Excellent HubSpot Management for Knorish Educational Company

HubSpot is one of the most powerful and effective tools that many organizations are making use of. But to get something complicated, many of them are taking the help of HubSpot experts like webdew, just as Knorish did. Basically, they want to get their HubSpot managed so that you can easily create, integrate, and automate the tasks without any hassle. By understanding the client's requirements, the webdew team helped Knorish in achieving its goals. Read this case study to know how. 

Project Overview

Knoriosh is basically into sharing knowledge through various courses with their clients. They had a huge database in HubSpot, so they were planning to do the import from their website and backend portal. Actually, they needed to facilitate this automatically via various apps like Zapier and Pably, to automate lead assignment, task creation, deal creation, and assignments for which they need expert advice. 

The client wants to generate reports for lead source, sales activities, set up lead scoring, and team creation. Integrating SMS apps and automating webinar reminder messages was also one of the requirements.

After understanding the client requirements, webdew professionals got in touch with them and performed all the tasks that were shared in the SOW of the project. The results of this project came out to be perfect by looking at which client was happy and shared the positive review with the audience on the HubSpot directory. 


Knorish has a group of empowering artists, creators, performers, etc., who are always ready to share their knowledge with the world. The primary objective of the organization is to change the way people learn. They believe that converting knowledge into a monetizable and tangible business is highly profitable. Moreover, they have worked with Fortune 500 companies and helped them grow. 


To get this project completed, the webdew team didn't face any challenges. But yes, segmenting their database was a bit tricky because they were capturing leads from various sources, which included third-party apps. Everything went smoothly, and the project was delivered to the client with good quality and without compromising its quality.

Excellent Services
Highly professional and efficient, their support team is very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend them.
Abhishek sinha,

E Learning

Pathway to Results

Project onboarding

The initial step was understanding client requirements, for which the service team got on a call with the client to understand the business requirement and recommend what tasks could be done to leverage the HubSpot tool to its fullest.

Additionally, we took the client's input on what sort of modifications and updates they wanted to make to their existing HubSpot setup.

Task performance 

We performed the integration of Zapier/Pably and created Zaps/Programs to sync leads from the website backend portal to HubSpot. We did lead source tagging from webinar signups and course purchases. The segmentation of data was performed on the basis of lead sources. 

Also, we created HubSpot workflows to assign leads to teams/users accordingly. The app integration and workflow creation were also done to send webinar reminders. We automated the deal and task creation, and assignment on the basis of lead sources. The lead scoring on the basis of lead sources was done along with various report generations

Testing & Delivery

To make sure everything was working accurately and without any challenges, we performed the testing. Once we were assured that everything was working accurately, we delivered the final project to the client, who were happy and shared a positive response. 


Here is the result of HubSpot management for Knorish: 

  • Importing data from a website was no longer a manual task, as it is now happening automatically.
  • Automatic source tagging of leads.
  • Automatic lead assignment, deal creation, and task creation.
  • Automatic data segmentation (list creation) on the basis of lead sources
  • Automatic webinar reminders
  • Easy tab on data via reports.


knorish review

As per the client, the HubSpot management services offered by webdew were excellent. Each team member was highly professional and tried their best to get things done in no time.

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