How explainer video helped Darwinbox promote “Continuous Feedback”

Darwinbox provides database management and automation services to companies. They came to webdew with the requirement of an explainer video for their talent management solution, "Continuous Feedback." 

Research has found that explainer videos can boost brand awareness by 54%. It is the most powerful tool in 2020. However, there are still  42% of businesses that are not exploiting the power of video marketing.

Darwinbox is an exception. They quickly saw the opportunity and grabbed it. Empowered by webdew, they published an engaging product video that effectively conveyed their product's utility in a non-promotional way. We were very excited to work on the project and delivered satisfactory results to our client within the scheduled deadline.

What is Darwinbox all about?

Darwinbox provides new-age complete automation HR technology to its clients. Their tools help businesses and enterprises to streamline and automate HR management across the entire employee lifecycle.

Their new product, "Continuous Feedback", the future of performance review, needed promotion. They figured that explainer video would be an exciting and unique approach to enlighten people about their innovation.

They initially came to us with web design requirements. However, they quickly got attracted to our video production services and reached out to us for their product's explainer video project.

Purpose of the explainer video

Darwinbox introduced "Continuous Feedback", a new talent management practice that would allow associates to rate each other throughout the process. Studies have shown that the majority of organizations believed it would help them improve employee engagement and performance.

All set to enable the power tool, they needed to get the word out, and they figured an explainer video would be the best way to do it.


  • To design a compelling explainer video 
  • The video must be able to clarify the concept and workings of the product to the audiences
  • It should be engaging enough to intrigue the audiences and generate shares

Guidelines and Particularities

Particular brand guidelines had to be followed throughout the project:

  • The color scheme should be white and blue
  • We had to follow select fonts specified by our client

Why Webdew?

Team Darwinbox needed a video production company to produce an explainer video that would convey their vision effectively. wedew is a full-service Inbound Marketing agency and one of the top Video Production companies, with a good hold in Marketing, Websites, Videos, and HubSpot services.

It is the one and only HubSpot Diamond Certified Partner Agency in India. Our highly dedicated team comprises HubSpot certified digital marketing experts, business analysts, web designers & developers. We are specialized in Explainer Videos Services, and our videos have been known to boost lead generation and conversion. 

Thus, after considering multiple service providers, Darwinbox found its perfect match at webdew.

What makes webdew fit the bill?

  • Proven track record
  • Upfront communication
  • Good turnaround time
  • Experienced professionals
  • Quality work

Process and Problem solving

We follow a distinct step by step process for the development and delivery of our project. In each stage of the process, we make sure to keep our client updated and consider his inputs and feedback. 


In this step, we brief our team about the project, the purpose, and concept of the explainer video and gather references. We divide responsibilities among the team members and collaborate for ideas.


In the script development process, we try to replicate our client's vision and come up with a compelling story for the explainer video. With Darwinbox, however, we were handed the complete script and had to create an animation that conveyed the points clearly to the audience.


Storyboarding helps us make sure that the story and the visual style match our client's vision and expectations. Fortunately, there was no confusion or alterations required in the Storyboard. We were able to illustrate the concepts of the script as envisioned by the client.


The animation is the final step and, arguably, the most important one. There was one slider that had to be emphasized. We had to come up with a unique way to make it stand out. Thankfully we were able to convey our script through the characters, and the respective slider did its part pretty well.


As usual, we delivered the project right on time. Our client well received it and appreciated us for our transparency and communication. 

Challenges and Difficulties


  • They wanted us to try something new and refreshing
  • The video had to stand out and be of distinguished quality
  • The software was not to be introduced until the middle of the video, so we had to find a smart way to empathize with the primary concepts


Our client loved our ideation, and the explainer video served its purpose perfectly. They could attract more audience and prospects. The video appropriately conveyed the ideas and clarified the concept of the product. We received positive feedback from our client and were able to satisfy Darwinbox completely.