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webdew is a place to get your vision live. No burden of asking for follow ups as they are highly transparent, no need to book an appointment for calls as they have project managers to solve your queries 24/7, and no need to worry about quality as experts are highly skilled at fulfilling their job responsibilities.

Quality is what you will swear by as webdew commits you to give the best of the industry. This is what webdew did for Sales With an animated video shared by webdew, the team of Sales was able to fulfill their goals.

Want to know how? Read this case study.


Babbar Batla, CEO of, has spent decades in the Enterprise Sales world. After working at Google, he gathered enough knowledge of AI and its role in forecasting.

He found the reasons responsible for wrong forecasts, why reps were not able to understand the process, and why the CRM does not work. According to him, “A good forecast is only as good as the data in the CRM.”

Therefore, he came up with an AI solution that addresses the rep's behavior.

Project Overview is an AI-based agency whose ultimate goal is to capture the email addresses of prospects. By presenting a readable book, the client wanted to convert visitors into leads for which they choose webdew.

webdew is one of the best video production companies that help clients to fulfill their goals by offering excellent video, marketing, HubSpot and website services. In this case, webdew helped Sales to present their business in front of the audience through an appealing explainer video.

To make sure that the final output is overwhelming, the client shared some of the requirements:

The ebook is supposed to be interesting

The ebook must be interesting from the design point of view so that it engages viewers. Make sure the designing should be compelling enough to outperform a killer topic and headline.

The ebook is supposed to be readable

Beware of color so that readers can read the words. Lack of color choice and font color contrast, etc., will bounce away our audience. webdew wants to convey the idea of ebooks from the page and into their head/heart/life.

The ebook has to give out of the world feeling

The ebook should be simple and engaging. We don’t want our readers to fiddle with it. The point is to present the text to our viewers in the best way so that our readers read, learn, and act. To put it simply, it should be out of the world.

Maintaining communication along with the delivery of the product as per the client's expectation was not easy. There were various challenges through which webdew came across, but by overcoming all, they came up with the final product that owns the heart of the client. After the completion of the project, client shared a positive review with the team.


  • The client wanted webdew to take care of the text as the ebook abounded with the content.
  • Try to follow the color scheme of our website in the e-book.
  • Clean graphics to explain the core of the idea.
Webdew has always been our first choice for graphics and animation. Chehak’s team association with our team has rendered us to deliver all projects successfully.
They have religiously followed our style guide and implemented it while being creative.
I appreciate Chehak’s upfront dealing and transparency throughout the work. Moreover, she has been quite patient when dealing with us, which keeps us asking for more to her.

Pathway to Results

As webdew stole the project, the graphics team immediately stood up for designing a killer ebook.


The designers of webdew tried to keep the ebook as simple as possible. webdew cut out all of the ambiguous elements so that it can be read easily. The e-book had a lot of text; therefore, webdew had to focus on the graphics and icons that can present a bigger idea of the e-book to the target prospects.

Light Colors

webdew used the website’s colors in the ebook to make it align well with the landing page. By professionally assembling the colors, webdew designed an attractive ebook. webdew aims for three main colors at the most and used one accent color. The colors were consistent with the brand and complement the ebook well.

Cover: Design for an Attractive Thumbnail

As most people will see the cover in thumbnail format, webdew team designed the cover that looks good full-size. By keeping the design clean, webdew accentuate the headline and topic that looked comprehensible even at a shrunken-down glance.

Once the project is completed, it is delivered to the client successfully. After going through the video, client was very happy and shared a positive feedback with the team.


The video came out to be very professional and clearly fulfilled the desires of the client. It is being evaluated that the video helped the client in helping people know about their product and capture leads. 

This was what client shared:

“They are quite flexible to their approach. webdew’s project manager sent me email updates every day so that I know how the project is running. They are always available on skype and ready to listen to us no matter how many times we call them in a day.”

Feedback rating

The client was happy with the quality of work webdew provided in the form, of video. The communication was frequent and the transparency maintained in the entire process won the client's heart. 

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