Web Hosting is the storage space/internet hosting where your website data is stored in the web servers and accessed by users through the internet. Web Hosting allows your website to be accessible to all users over the internet.

You need to see it from a beginner's point of view to understand more about what is web hosting completely. The web hosting cost may vary based on the disk space, data transfer limit, and many more factors.

How does Web Hosting work?

Do you ever wonder what happens in the backend of your computer when you search for any website? 

When you visit a website say www.webdew.com, the server request will be sent through the internet from your computer. This request will further be sent to the webserver where the webdew.com is hosted. 

In return, the server will respond to the user with the requested data and will further be displayed on your computer. So through the internet, you will be interacting with the webserver to fetch the information. For every action by you (user) on the website, data is fetched from the hosting server and displayed for you. 

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Source – https://www.000webhost.com/blog/what-is-web-hosting

So if the server is slow or if it takes some time to respond, then at your end, the website may load very slow. It would be best to choose the server type based on the traffic you receive to your business or blogging website. Well! The server response rate decides the website loading speed on the user's computer.

How is Web Hosting Important in SEO?

There are various factors to be taken into account while connecting the topics SEO & Web Hosting. It is related to factors like Website Loading Speed, Website Security, Server Location, etc.

Website Loading Speed

Indeed, website loading speed is one of the main factors in content SEO. The loading speed of the website depends on the speed of the webserver, where it is hosted. That is, the server should handle multiple requests from different users at the same time.

For example, say your website has more traffic from Google organically. If 20 to 30 users visit your website simultaneously and visit multiple pages, then the website should load smoothly for all the users simultaneously. 

This can be done when the website is hosted in superfast responsive servers like at SeekaHost, founded by the Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond. When you create a new website, you should choose the best web hosting for your website's better performance.

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Website Security

As internet usage is growing day by day, security threats are also on the rise. If you own a business website where online transactions are meant to happen, you should make sure that the website is highly secured. 

It should be ensured that the web server where you have hosted the website is secured well with firewalls and other security measures.

web site

Image Source – https://www.webarxsecurity.com/website-hacking-statistics-2018-february/

The above image shows the survey based on the security hacks to the websites. You can see that it's increasing every year, and WordPress websites are infected in more numbers than others. Hence if you create a business website, you should give more importance to security. 

You should also make sure that your website hosting provider has proper regular backups of your website. So you can recover it easily in case of any security breach. Compare different hosting providers, such as Prestashop hosting, Magento, WordPress, and Drupal, and choose what fits your needs.

Server Location

The server location is the place where your web server is located. For example, suppose you own a business website and plan to rank & target the UK audience. In that case, you should make sure that your website is hosted on that location-based server because the server location has a significant impact on the SEO rankings. 

The server location plays a vital role if you are planning to build a PBN network. PBN sites should be hosted in suitable server locations based on the domain extensions for better results.

If you are new to these technical things, then you can get guidance from one of the best SEO Consultants from ClickDo like Dinesh Kumar VM and proceed accordingly.

How Web Hosting impacts PBN's?

PBN's are the private blog network websites that are owned by the same person or an organization. PBN's our list of hundreds of websites owned by the same person. PBN blogs are just used to build backlinks to the client website and improve the ranks. 

Many things are going around the Web, stating like PBN's are no more and will not help improve the ranks. But it's not true. PBN's still works well for SEO. It depends on how the PBN's are built and how it's used for link building.

If you are owning 100 PBN blogs, you should make sure that all the hundred PBN's are hosted in unique IPs without any footprints. Each of the 100 websites should be treated as a unique website and should be updated regularly and indexed by Google.

If the PBN's are properly maintained and updated regularly, then the PBN blogs' links will positively help you boost the ranks organically in Google.

If you are building the PBN network, you should give more importance to the hosting and host it in Unique IPs. PBN's should not be used for just the sake of links.

It should be appropriately updated, and quality blogs should be published regularly. So from Google's point of view, it will look like a regular website, and the links will be so natural. 

How to use PBN's effectively?

As an SEO Consultant, if you are planning to build links from the PBN websites owned by others. Then you should check certain things before ordering the PBN Links. You should check whether the PBN blogs are hosted in unique IP's and not the same IP. 

Say if you are getting ten backlinks from ten different PBN blogs. You should then make sure that all ten blogs are hosted in unique IPs and not in the same IP. If all the PBN's share the same IP, then there is no value in the backlinks from such sites. 

Just treat the PBN Blogs as normal websites. Don't use spun contents while building backlinks from the PBN Blogs. Invest in quality content and place links naturally from PBN blogs. Use niche, relevant blogs to build backlinks. Ideally, you should make sure that each link should be placed naturally in Google's point of view. 

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Web hosting has a significant impact on the technical SEO part, right from hosting a website to integrating the SSL. Hence, if you plan to start a new website, you should make sure that the best web hosting is chosen by combining all the possible security options. 

This will make sure that your website is responsive to all the users. If it's a new website, you can start with the very minimum web hosting package, and based on your blog's growth; you can upgrade the hosting packages if you get more traffic to your website. Have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Web hosting in SEO refers to the service that makes your website accessible online. While hosting itself isn't a direct SEO factor, it impacts your website's speed, uptime, and security. A fast-loading, secure, and consistently available site can positively affect SEO. Additionally, server location can influence local SEO, and mobile responsiveness is crucial for ranking. Choosing a reliable hosting provider and plan is essential for indirectly boosting your website's SEO performance.

Web hosting is vital for SEO primarily because it influences website speed, uptime, and security. A fast and reliable host can lead to faster page loading times, which are favored by search engines. Additionally, a hosting provider's uptime and security measures ensure that your site is accessible and safe, factors that search engines also consider. Therefore, choosing a reputable hosting service plays a significant role in supporting your SEO efforts.

Web hosting comes in three primary types: shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is cost-effective but less powerful. VPS hosting offers a dedicated portion of server resources for more control. Dedicated hosting provides an entire server for the highest performance and control, making it suitable for large websites with high traffic.

Web hosting utilizes servers, which are specialized computers, to store and deliver the content of websites to users on the internet. Various types of hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting, offer different levels of resources and control to website owners. These servers house website files, databases, and other data, ensuring that your website is accessible to users online.