Indeed, keeping the information updated in CRM is one of the essential tasks. But you cannot deny the fact that salespeople are really busy that they don't have enough time to update the data in a CRM. 

Well! Some of the tasks are really time-consuming and crucial, such as assigning contacts, data entry, setting up reminders, monitoring opportunities, sending emails, etc. Performing such tasks helps you make better relations with the customers, keeps you updated, and closes more deals. 

If you are on a sales team, then congratulations! You have won the lottery! Surprised? Well, the HubSpot workflow tool is here.

Using this workflow feature of HubSpot, you can streamline the work process and focus on the core business tasks. Just by setting up the workflows, all the tasks can be done automatically, which will further save you both time and effort. 

Here is the list of the ten best HubSpot workflow examples, making my sales team more productive and efficient. You can also use these similar workflows to perform the task without hassle. 

Top 10 HubSpot Sales Workflows

Let's begin! 

1- Assigning Leads to Reps 

There are various ways in which marketing and sales teams generate leads. But these leads are not converted in the right way and are left in the holding position, which might lead to losing the lead. 

It cannot be denied that transferring and rotating leads is the most precious time. Because if it is not done appropriately, then there are chances you might not be able to reach these hot leads. 

If you are the one, then start with the right workflow. It will not only automate the lead rotation according to the criteria you set but also make better relationships with the customers and close more deals in less time.  

To help you out with the same below is an example of HubSpot sales workflows by considering which you can rotate leads to the groups of the sales team or specific members of the sales team. 

In the below example, firstly I have set the enrollment trigger to all the contact property last contacted is unknown or the lead status is unknown to 4 criteria. 

Then, I shared the lead with 2 owners and updated the contact property status to new. Then, a delay of 6 hours is added for the next action to take place. 

Further, if/else condition is set, say, if the contact property is unknown, then the delay for 1 hour is added after which a task is created. But if the contact property is known then, then a contact property lifecycle state will be set to sales qualified lead, and then a task is created. 

Have a look at the screenshot of the workflow for assigning leads to the reps. 


2- Meeting Link Notification 

Have you missed some meeting that was already booked? Is it affecting your lead conversion rate? If yes, then it's high time to streamline your tasks. 

Setting up a workflow for notifying the individual about the meeting will not only make you aware of the same but also give you a chance to better understand the customer's needs and convert them to a higher level. 

The workflows added below are basically created to notify the added person about the meeting. Now, let's have a look at the conditions set in this workflow.

Firstly I have set an enrollment trigger for all the contacts who have filled out the meeting link with Danish by submitting the form on any page. Once the form is submitted, I have set a condition according to which in-app notification will be sent to Danish. He will be notified with a message “Meeting with (Contact name)”. 

At the same time, an SMS “you have been booked by (contact name)” will be sent to the added number. Also, an email message will be sent to Danish. By reading the “Meeting with (contact)” message, the individual will be reminded again of the meeting. At last, an internal SMS will be delivered to Danish- “You have been booked by (contact)”. 

Have a look at the screenshot for the workflow for notifying meeting link-


3- Contact Update Workflow

If you are in a sales team or perhaps coordinating with the sales team, then you will agree that besides coordinating with the customers, it's really difficult to update data constantly for every prospect.

But, now you don't have to worry about the same because by setting up HubSpot sales workflows, you can bring consistency to your data irrespective of the busy schedule of your sales team. Moreover, it will also help you keep a record of all your contacts and company details. 

With HubSpot sales workflows, you don't have to remind your team to make a small update after every action because all the leads with which your team has already reached out will be marketed automatically. You will be totally free from monotonous data entry. 

Now, let's learn how to make a workflow for new contacts added in the CRM. 

Basically, In the first step is enrollment trigger is set to the contact property last contact is known, and contact property recent sales email replied is unknown (no one has contacted them and no one has created a deal), and there is no associated deal.

After this, another task is added in which contact property lead status is set to attempting to contact/connect. It helps my team and me in managing our entire prospecting funnel. Now, just by looking at the dashboard, we can check whether the contact is updated or not. 

Go through the below-added image to have a better understanding of the same. 


4- Update Lead Status Automatically

You might be familiar that whenever a form is filled by the prospect, by default lead status is left blank. Thus, to segment the leads better and offer them the right service, it is essential to update the lead status according to their current stage of the buyer's journey. 

So to reduce the efforts, I have created a workflow which not only reduces the efforts but also helps my team and me in providing the right information to the customers. It is created basically for recruitment purposes. 

Firstly, I set the enrollment trigger to at least one associated activity which is known. It can be either Activity type, Activity date, Associated deals or Recent sales email replied to date. 

If any of the above conditions satisfies, then if/then branch is executed. If any of the associated deals is Won sales pipeline) or hired (interview pipeline), then the contact property of lead status will be updated to Won deal. If it's not, then another trigger will be set. 

