How IBBQ explained Product via Animated Explainer Video created by webdew?

You might have heard about the company IBBQ. Yes, it's a big brand in London known for offering beautiful grilling experiences to the people. As they introduced a lot new products, therefore, they were in search of the best way to which they could keep their audience updated.

Obviously, nothing better can work than videos. This case study is all about the in-depth video production procedure and how the explainer video helped the organization to achieve its goals.

Project Overview

A manufacturing company hired webdew to provide video production services. The team is tasked with producing animation videos that explain the client's business products. webdew collaborated well with the client that meets their needs and requirements.

The webdew team was commended by the internal team for being polite, empathetic, and instrumental in the workflow. webdew has utilized adequate resources to execute seamless project management and boost sales. The animated explainer video created by webdew experts for IBBQ company was so amazing that it resolved the problems of the agency and achieved its goals. Also, it made the client impressed, which inspired them to leave positive feedback.

Company Background

IBBQ is known for manufacturing the Angaras, an interactive grilling table. The company was founded by Shahin and Karim Pirani in 2014. The main motive behind running this company was to create an inviting setting in London, where people can enjoy a dining experience with their friends and family members. They keep on adding new products in their product listing to bring families together for the evening meal to bond.


The client engaged webdew to produce an animation video so that they could easily explain the product along with the problem that it solves. To get this done, the webdew team had to make a lot of edits, mostly minor, during production. This resulted in the completion date stretching a little. Finally, we were able to deliver an explainer video that hit the client's heart.

I find Chehak to be courteous, understanding, and helpful and has delivered the revisions until we got it right.
Honestly, I cannot think of any…these guys are real professionals and the quality of my finished animation video is testament to their professionalism and their desire to deliver a superior quality product to their customers. Not once did Chehak exhibit any exasperation towards me during the countless edits that I requested. Very, Very Impressive!
Karim Pirani

Pathway to results

IBBQ chose webdew by going through the past explainer videos in our portfolio.

The animation video client wanted to develop required the meshing of a number of moving parts, including songwriting, music (jingle), quality sound engineering, and multiple voice-over talents. Being the client used to be a Creative Director in an NYC-based advertising agency, the client had a very clear vision of what their explainer animation video should look like and had very detailed and exacting requirements to ensure that the final animation was flawlessly executed during both pre-production and post-production stages.

The client shared all the detailed requirements with the webdew team, after which they started working to ensure that the client received the video the way they wanted. When we delivered the video, the client had asked for edits, where most of the edits were minor changes. To make sure that communication is kept streamlined, the tool is used by webdew. As per the client, this tool was absolutely terrific in communicating the client's edit requests to the webdew team. 

Hands down! We desire to ensure complete customer satisfaction(!), even when the customer is finicky and detail-oriented, by sharing the product that the client wanted. Yes, the final product speaks for itself. By looking at the final product, the client was very happy and shared positive feedback with us.


As the client wanted to create an animated explainer video for explaining the product along with the problem that it resolves, they received the same and were able to successfully let people understand their project and detailing just by going through the animated explainer video created by webdew professionals. With this, people get engaged by understanding the reality of the product that IBBQ offers to their audience. 


IBBQ review

The client was very impressed with the professionalism with which webdew worked. The quality of our finished animation video is a testament to their professionalism and their desire to deliver a superior quality product to the customers. 

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