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Inbound Marketing services that sell and retain

With inbound marketing, you can build a strong relationship with your customers.

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Inbound Marketing Methodology

Before we dive in, it’s vital to reflect upon the Inbound Marketing methodology, as it plays a key role in everything this guide outlines.


Attract Tools

  • Calling
  • Prospects
  • Email templates
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Conversational bots

Engage Tools

  • Deals
  • Video
  • Playbooks
  • Email Sequences
  • Sales automation

Delight Tools

  • Quotes
  • Sales automation
  • Smart notifications
  • Conversations inbox
  • Conversation Routing


The world has changed. You can no longer have your brand screaming at customers while they are in the middle of something completely unrelated to how you can do business together. Attract methodology puts your brand in front of customers when they are looking for what you have to offer.

It makes sense to appear to them when they are searching Google for issues that you can help with. You attract more of the right customers with relevant content at the right time — when they’re looking for it.

Use the content strategy tool to build your authority in search and rank for the topics that matter the most to your prospects. Publish your blog post or video content across social networks using social media tools. Throughout each stage of Inbound Marketing, you’ll be reporting and analyzing these efforts to stay informed on what’s working and where you need to improve.


In the engaging stage, you can create a long-lasting relationship with your clients through the help of conversation channels like email, bots, live chat, or messaging apps. In order to engage customers you can send your message in many formats to appeal to the preferred learning methods of a diverse public.

Regardless of the delivery, these inbound marketing methods will help you engage new customers. You can also use the conversion tools such as forms, lead flows, and CTA that helps to capture all the information of prospects visiting.

Also, you can use the smart content and smart field form for more informative details of prospects. You can check the engagement status in the campaign report. You can also analyze the overall journey of prospects through the buyer's journey which not only helps in revenue generation but also builds the brand value of your product which is the primary objective of all businesses.


After the engage stage, the deal status is close now but that doesn’t mean the work stops here! Our motive is different and we continually provide value to the existing customers that not only helps uncover additional opportunities for sales but also helps to foster brand experience and generate referral business.

You need to understand that Delight is the glue that keeps a customer stuck to your brand and your solutions. It is the most essential ingredient for success. A delightful prospect will look more fondly upon your products and services.

Delighting the people who have demonstrated a genuine interest in your company’s solutions should be a priority, both pre-and post-sale, wherever they are in the buyer’s journey as it builds loyalty. Remember if you delight your clients then they will delight further your customers by sharing their positive feedback and reviews of your service. Happy clients create more happy customers.

Why Inbound Marketing Services?

Inbound Marketing is the best marketing methodology that provides the platform to enhance your business growth by generating leads. Your product isn't for everyone but it is for someone and Inbound helps you to find that someone and share it with them.


Time to change your marketing strategy!

Partner with webdew, an SEO agency and enjoy all sorts of benefits of Inbound Marketing Services.

  • Generate traffic and leads using relevant and engaging content
  • Use valuable insights that help increase the conversion rate naturally.
  • Get better returns by focusing on your process optimization.
  • Understand your potential buyers and their needs for decision-making.
  • Track marketing metrics and look where things are lacking behind.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing


Simplifies the Jobs of Sales

With Inbound, your sales and marketing team together can utilize and distribute information to drive leads and increase conversions.


Increases Visibility and Brand Awareness

If you’re not out there, they won’t find you. It’s that simple. If they like what you've written that will dramatically increase your visibility.

Educates Prospects in the Digital World

Educates Prospects in the Digital World

With a bit of research and clearly defined buyer personas, you will understand where those key prospects are searching for information, and you can distribute your information in a strategic manner so that they see it.

Increases Trust and Credibility

Increases Trust and Credibility

Buyers don't want their day to be interrupted by cold calls and emails, instead, feed them with the information that they would love to consume.

generate quality traffic and leads

Generates Quality Traffic & Leads

The more frequently you produce content, the more often those prospects are likely to visit your site – and when they do, you’ll be ready for them with calls to action, top-notch landing pages, and content offers that will help them make their decision.

High ROI

High ROI

It’s a relatively low-cost marketing strategy but it yields huge returns. Reports show it’s up to three times more cost-effective than outbound strategies.


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What is meant by inbound marketing?

What are the five fundamentals of inbound marketing?

Why choose webdew for inbound marketing?

Client Reviews

You'll say things like this about us

I recently engaged webdew to make 14 pages of changes to my website! They completed all the tasks very quickly and to a very high standard. I was really happy with how they followed all the instructions and I am delighted with my updated site.

Megan Walker

Owner & Director

Market Savvy

You'll say things like this about us

webdew has helped us optimize the sales and marketing processes and this is automating a lot of processes. So, we don’t need to hire more people and webdew has done an excellent job in understanding our business and helped us launch new services using HubSpot. I would say HubSpot and the webdew team is an awesome combination to scale your business to the next level.

Samir Jhaveri

Managing Director

XcellHost Cloud Services

You'll say things like this about us

The team was very professional and hounded us (in a good way) any time we were late in responding to their work. They always kept working even if we were behind on their end. Very efficient and resourceful team that I recommend.

