth, which helped both the client and webdew to share their thoughts with each other and work accordingly. Overall, as per the client, everything was great, and there is nothing that webdew needs to consider.

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