Indeed, videos are a great way to explain the product and familiarise people with your business and services.

When we talk about successful product campaigns and allowing the target audience to stay on your product, that’s where videos come into play. 

For creating an accurate and productive video, planning is a significant step. It helps you complete the process within the assumed timeframe and allows you to produce quality videos that inspire the target audience to sit back.

When we plan out the videos, creating a storyboard is an essential step that helps you achieve your business target by representing each video step in a well-organized form. Now, you might be thinking about what exactly a storyboard is and how to create a storyboard accurately. 

Well! No worries. This article is all about video storyboards and video storyboard templates that help you create the final product without any challenges and spending a minimum amount of time. 

Before diving into the video storyboard templates, let’s first briefly introduce video storyboards and their importance.

What is a video storyboard?

video storyboard is a graphical layout in which images and illustrations are sequenced to tell a story visually. It allows you to share your thoughts on how the scene will play out accurately. 

If your storyboard is created and processed accurately, it will be easy for you and your team to coordinate and complete the video creation task more efficiently. Want to know more about its importance? Continue reading.  

Why do you need a Video Storyboard?

Most of the time, people think that creating a storyboard is an extra step while making a video. But if you want to create high-quality videos without any problem, then it’s something you should not ignore. Take a look at the reasons why you need a video storyboard.

  • The easiest way to share your thoughts
  • Saves time
  • Helps in producing videos in a much easier way
  • Streamline processes 
  • Decrease production errors
  • Improves video quality

Are you excited to create a video storyboard for your business but wondering how to create one? Well! Various video production companies provide video services at affordable prices and help produce amazing storyboard videos according to your business needs and client requirements.

If you are a beginner and want to create a video storyboard independently, here comes a video storyboard template. Choosing the best video storyboard template will help you produce a video that fits your needs and saves a lot of your time. 

Now, without further discussions, let’s rundown the best and most commonly used storyboard templates for a video that helps you promote your services and escalate business sales. 

Best Video Storyboard templates for your business

1. Video Animation Storyboard

Are you planning to share your thoughts or ideas with your first animation video? If yes, by choosing the animation storyboard template, you can add a visual component to convey your messages, allowing you and your audience to understand your statement better.

It allows you to lay out the script in a flow. Say you want to create a scene that makes the viewers feel like they are travelling to the moon.

Adding a short clip of animated characters in a template with additional notes will clear animated videos with a winning and inspiring story.

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2. Professional Cartoon Storyboard

A professional cartoon storyboard is another crucial video storyboard template that pays out the characters, story, strategy and how it will be used.

Cartoon network storyboard, cartoon character storyboard, cartoon storyboard sample, etc., are other storyboard templates for the video included under professional cartoon storyboard to help you make up the finest sequence video, highlighting all the key points and strategies. 

It is one of the simple storyboard templates for video, giving a complete picture of your production process. Transitioning from one scene to another will help the creators produce professional cartoon storyboards without hassle. 

3. Customer Testimonial Storyboard 

If you are looking for a video storyboard template that helps you create customer testimonial videos without any challenge, then this template is for you.

This template has six layouts of similar shape and size that are customized and can easily be edited. 

Whenever you add images in the respective field, ensure they connect with the viewers and help them understand what you are trying to explain. The information added under each scene will help the designers create naturally appealing customer testimonial videos efficiently.  

4. The Brand Reinforcer

It is one of the commonly chosen storyboard templates for video. It helps them improve their brand image and inspires the viewers to purchase. 

Whenever you use this video storyboard template, ensure you add the company’s name and logo to each image added to the scene. It will ensure that your company’s brand name will stay in the viewers' minds.

This template has six layouts in which the first and last scene includes the picture of your brand. Use the rest of the scenes to explain your ideas through images and notes you want to showcase in your brand reinforcement video.

5. Customer Journey storyboard

Are you confused about creating a storyboard for a customer journey video? Do not fret! By downloading these particular video storyboard templates, you can represent your customer journey in proper order. 

Whenever you use this video storyboard template, start by introducing your characters and then relate other scenes to look like a real-life example.

Also, while using this video storyboard template, feel free to add notes and suspense images in the scene to create a video that attracts, engages, and delights your audience. 

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6. Basic Storyboard Template

If you are a beginner and want to create a simple and basic video storyboard, this template is for you. You can draw some images in the provided areas or even print them to explain your thoughts and ideas. 

Moreover, to give brief information about each scene, you can even put some summaries to ensure that the other person gets the idea about the thought and creates a video accordingly. The best part about these kind of storyboard video templates is that they are smaller and can be edited easily

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All set to select the right Storyboard Template ?

Now that you have a list of the six best storyboard templates for video, it will be easy to create a storyboard that will further help you streamline your tasks and create appealing and informative videos. 

But if you want to create a video storyboard according to your requirements, then I would recommend you hire a video marketing agency offering video services at affordable prices. 

Still, if you have any second thoughts and want assistance creating a video storyboard, please get in touch with us. Our experts are there to help you 24/7. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a storyboard for a video involves sketching or outlining the key scenes or shots in your video's sequence. You can start by drawing rough visuals or using digital tools for more polished illustrations. Alongside each visual, include descriptions of actions, dialogues, camera angles, and any other essential details. Storyboarding helps you plan the flow of your video, ensuring a clear and cohesive narrative.

The 7 steps in storyboarding typically include:

  • Defining your project's purpose and objectives.
  • Identifying key scenes and shots.
  • Sketching or illustrating visuals for each panel.
  • Adding descriptions, dialogue, and camera directions.
  • Sequencing the panels in the desired order.
  • Reviewing and revising the storyboard as needed.
  • Sharing the finalized storyboard with your production team to guide the video's creation.

For beginners, start by breaking down your video into essential scenes or shots. Use simple sketches or templates to create visuals for each panel, and accompany them with concise descriptions of actions and dialogues. Focus on conveying the core ideas and flow of your video. As you gain more experience, you can refine your storyboarding skills with more intricate details and visuals.

Yes, you can find storyboard templates in Microsoft Word or through online resources. These templates often include grids or frames where you can insert sketches or images for each panel. While Word may not be as specialized as dedicated design software for storyboarding, it can still be a useful tool, especially for simple projects. You can customize these templates to fit your specific needs and preferences.