webdew always follows the motto of “Learning every day.” That’s why we try to build transparency and let our audience know who, why and what webdew do. To fulfill this objective, I started the campaign in which I will be sharing all the updates of webdew every month in the webdew agency updates

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you might have gone through our previous agency blogs. So, folks, are you ready to know how the month of July went for us, how many targets we achieved and our future goals? 

Let’s begin…. 

Welcome to webdew July Updates


Social media campaign

When it comes to social media, then the first thing that always comes to my mind is LinkedIn. Nowadays, organizations having a strong presence on LinkedIn are able to see good results. And the ones who are not utilizing this platform to the fullest, they are missing something best. 

That’s why our team is always active on different social media platforms and one of them is LinkedIn. 

Till July, we are now the family of 22039 on LinkedIn. No matter whether it's the followers aspect or custom button clicks, every single aspect of LinkedIn, including new followers, unique visitors, custom button clicks, impressions, are increased. 

Now, let’s jump into Twitter. Until July, we were the family of 813. Also, the number of tweets, tweet impressions, profile visits,  and mentions increased by 19.1%, 0.3%, 18.4%, and 33.3% respectively. , 

wedew twitter juky 2022

Facebook and Instagram are other strong platforms that help businesses to showcase themselves. As we are also building efforts to build presence over these platforms, we became the family of 1130 on facebook and 574 on Instagram. Now, if I talk about the reach, then on Facebook our reach has increased by 5.8% and 31.8% on Instagram. The image added below Cleary showcase the improvements seen on Facebook and Instagram. 

facebook instagram reach july 2022 1

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Blog link- https://www.webdew.com/blog/social-media-marketing

Pinterest is another platform that help’s our social media team to get some amazing results. The below screenshot clearly showcases that Pintrest performance has also increased. Till July, we gained 3.35K impressions, 71 engagement, 2.55K total audience and 60 engagement audience. 

webdew pintrest kuly 2022

LTG Campaign 

If you are following us from last few months that you might be aware that LTG campaign also known as Learn teach and grow campaign objective is just to grow the knowledge and help others to boost their skills along with us. In this campaign. Each single member of webdew puts their best efforts in expressing their skills and knolwedge in the form of blogs. Click here to know more about LTG. 

So, in the month of July, we have published 20+ blogs on marketing, sales, business, website, HubSpot, videos, etc. The technical information shared in each blog is not only helping the team to grow but also the audience. 

webdew july blog

CRM Blog campaign  

It is one of the campaigns that we have started in the month of July. CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is being observed that many people struggle to make the best move with CRM  and many of them are still struggling to know the usage and features of different CRM. If you are also in the same boat, then this campaign is for you. 

Till July,  we have published 13+ articles on our webdew blog page that revolved around CRM. In  the coming months also, we will keep on sharing educational content on CRM  that will surely help you in  making  the right move.  

webdew CRM blogs

SEO Campaign

Indeed, if your website is SEO optimized then you can easily see yourself in the top searches of Google. Now the question arises is how to boost your SEO. Well there are various SEO techniques and strategies by following which you can easily boost your website SEO. Also, you can hire the best marketing agency who can work on your website SEo and generate excellent results. Looking for such? Feel free to contact us. 

In the month of June, we kept on auditing our website and resolved all the bugs found on the website. After this, our website domain authority remains the same at 35. 

In July 2022, we continued to build high-quality websites. We attained 35+ backlinks on high quality websites. If you also want link-building services for your website or client, then feel free to contact us as it is one of our marketing services.

webdew performance june vs july

Now, if I compare July and June monthly traffic, then it is observed that users' sessions and pageviews have increased by good numbers. In June, users, new users, and pageviews were 73743, 72367, and 123311 respectively, whereas, in July, users, new users, and page views were  89911, 88206 , and 140659, respectively.

webdew analytics june vs july

Moreover, the below added screenshot also depicts that the Search & clicks as per search console has increased by good numbers. In July, the number of clicks were 45.8K and impressions 7.29M. Whereas in June, it was 46.5K and 6.21 M respectively. 

webdew search and clicks june vs july

Here are some of the top performing pages of June Month:- 

webdew top blogs july


webdew website campaign 

Website is the face of every business. If your website is appealing and fulfilling all the business objectives, then it won’t be a much hassle to convert the audience into potential customers. 

In July, we kept on revamping our website so that it can be accessed by the audience without any challenge. We have updated some forms, buttons, added some nodules in the pages, etc. 

To make website content more accessible and user friendly, we reworked our work page from usability and functionality perspective. Now the audience can easily filter the case study on the basis of service, industry and type of content. 

webdew case study july

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Directories campaign 

Reviews are the foundation of a website. If you have positive reviews on different directories, then it becomes easy to capture the audience's attention and convert them into leads and then into potential customers. 

In the month of July, we got 27 reviews in total, including:

  • Clutch: 2
  • G2 Crowd: 25

Through the clutch, we got 430 click-throughs. 

click throughs webdew clutch directory july 2022

Excited to read what our customers say about us? Read webdew reviews now.

Internal Knowledge Base

Not only the external audience, webdew also cares about their employees. To fulfill the objective of “Grow together” we pursued the internal knowledge base. Through this campaign, each team member can easily go through the content and boost their knowledge without depending on third person. So, till July 2022, we have published 604 articles in total. 

Recruitment Campaign

Human resources are the one that can take your company to the next level. Having the right people in the organization not only helps in achieving the milestones, but also builds a positive relationship with the team. That’s why we keep on recruiting the best candidate for the company. 

In July, we conducted 270 interviews and 2 new members joined our webdew family. So, if you are also looking forward to joining the webdew team, feel free to book your interview slot

Also, one additional action that webdew performs every month to keep their employees motivated is the “Employee of the month” Award. For the month of July, the employee of the month goes to Reaz Ahmed Sabbir

employee of month july


So, that’s all for the July month. There are few campaigns that are still to be started. So stay tuned to know what webdew is planning next to win the online game.  

You can visit webdew.com to know more about webdew. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or want to avail any service.