Conrad T. Walz

Vice President


You'll say things like this about us

I am very happy to provide the testimonial for webdew. We took services from them to create an explainer video for cannabis testing laboratories. We like their work. They happily accommodated all the changes we suggested. I am happy to recommend webdew to any company that may want to use their services.

Mrinal Kanti Chatterjee

Asst. Marketing Manager


You'll say things like this about us

webdew team was quite honest and quite easy to work with in terms of taking feedback implementing it, showing that it doesn’t happen again and things like making sure that it meets our expectations. overall I will say that the experience has been good. I would like to recommend them I mean you can absolutely go ahead with webdew.

Uday Jose


Enate India

You'll say things like this about us

We worked with webdew to help us build our HubSpot website and they did an amazing job with it. They were very quick. Their responses were very fast and they were always available and whatever questions I have even till date, even after finishing the website. I always recommend webdew to my clients and I am continuing to work with them.

Nishtha Maseshwari


Pink Power Co

You'll say things like this about us

I have made a video with a webdew for my online marketplace. This video has really helped to explain my marketplace better. The company has spent an excellent amount of time building the perfect storyboards and made these videos for me. I really appreciate Chehak and her team for the results they have delivered in by doing a good job in spite of the pandemic. Thank you Chehak and thank you webdew team.

Subrajoti Ranjan Sahu

Chief Technology Officer


You'll say things like this about us

I’m one of the technology directors for Travelopia. We’ve engaged webdew recently, not recently, it’s been about a couple of quarters now. Initially started with one brand, for a very small project. Very happy with what they’ve done for us and we’ve now extended webdew working with us in 4 of our brands, and looking forward to seeing them getting engaged with the quite a lot of projects especially around the HubSpot and HubSpot automation. It’s been fantastic working with them. Thank-you webdew and looking forward to continue our association and relationship. Thank-you!

Sreekandh Balakrishnan

Technology Director - Innovation & Products


You'll say things like this about us

We recently partnered with the webdew team to complete an animated video for a client.And the team was able to turn around the project very quickly. They were very professional, very responsive, and we're really looking forward to continuing to work with them for our future videos. And I know that our clients really appreciate the work that they put into it, and the end result was great. So, we're really looking forward to seeing what comes of our relationship with them.

Sam Brower

Account Manager

Launch Team, Inc.

You'll say things like this about us

We recently partnered with the webdew to create an explainer video in the form of Whiteboard Animation Style, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive so far. The project went very smoothly, thanks in part to webdew's team having excellent collaboration and communication with us throughout the process. We're very happy with the outcome of this project. And we know other people will be just as happy to partner with webdew and make some incredible content.

Eddie Cange

Marketing Associate

Intelligence Exchange

You'll say things like this about us

Recently, we needed an animated explainer video for our website, so we partnered with webdew to create one for us. They were able to provide us with the animated video we needed extremely fast, and the quality was excellent. We really appreciate that they were so responsive to all of our feedback as they produced a video, and they, in the end, came with an amazing video that looks great on our website. We really hope to work with the webdew team again soon for another animated video, and thanks again.


Marketing Director


You'll say things like this about us

We recently worked with webdew to create an animated video that helps us establish brand awareness in a new market that we recently entered.

I would just say the overall communication has been very pleasant with the webdew team. So, we would highly recommend working with webdew if you have an animation project as well.


Growth Lead

Ease Healthcare

You'll say things like this about us

We have worked with webdew on a promotional video production. And their services have been absolutely amazing. The final results were exactly as we expected. We had a few changes on the go, they were very cooperative to meet our end requirements.

Tayeba Milla

Web Developer and Digital Marketing Specialist

This Is My South Bay

You'll say things like this about us

We contracted webdew to build our new website. And let me tell you, they did a fantastic job. They were very efficient, they had great attention to details. Their team was really easy to communicate with. They recreated our designs that we handed over pixel over pixel and didn't have any issues with that.


Senior Manager of Demand Generation


You'll say things like this about us

The whole team was very professional in their creation and customer relations. They were very polite and respectful. They were punctual in all their deliveries, and they understood exactly what we wanted and all the modifications that we requested.

Communication was very smooth, and we always heard back from them within a couple of hours that we sent them a message. I highly recommend working with webdew on your animation projects.


North America Marketing Team


You'll say things like this about us

We worked with Chehak over the past several months to create a series of animated videos for an academic planner that we produce. And from the very beginning, she was absolutely professional and a pleasure to work with.

She gave us a very clear budget, an estimated timeline and set up structured deadlines for each point in the project and everything was just extremely clear, concise, and consistent throughout the whole process.

Veronica Bishop

Content Writer and Developer

Bishop Content Studio

You'll say things like this about us

I recently had the pleasure of working with Chehak on a video demo project, and I was thoroughly impressed with her services. From start to finish, she was very professional, reliable, and provided really top-notch work.  So anyone out there that needs video content or support, I'd highly recommend Chehak to anyone! You won't be disappointed."

Matt Kay


Talem AI

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