Know how webdew helped First Insight to improve their SEO

Indeed, improving website traffic through on-page SEO is one of the best and most effective ways. However, finding the right errors and resolving them in a professional way is not a cakewalk. That's why First Insight chose webdew, a professional marketing agency, to do an SEO audit for their website and resolve all the on-page SEO errors effectively. 

Go through this case study and learn how webdew helped First Insight improve its SEO rankings through SEO services.

Project Overview

Being an existing customer of webdew, First Insight again joined hands with webdew for SEO services. Before availing SEO services, they have experienced video production services offered by webdew. As they were quite happy with the services, they made a decision to join hands with webdew again to get rid of all the on-page SEO errors so that they could easily boost their traffic and improve their site rankings. 

webdew has a proven record of helping customers and offering excellent services; they have spent a good amount of time doing an audit for their website. It was observed that there were various errors on the First Insight website. But with the assistance of the SEO services and web teams, First Insight achieved its objectives, which further helped them improve their website rankings and traffic.

Company Background

First Insight is basically the world leader in implementing predictive analytics on first-party voice-of-customer data to help users make better decisions for improving business results.

By looking at the demand from people, it is expanding its offerings into experience management, for which they need an error-free website. They always believe in evolving and delivering value across different aspects of experience management. 

Moreover, they empower users to create customer and employee engagement, products, and brands that further help in delivering growth to both the top and bottom lines of the user.


There are no two opinions about the fact that on-page SEO is one of the best ways to increase a website's DA and traffic rates. And this was the reason why the First Insight team wanted to run a successful off-page SEO campaign.

At the initial stage of the project, they wanted a complete SEO audit report, analyzing First-Insight's top 8 competitors by industry, metadata audit, keyword audit, SEO elements audit, and reporting. Sharing all the things was not a challenge, but doing everything correctly in a limited time frame was a real challenge. 

As webdew is always aligned with its tasks and keeps its clients' requirements on priority, it successfully resolved all the on-page SEO errors with the help of their expert team.

We have used Webdew for several projects and have been very pleased with the outcome. Projects included creating two explainer videos, performing an SEO audit on our corporate website, and performing the on-page SEO tasks for the basic/technical SEO on-page tasks. The suggestions Webdew provided and implemented improved speed and fixed many issues that were detected during the audit. The webdew team was extremely easy to work with throughout the entire process. They always kept our team updated with the progress or if they were experiencing any obstacles, which were always fixed. We will definitely use them again for future projects.
First Insight
marketing head,
Doona Lehmann

webdew's Strategy

Improving the website performance of First Insight by evaluating the website and resolving all the on-page SEO issues started with an audit report. As webdew believes in working with transparency and alignment, webdew shared an in-depth audit report with the senior stakeholders and communications team at First Insight. The client was quite impressed with the in-depth work done by the marketing reps, and the client decided to work again with them. 

The journey started when the senior director of marketing and communications at First Insight went on a kickoff call with the marketing team lead. Each and every point was discussed in detail. Both teams coordinated with each other through email to make communication more streamlined. 

Then, webdew evaluated the website, which included up to 20 web pages and 500 blog posts. It was observed that there were many issues related to page titles, meta descriptions, canonical tags, alt tags, header tags, language tags, and open graph tags. 

While resolving all the errors, the team observed that the client needed to generate a sitemap that was to be added to Google that included all the updated pages of the website. As the client understood the importance of the suggestion, they agreed to make the updates. 

Once everything is done from the webdew side, the report is shared with the client for review. By going through all the deliverables, the client was satisfied and requested the webdew team to work on another SOW that includes indexability, unsecured page fixing, schema markup, core web vitals, and AMP issues. 

With regular communications and reviews, webdew completed the second SOW successfully. To ensure everything went well, webdew interacted daily with the client and her team to share the progress and updates. By looking at the work and efforts put in by webdew, the client shared a positive review on G2 and many other directories and is still in touch with the team for further projects.


All the on-page SEO errors found on the first insight website were resolved by the webdew team that met all the requirements and deadlines. It's being observed that by resolving all the on-page SEO issues, the overall score of the website has been improved along with its organic traffic.  

All the pain points were deeply understood by the webdew team, which further helped them to resolve all the errors happily.

The communication between the client and the webdew team was quite smooth and frequent, which satisfied the client and inspired him to leave a positive review. 


You can see in the screenshot added above how satisfied a client is with the on-page SEO services offered by webdew. The client gave webdew 5 star rating on 99 firms directory, which was quite a moment for the webdew team.

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