Moreover, if any of the deal stages is rejected(interview pipeline) or Lost(Sales pipeline), then the lead status of contact property will be set to Lost Deal. If not, then if/then branch for the Open deal will be executed. 

To update the lead status to Open deal, at least one of the associated deals should be either interested, interview scheduled, waiting for a response, in conversation, HR Round, TL Round, Work in progress, Technical Test, Final Round, or Negotiation Round. If not, then if/then branch for Contacted lead status will be executed. 

The lead status of contact property will be updated to Connected if Activity type is any of Email reply from contact. If not then if/then branch added under NO will be executed.

To set the contact property lead status to Attempted to Contact, then Activity type is any of Email sent to contact. If not, then the workflow will be completed. 

To have a deeper insight, look at the Workflow added below: 


5- Create Deal after Form Submissions

This HubSpot Sales workflow will save the time that you might have to spend on creating deals manually for all the prospects who have filled the HubSpot form added on your website. 

By using this HubSpot Sales workflow, we can easily schedule an interview automatically for the prospect who has successfully submitted a form. If I am not wrong then you might be eagerly waiting to know how? Have a look!

Firstly, I have created a contact enrollment trigger for the candidates who have filled out Meetings links for interview/walk-in or for Interview/video on Any Page. After this, I set the property value contact type to the candidate. 

In the next step, a deal will be created and assigned to the Contact owner as “Contact: First name Contact: Last name- Interview”.  

Once it's done, I have set contact property of candidate status to Interview Open. This way, the status of the candidates who filled the form successfully will be updated automatically. The below-added screenshot will help you understand more about this workflow. 


6- Funnel Check-In Workflows

Everyone wants to be updated on important changes so that they do not miss any big opportunity and deals. But the main challenge we all face is the shortage of time, especially the sales team. It becomes really difficult for them to update the status when the team's funnel moves to the closed-won stage. 

But now you don't have to worry about the same because the workflow which I am going to explain below will notify the sales manager/team members about all the important changes like the movement of the sale's team funnel to the closed-won stage. 

In the first step, I have set enrollment triggers when something enters the decision-maker stage. It helps in knowing whether the decision-maker has shown some interest and looking forward to moving to the next stage. 

So, the deal property Deal stage is equal to Decision Maker Bought-In and the amount is greater than 1 Million. Furthermore, create a task according to your requirement, such a <contact name> is interested in our service.

Furthermore, you can add more tasks according to your requirements and needs. Once this workflow is switched on; your sales team will get instant notification for the same, which further helps them make the right decision at the right time.

Have a look at the entire workflow to have a deep understanding of the funnel check-in workflows. 


7- Workflow for Task Reminder 

Remembering all the things and coordinating the client is not a cakewalk. One needs to look at all the things besides doing the work with the same. Sometimes you might require a personal assistant to make you aware with all the processes and complexity.

If yes, then why spend extra money on human resources when HubSpot workflow is here. 

By creating a task reminder workflow, your efforts will be reduced like you don't have to remind your entire team to perform the important things. It will be done automatically once you set the workflow.

For task reminder workflow, firstly I have set the enrollment trigger to contact property last contacted is unknown and contact property lead status is unknown. 

Then if/then branch will be executed, say if the contact property HubSpot owner is unknown, then lead will be rotated between the two owners after which workflow will be closed. But if it is known, then further tasks will be executed. 

Create a task according to your requirement. After the execution of the task, add a delay of around two days. Furthermore, if/then a branch will be added for the contact property lead status is equal to In-progress. In both the conditions, either it is yes or not, create a task accordingly. 

To better understand the concept, have a look at the workflow: 


Such workflow will help you know at which stage your prospects are and what their desires are. So, go ahead, create workflows to get the updates right away and convert visitors into potential customers. 

8- Send Automated Emails to Clients 

Sending the same emails to different clients is one of the most time consuming tasks. If you are into the sales team, then you can easily relate to the same. But, I have a perfect solution to this. Yes! This automated emails workflow. 

Once you set this workflow in your strategy, you don't have to invest a lot of time in creating similar emails and sending it to the clients because now it will be done automatically. Yes! It's possible. 

To achieve the same, firstly set contact enrollment trigger to contact type is any of the clients, and at least one associated company has a company domain name is known. 

After this, I added a delay for a set amount of time for 1 day for max 8 contacts. After this particular amount of time, an email will be sent to the selected contacts. You can perform an SEO Audit for clients effortlessly. This way, you can easily send automated emails and engage a large number of readers at the same time. 

Have a look at the screenshot for this workflow: 


9- Workflow for Nurturing Prospects 

Nurturing leads and sending an email is essential because you can generate 50% more leads by spending 33% lower cost when done accurately. If you are doing this task manually, then it might consume your huge time. 

