I know all of you are eagerly waiting for the post through which I try my best to keep you updated with the status of all the campaigns. What we did in the last month and our plans for the upcoming months.

Well! The last two months were quite busy but all thanks to my webdew family who made it possible to maintain the integrity and transparency of each campaign. 

Indeed, we didn’t have too much to share for the month of April, but yes I can definitely take you through some points that help us to be in the good books of our clients and visitors. 

Now, without any further ado, let’s jump onto each campaign to have a better insight. 

Welcome to webdew April Updates!

Let’s get started…


Social Media Campaign 

Indeed, social media is the need of the hour. It is being observed that if the company is having a strong social presence, then it becomes really easy for them to build trust and convert visitors into leads. 

As we value social platforms, we keep on experimenting with new things by sharing different types of content on different platforms for example carousels, polls, stories, videos, informative content, and many more. 

In April, we are now a family of 1125 on Facebook and 378 on Instagram. On Instagram, we gained 39 new followers in April. On Facebook, we have a tremendous increase in our reach by 12,099 but seen a Facebook page reach by 15.5%. 

april facebook instagram webdew reach

In April also LinkedIn was the main target of our social media team. They keep on sharing good quality content due to which we are now the family of 13,865 followers. Yes, we have seen a good boost in the number of engagements. 

Now, let’s talk about Twitter. Twitter is another platform on which we pay good attention. In the month of April, we did 957 tweets, 18.1K tweet impressions, 13.4K profile visits, and 25 new followers. Now, there are 520 on Twitter. Sounds good! Right? 

webdew twitter april metrics

Learn Team and Grow campaign 

Learning never ends… And this is the campaign that makes us believe this quote. Yes! Everyone in webdew is highly motivated to boost their skills and share their knowledge with others through blogs. Yes, we still maintain to share the blogs with our viewers on webdew blogs regularly. 

In April, 25+ blogs on webdew that are written by the expert team of webdew. Want to give it a read? Visit https://www.webdew.com/blog

webdew blog april

Search engine optimization campaign 

Search engine is one of the best ways to increase the visibility of your website. If your SEO is strong then you can easily see yourself in the top searches of Google. To make sure everything goes well, our SEO team keeps on upgrading their skills and creates a positive experience from search. 

As per the Ubersuggest report, 65 keywords moved up. Now, our average position is 23.63. 

webdew keyword ranking

In comparison to the last month, we performed well when it comes to searches and clicks. In April we got 37.3K clicks and 4.56M impressions whereas in March we got 37.2K clicks and 4.09M impressions.

webdew website april impressions

You can also have a look at the below comparison report of Google Analytics to understand Traffic metrics. 

webdew april traffic metric

To boost webdew SEO, we try our best to generate high-quality backlinks. In the month of April, we have gained 20+ backlinks. Till now, webdew has generated 679055 backlinks on their name. Due to all the updated tasks, our domain authority stands good at 34. 

Have a look at the pages that are perming really well as per the Google Analytics report:

HubSpot Community campaign 

The HubSpot community is one of the most essential campaigns of all the running ones. To keep this campaign successful, many HubSpot experts invest their dedicated time to help HubSpot users in solving their queries. Till the month of April, we have got 455 answers marked as solved. 

Have a look below to know the current ranking report:

All-time rank-

webdew community april all time rank

Last year's rank- 

webdew community april last year rank

Six months rank-

webdew community april six months rank

3 months rank- 

webdew community april three months rank

30 days rank- 

webdew community april 30 days rank

7 days rank-

webdew community april 7day rank

24 hours rank- 

webdew community april 24 hours rank


webdew website campaign  

Website is the storefront of every business. If your website is strong then you can easily capture the audience towards yourself. This is why we keep on upgrading our website from one end or the other. 

In the month of April, we keep on resolving small errors to improve the website speed and visibility. On webdew.com/jobs we have updated 1000+ meta descriptions and schema. Along with this, we have also updated and added content on different web pages like-

As in the month of April, we didn’t get much time to work on a website campaign, but yes we still tried to make some changes to our brand domain page. 

webdew brand domain page

Indeed, we don’t have much for April, but yes we are planning many things for the coming months.

HubSpot tutorial by webdew 

Sharing the knowledge and helping HubSpot users is the primary objective of this campaign. Through this campaign, we keep sharing some insightful videos which I believe are not only helping us to bring traffic but also effective in showcasing our knowledge for a particular tool and that is HubSpot. 

In the month of April, we released 57 new videos on our HubSpot youtube channel. If you are interested in the HubSpot tool or facing any challenges in using it, do refer to our HubSpot tutorial. 


Review Campaigns

Reviews are the mirror of your business. Having a positive review showcases that your clients are happy with the services you are offering. But if it is negative, then you need to surely work on the quality of your services. By understanding the importance of this campaign, we always keep this campaign on priority. 

Now, if I talk about the analytics, then in the month of April, we have gained 11 reviews in total, including:

  • HubSpot- 4
  • Clutch- 2
  • G2 Crowd- 3
  • 99Firms- 2

In April, we gained 184 profile views, and 104 click-throughs on clutch directory. 

webdew clutch metrics april

Recruitment campaign 

Human resources are the foundation of business. Hiring the right talent is what webdew is always for that’s why we have always been open to recruiting a highly skilled team. 

In the month of April, we conducted 2090 interviews and 2 new members joined our webdew family. 

Want to begin your career? Or having any concerns? Don’t miss to watch the tutorials on youtube by webdew experts. 

The Last Say

So, that’s all for the month of April. Well! The month of April was quite busy as I was a little focused on my personal life, but yes coming agency updates blogs will include a lot of points.

Want to know more? Visit www.webdew.com. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!