How Tech Founder Academy used Animated Video to improve the Educational Experience?

webdew is an IT service company that aims to break its own record in hours of animated video produced along with other services like HubSpot, marketing, and websites. They are always ready to help clients in delivering the project in the way they wanted to. 

One such project was for the tech founder academy, which helps various companies to see and seize opportunities that basically exist in their blind spots. Going through this case study you will get to know-how webdew helped them in getting out their problems and achieving their goals.

Project Overview

Tech founder academy is the place where innovation meets inclusion. It is basically a real-world game platform for Black women. Their objective is to tell people how one can be tech founder.

While offering the services to the audience, the founder of the company plans to share beautiful, concise, socially-shareable content in the form of motion graphics that will be a trailer for an educational experience/game hybrid. 

I know educating someone in the form of visuals is quite easy, but making it work is a challenging. Webdew made this possible for tech founder academy by creating an excellent 2D animated video at an appropriate time and affordable price. webdew produced a golf shirt company’s animated video.

They handled all aspects of the project, including storyboarding, scripting, implementation, and editing which further inspired the client to share positive feedback for webdew on the clutch directory.


Tech founder academy is a world game platform company that is run by black women. They basically help different companies to see and seize tremendous opportunities that might impact the audience. 

They always aim to help people grow by connecting with black women tech founders and helping the audience to expand their impact for which they choose web dew.

The Challenge

In this digital world, competition stands high due to which tech founder academy is facing a lot of challenges. To share the educational content and let people know about their services, they planned to create motion graphic videos. 

They observe that beautiful, concise, socially-shareable motion graphics can be a trailer for an educational experience/game hybrid for which they choose webdew

“I was pleasantly surprised at the high level of skill and high quality of the final deliverable.”
Chehak was my primary contact. Good amount of communication. Very professional process. She got design right on the first try. I was pleasantly surprised at the high level of skill and high quality of the final deliverable.
Tech Founders academy
Marlo Rencher,

Pathway to results

The case of animated video started when the client began communicating with webdew through upwork. From all the vendors available, they selected webdew on the basis of their portfolio and value for the money. 

 The client shared all the necessary details with the webdew team in the form of documents and meetings. After the detailed explanation, webdew started with the storyboard development, scripting, implementation, and editing.

Yes, the storyboard was asked for some adjustments after which it got approved by the client. After the successful communication and project delivery, the client shared positive feedback with the audience on clutch directory.

The Outcome

The client was very happy with the final product. The client said that the project turned out great with minimal effort on our part. By using the motion graphics shared by the team, the client was able to achieve its objectives that are to capture the visitor's attention and generate leads. Thus, after 1 revision, webdew was able to successfully deliver a golf shirt company’s animated video that won the heart of the client. 


webdew delivered high-quality work that met the client’s expectations. They were communicative and timely despite working in a different time zone. Their professionalism and responsiveness resulted in an easy process. The final product delivered to the client made him quite impressive. 

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