Every month we come up with new strategies and plans to take the business one step higher. I know you all might be looking forward for updates on how the month of August went about. 

All your waits are over! We are here with the latest updates of webdew

The month of August was quite productive. We were not only able to help clients achieve their goals but also invested time to take our webdew one step higher. So, without any further delay, let's jump on to know the updates for the month of August. 

Welcome to webdew's August updates!

Let's get started….


Social media campaign

Nowadays, social media is becoming one of the most prominent ways to promote your brand over the web. Thus, to boost our business core identity, we focus on improving our social profiles by uploading high-quality images, engaging reals, informative content, impressive carousels, etc. 

Each type of content that we publish helps us to generate excellent results. In February, we are now a family of 25295 on LinkedIn. All the aspects of LinkedIn, including unique visitors, new followers, impressions, and custom button clicks, are increased.

Now, if I talk about Facebook and Instagram, then we are now the family of 1130 and 631 on Facebook and Instagram, respectively. On Facebook, our reach increased by 27.1%, and on Instagram, our reach was boosted by 40.3%. 

Also, In August, 87 new followers were seen on the Instagram profile. 

Now, let's talk about Twitter. In August, we saw a good number of results. We did 891 tweets, got 15k impressions, 7991 post visitors, 87 new followers, and 4 visitors. 

Learn Teach and Grow campaign

I always believe that content plays a crucial role in making or breaking your marketing standards and generating leads. That's why we keep on generating good quality content so that besides helping others, we can work on our growth as well. 

In the month of June, we successfully published 25+ blogs on webdew blog of learn, teach and grow that revolve around websites, HubSpot, Videos, and marketing. 

Search engine optimization campaign

SEO is one of the best ways to grow your business and improve your presence. Having a strong SEO will not only boost your number game but also improves your decision-making strategy. 

As SEO is the heart of a website, therefore we keep on updating the SEO errors on the website., and our domain authority still stands at 35.  

Now, if I talk about webdew traffic, then we have seen a good number of improvements in users, new users, and page views in comparison to the previous month. In August, users, new users, and page views were 171351, 169372, and 230152, respectively, whereas, in June, users, new users, and page views were 89911, 88206, and 102589, respectively.

Moreover, the clicks and impressions increased from 49.1.1K to 52.5K and 6.77 to 6.81M, respectively. 

Here is the list of top blogs for the month of August:

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Case studies campaign 

We are very concerned about letting people know what we did, how we did it, and why we did it, along with the feedback we received. We are very transparent about our work, so that's why we keep on sharing different case studies

In the month of August, we published 40+ various case studies of different industries in the form of videos, PDFs, and articles.


Website campaign

There are no two opinions about the fact that a website is the storefront of every website. If your website is showcased properly, then it becomes really easy for the visitor to make the right decision. To ensure everything is aligned properly, we keep on revamping our website. 

In the month of August, we created and re-designed separate pages like 3D videosLet's talkHubSpot themeand directory page to help people take the right step forward. Moreover, Some new elements were added so that readers could easily get the information they wanted to read. 

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Directories campaign

I believe that reviews can help companies grow faster. That's why we always focus on reviewing the client's feedback and try to improve accordingly. In the month of August, we didn't receive many reviews as many of our projects were in progress. 

Indeed, we have many reviews on different directories like Clutch, G2, HubSpot, 99 firms, etc. But in August, we got 1 review on Clutch, 449 click-throughs, and 329 profile visits. 

Recruitment campaign

It's well said that “Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.” That's why our recruitment team is spending their hours taking the right talent in. 

Now, if I talk about the analytics of recruitment campaigns, then in the month of August, we conducted 207 interviews, out of which 3 new members joined the webdew family.  

Want to become a webdian? Visit https://careers.webdew.com

To help our candidates, we have also been sharing career videos. So, if you also need any help to make your career more aligned, don't forget to visit our youtube.  

Internal Knowledge Base

Last but not least, internal Knowledge base. Sharing knowledge and helping each individual boost their skills. We didn't get much time to work on this campaign. But, if I talk about the analytics, by August 2022, we had published 606 articles in total.

The Final say 

That's all for the month of August. We have many big plans for the coming months so that we come up with new forces and strategies for the coming year. 

So, stay in touch with webdew and know more. Visit webdew.com to know more about our organization. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us