Now, you can create workflows for nurturing prospects by sending emails to many people at the same time. Being a HubSpot user, I take advantage of Workflow to the fullest, which further helps me streamline the business task more efficiently and less. 

One example for lead nurturing Workflow created by me is the people who have downloaded the template and are on the purchase list. 

Firstly, I have set an enrollment trigger where list membership is a member of the HubSpot Marketplace Template Purchase list to create a workflow. If this condition satisfies, then manage subscription status will be updated to marketing emails. 

After this, I added a task in which I have created the first email for the HubSpot marketplace template download. Once this email is sent, I added a delay of 2 days to perform the next action. 

The next action added in the Workflow is for mailer 2. The main objective behind sending this email is to nurture prospects for downloading eBook landing page templates. After sending this email, a delay for three days is added. 

After the delayed action, I have created mailer 3 in which the prospect will be nurtured and will be engaged to download an eBook landing page template. Basically, it is the last email of the template download workflow. You can create a similar workflow according to your requirements.


10- Create Tasks for your Sales Reps 

It is another example of HubSpot sales workflow, which will help you in creating tasks automatically for your Sales Reps. It will not only allow the sales team to perform the right task at the right time but also helps them become more productive. 

Have a look at the workflow by creating which you can easily create tasks for your Sales Reps. 

In the first step, I have set the contact enrollment trigger to the first name is unknown. If it fulfills the condition, then contact will be exchanged between sales agents 1&2. After the rotation, I have created a task, “Call lead,” which will further be assigned to the contact owner. 

Then, I added if/then branch for the call status if any of the answers qualify. Now, the task is divided into two categories. 

If it's no, then a delay for approximately 3 hours will be added. After this, I have created a task named “Call Back” and assigned it to the contact owner. 

Then, I added a delay of 1 day for the next action to be executed. Furthermore, I have created a task to call back again and assign it to the contact owner and added a delay of 2 days for the execution of the next task. 

Now, it's time to create a task “Call Back” the third time and assign it to the contact owner. Lastly, I have created a task name “Call back on Saturday” and assigned it again to the contact owner. 

But, if it's yes, “Book Presentation” and assigned it to the respective person. The next task created at my end is “Book presentation,” which is assigned to another person like Gaby. 

Once it is assigned, I have added a delay of 20 hours for the execution of the next action, which is the task creation. I have created a task and assigned it to the concerned person for sending the confirmation text and email.

Furthermore, a task name “collect document” is added and assigned to the respective person. Such as in this case, I have assigned it to Gaby. After the delay of 5 minutes, Gabby need to perform the next task that is “Follow up and Collect”. 

This way, the concerned person will have a clear idea about which task they have to perform. It will not only make them more productive but also allows them to make better relations with the customers. 

Below is the screenshot of the complete workflow for the above-mentioned example. 


Yes! You can create a similar workflow for assigning accurate tasks to your sales reps as per your business requirements and needs. 

In a Nutshell 

Now that you have a HubSpot sales workflow list, you can easily streamline your sales team and help them become more productive. By creating similar workflows, you can save your sales team's time and efforts, which will further increase the business productivity and conversion rate. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and start automating your tasks. 

If you want to create such workflows for your sales team or face hassle in creating one, feel free to contact us.
We are HubSpot platinum partners. Our HubSpot experts are there to help you in each possible case. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Workflows in HubSpot sales help automate tasks and communication with leads or customers. To create one, go to Automation > Workflows in your HubSpot account. You can start straight from scratch or use a template. If starting from scratch, click Create workflow > From scratch in the upper right. Then, you can set up actions, like sending emails or updating contact properties, and define triggers to make the workflow run when specific conditions are met. Workflows save time and ensure consistent follow-ups, making your sales process more efficient.

In HubSpot, workflows are used to streamline marketing efforts. You can create emails, set them up for automation, target specific audience lists, and monitor performance all within the platform. This centralizes your tasks, eliminating the need for multiple tools and making it simpler to track and analyze your marketing strategies. HubSpot essentially brings various marketing activities together, providing a more efficient and comprehensive solution for businesses.

To use HubSpot effectively, begin by getting started and familiarizing yourself with HubSpot's terminology through the glossary. Set up your account, including inviting team members and customizing settings. Manage your CRM database, market your business, generate sales, support customers, and build your website within the platform. Lastly, report on performance to gauge the impact of your efforts. Following these steps will help you utilize HubSpot's tools for marketing, sales, and customer support more efficiently.

If you're using HubSpot's enterprise tier, you can now have 1000 workflows instead of the previous 500. This means you have more flexibility to create marketing campaigns, automate data tasks, and manage your processes. With the increased capacity, you can be more efficient and manage a wide range of tasks and campaigns to help your business grow.