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It’s time to let the playful power of whiteboard animation lead the path to profitable success!

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Wonders of Whiteboard Animation

It's a favoured style for transforming complexity into clarity, all against the backdrop of a stainless white canvas.

This is your sneak peek into the awesomeness

Increased Span of Retention

Enhanced Online Visibility

Improved Understanding


Higher Satisfaction Rates

How we create Whiteboard Animation Videos: The webdew way

It’s time to know our secret to create captivating whiteboard animation videos that will surely let you gain more customers. Our video-making recipe includes essential steps like designing, scripting, editing, and delivering the final product to our clients. As video production wizards, we start our magical journey by consulting with our clients and creating videos from scratch to meet their unique needs.

Let's dive deep together – exploring your business, competition, and audience. Share your ideas, and we'll turn them into reality.

Crafting captivating stories that engage your audience. Have a script? Let us enhance it with up to 2 free revisions.

Our artists bring your script to life with illustrations. Enjoy the journey through your video's storyline with up to 2 free revisions.

We'll match the perfect voice and accent to your brand and script. Trust our quality recordings; no revisions here, but we get it right from the start.

Our team will add animations and special effects that elevate the narrative, engaging your viewers on a whole new level.


Whiteboard Animation Videos

Intelligence Exchange

webdew crafted a compelling whiteboard video featuring animation and voice-over services.



webdew portrayed the client’s accomplishments at IFERP through an engaging and informative video.

Coinflip Marketing

webdew led a video production project, focusing on an explainer video for a specific marketing concept.


The cost of a whiteboard animation video may vary based on its length, turnaround time, and other considerations. To get an approximate idea of pricing, you can use our pricing calculator. If you have specific custom requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Whiteboard explainer videos are a creative and effective way to communicate your message in a clear and concise manner. These videos are characterized by their white backgrounds, drawing hand, and dynamic black-lined animations, and are effective at explaining complex topics in an enjoyable and easy-to-remember way. By using whiteboard explainer videos, you can generate leads, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions.

You can use whiteboard videos in different ways-

  • Add on your website
  • Add on your blog
  • Share on social media
  • Play on events/.meetings

Indeed, we help our clients in creating appealing video scripts, but yes you can also provide the script on the basis of which we will be creating a whiteboard video.

webdew is a video production company made up of skilled professionals who specialize in creating high-quality videos. We have worked with hundreds of clients over the past seven years and have refined our skills in video storytelling. Our team is dedicated to meeting our clients' expectations by producing videos of the highest quality. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our experts. We would be happy to discuss your project with you.

What our clients say

With 6 years of experience and 1000+ reviews on diverse platforms, we proudly hold the top spot among 20,271 video production agencies on Clutch, thanks to our remarkable 4.9 average rating. Don't believe us? Explore real success stories from our satisfied clients to see why.

Jenny Banh

Project Manager, Save A Cup

“Thanks to the videos, the client noticed a significant increase in visitors, sales, and search visibility on Amazon. webdew took the time to fully understand the requirements for each video, which enabled them to ensure high-quality results. They were also punctual, flexible, and open to feedback.”

Edite Cange

Marketing Associate, Intelligence Exchange

“We partnered with webdew to create an explainer video in the form of whiteboard animation style, and that has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Chintan A.

Head Of Development

“They Generate Videos, what we are looking for with Great Quality. Their Creativity which is most we like and they easily understand our requirements.”

Patt Leger

Marketing Manager, Kinitics Automation Limited

“The client's team was impressed with webdew's work and ability to execute their ideas. webdew led a communicative and adaptive process using conference calls to ensure a solid project management experience. The client also praised their responsiveness and ability to understand their needs.”

Tayeba Mila

Webdeveloper and Digital Marketing Specialist, My South Bay

“We have worked with webdew on a promotional video production and their services have been absolutely amazing.”

Syed Arh

Program Director, Dynamic Labz

“The team at Webdew understood the requirements of the video and the services offered by the company very well. The story board and the video produced was of high quality and explained the services provided in a very succint way.”

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