Nowadays, CRM software solutions are hitting everywhere; whether you want to make a new start to your business or want to expand the reach of your business, CRM plays a vital role in every field of business for better engagement of customers.

As the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 affected many businesses' growth, CRM has increasingly added project management functions to its repertoire to give visibility to multiple teams and create a more dynamic platform.

Customers need more tailored solutions than before, which can be achieved by project management best practices as it will evolve more team engagement. It responds positively to customers and maintains relationships through sound project management practices.

In this blog, we'll introduce you to the reasons why CRM project management solutions matter. So, let's dive into the blog.

Coordination of CRM and Project Management


Does merging CRM with project management make any sense?

CRM project management software enhances productivity and solves customers' concerns quickly.  CRM helps to translate tickets directly into employee workflows. Serving best to your customers is your foremost responsibility.

82% of SMBs believe that connecting their data on one platform connects their data on CRM, and 64% say that their data is currently secured. 78% of small businesses use more than one app to run their business.

Top 10 Reasons Why CRM Project Management Solution Matters

1. Enriches Good Customer Experience

The central aspect of scaling your business is to bring better satisfaction to customers. A proven CRM platform will develop if customers are satisfied with the services and loyalty is proven.

2. Good Exposure to Lead Generation

Project management brings leadership to projects. So, the team works more effectively for lead generation and gives their best on different projects specified by them. Everyone's task is clearly defined by the lead project manager, who takes responsibility for the whole project's success.

Your CRM solution gives complete visibility to your project, allowing your team to be as productive as possible. 

3. Better Alignment in Processes

Good project management looks after all the processes of delivering a product to the customer and ensuring that it is valuable. No matter for which client you are working, every one of them will have their own strategic goals and project management in the correct framework.

4. Easier Task Management

Task management allows the correct direction of tasks, aligns them, and prevents converting them into long-term issues. When the sale is closed, the client has no more extended interaction with the sales team, but the client is connected with other groups within your organization.

So, a perfect project management solution would make the transition of prospects to paying clients seamless. A project management solution that builds on the CRM platform allows the team to quickly understand the tasks and projects aligned with the customer relationship.

5. Brings Coordination Between Different Departments

It becomes easier to create alignment with multiple departments around a customer's needs, which gives a clear vision of their needs. That's what the CRM project management solution provides. You get the complete concept of the customer, which is readily available by project management solutions.

The result comes out with this project management solution, which gives greater visibility and focus on the customer's needs. 

6. Provides Clear Objectives

For achieving any strategic goal, proper planning is required. Clear objectives and accomplishment of tasks and break the projects into smaller chunks. CRM will help you to monitor and set the guidelines and track processes faster.

As each stage is managed, step by step, the next task is brought into the picture. Without having a clear vision of projects, objectives can be lost.

7. Project Planning

CRM project management solutions enhance complete project planning, which provides ease to team members to communicate better with each other and handle their projects more effectively.

8. Quality Control

Projects are estimated based on estimates and the achievement of deadlines. The project that comes late and is over budget is not what you want. Deadlines should always be reasonable and ultimately achievable.

Mostly, completing tasks takes longer than planned, and good management of available resources with realistic schedules into more apparent objectives.

Project management solutions make it easy for deadlines to be achievable and can move forward knowing that what is being asked is realistic or not.

9. Risk Management

Adopting a project management solution can prevent the risks from becoming long-term issues. When projects come up, they can be analyzed quantified, and mitigation or contingency plans put in place.

Every project can't go with a decided strategy and succeed in a certain way.

10. Progression Tracking

Progression tracking involves continuous tracking of the project correctly. The report's status ensures everything is going according to plan and track following the original plan.

10 Best CRMs for Project Management


1. Zoho

Zoho is a great Project-based CRM that provides the ability to provide in-depth analytics. It also offers powerful tools, such as the ability to track timelines and make use of Gantt charts.

It is mainly suitable for companies who want their CRM to work according to their ethics. 

For more information, visit

2. Insightly

It is a small business CRM that provides project management features at a very compelling price. Clients can switch to any of the five pricing plans at any time.

Insightly offers an unusual amount of flexibility for high-growth companies. It is mainly suitable for small but ambitious companies.

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3. Sugar 

With SugarCRM project management features, companies can align with different campaigns and the progress of campaigns. It allows you to actively track using a Gantt chart and customizable project dashboard and export data programs such as Microsoft Project.

It is mainly suitable for companies who want easy implementation and user-friendly systems.

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4. Apptivo 

It is based on a web solution that comprises 50 web apps businesses can choose and pick to create their own. Apptivo also offers apps for HR management, supply chain management, and financial management.

It is mainly applicable for those who are looking for a feature-rich CRM.

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5. Work[etc]

It provides a complete CRM solution that mainly focuses on project management and billing functionalities. It includes built-in project budgeting, offers essential documentation for the project, creates a dependency between tasks, and triggers alerts once specific tasks are completed.

It is suitable mainly for small businesses that are looking for affordable solutions.

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6. Podio

It is a CRM and project management tool provided by Citrix. It is a robust and adaptable CRM tool that integrates with existing software. Podio offers many features like project views, task alerts, and automated workflows.

Podio is mainly suitable for companies that require a broad spectrum of software integrations.

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7. Apollo HQ

Apollo HQ is the best option for a project management tool with added project management functionality. It has a solid baseline of contact management and sales pipeline tools. 

It offers features such as time tracking, customizable task list templates, and merging projects.

Apollo HQ is mainly suitable for looking for more of a project management focus than a CRM one.

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8. NetSuite SRP

It is unique and the only cloud solution that unites ERP and professional services automation in one software product. It is ideal for companies who need ERP but also want fully integrated project management functionality. 

It is mainly suitable for ERP-using companies.

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9. TaskRay 

It is the project management solution native to the Salesforce platform, which means all the information can be tied to existing Salesforce data like accounts, opportunities, and contacts. 

It is mainly suitable for those who use Salesforce and want to expand their business.

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10. Crowe 

It is the project management solution native to the Salesforce platform, which means all the information can be collaborated with existing Salesforce data like accounts, opportunities, and contacts. 

It is mainly suitable for those who use Salesforce and want to expand their business.

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In a Nutshell

A wholly organized and integrated CRM solution capable of managing all the CRM and project management operations is the bonus point to uplift your organization.

It will also help in the employees' productivity and the company's entire functional aspects. We have provided the top 10 reasons why project management matters to acknowledge yourself for a better vision for a CRM solution.

It would be best to use top project management software for your organization to visualize CRM solutions better. Still, if you have any doubts about a CRM project management solution, you can reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

CRM project management involves using project management principles and tools to plan, execute, and control CRM (Customer Relationship Management) initiatives within an organization, focusing on improving customer relationships and interactions.

One of the best CRM systems for project management is Salesforce, which offers robust project management capabilities alongside its customer relationship management features.

The four pillars of Customer Relationship Management typically include sales automation, marketing automation, customer support, and analytics.

The five phases of CRM are strategy, planning, implementation, measurement, and refinement.