Who doesn't like polls?

After all, they help people get their opinions heard.

Besides, it is pretty comforting to know that other people too think alike.

This is why LinkedIn polls have been so exceptional at driving engagement for a plethora of users.

So, today I will provide an in-depth look at how to create exciting LinkedIn polls, how to leverage them for more views, and how you can turn all this into growth.

Ready to upgrade your marketing insight? Well, then let's get polling! Don't know what exactly LinkedIn polls are? Need not fret! This article is for you. 

What are LinkedIn Polls?

LinkedIn polls are pretty exciting and interactive posts that allow you to ask questions and get people to vote from the options. Once a LinkedIn user votes on the poll, it automatically displays the tally of votes. Although they might seem like a simple LinkedIn feature, they've gained prominence over time.

Why do LinkedIn Polls Work?

Here are a few reasons why they work so great for social media:

They're Short 

The shorter and more engaging a piece of content is, the more audiences it can draw, even the most impatient ones. Besides, they require a minimum investment in time.

They are Engagement Magnets 

LinkedIn polls are generally interactive as it requires people to actually click on the post for it to work for you. And, they automatically show you where your vote stands, and it's indeed an engaging experience.

They provide Affiliation 

Anyone can join in a poll, although what makes polls so influential is that they let the voters feel like they are a part of a more exclusive group. They get a sense of affiliation among others with that particular choice.

They build Trust

When a user votes on your poll, it silently forms a sense of trust and familiarity with your profile. Although it isn't apparent advertising, the mere act of interacting with your audiences ignites a slight connection between you and your prospects.

Besides, the other excellent quality about LinkedIn polls is that they provide a perfect balance to the content you're putting out.

How can you use LinkedIn Polls?

Your professional network can be an exceptional asset for gathering insights or getting a second opinion. Whether you're pondering which business tool to invest in, curious about which course professionals in your field find helpful, or ruling which interview questions to ask a prospective team member, taking inputs from your network can provide you the confidence to pull the trigger or pursue another direction finally. 

And believe me, LinkedIn polls are a quick, simple, and entirely virtual way to get feedback from your network. Besides, asking your network for feedback and providing it to others in return is an excellent way to get relevant input while sparking new discussions and conversations with your connections. 

Learn about Content Preference

Not sure about what content would work the best for your LinkedIn community? Well, you can use the LinkedIn polls to settle this dilemma.

And using this information, you can start creating engaging and relevant content to draw your target audience. Besides, you can upload a new piece of content to notify your audience that you did pay attention to their feedback while developing new content. This way, you will be able to build a healthier relationship with your LinkedIn community.

Get Feedback 

You can use LinkedIn Polls to learn about your audience's reaction to a recently launched product or service. You may ask the following questions while creating a poll.

  • Have you heard about our new product/service?
  • Have you tried our latest products/services?
  • Which of our product's features do you use often?

Know your Audience's Interest 

If you have a substantial number of audiences on LinkedIn, then you can use LinkedIn Polls to assess their interest in a product or service before launching it. You may ask your audiences to provide you with timely feedback on your new ideas.

Besides gathering prompt feedback from your audience, polling enables you to find out the people interested in cooperating in an in-depth survey outside the LinkedIn platform and ultimately help you with the extensive market research.

Learn about LinkedIn's top Issues

LinkedIn Polls can be used to determine how you can add more value to the LinkedIn community. You can use the polls to find out which issues have been on the top of the list of your community. Besides, it enables you to fix the problems quickly and to improve customer satisfaction.

Plan Content Strategy 

Businesses often use lucrative ‘offers' to get higher leads. However, you may have trouble settling up on an offer that will resonate with your target audience. So, you can use LinkedIn Polls to learn about the type of content preferred by your target audience. 

Besides, you may use such feedback to ensure that your content strategy aligns with what your target audience likes.

Find out the latest Trends

Finding out the latest trends will be beneficial for B2B or enterprise-level businesses. You can offer services to a selective customer base. Besides, staying updated with the latest trends or shifts in your industry is pretty essential. And LinkedIn Polls allow you to enquire about the emerging trends.

You can also use these polls to create engaging content for your company page. You can also use this approach to encourage industry-specific LinkedIn groups to share their views on a particular matter.

Wrapping Up

Using LinkedIn polls, you can learn a lot about your target audience. You can get their feedback or learn how to improve their overall LinkedIn experience.

Besides, you can use this information to launch a product successfully or perhaps develop a content strategy before offering the customers.

You can also use LinkedIn polls to stay updated about the latest market trends or conduct market research. LinkedIn polls have lots of options to ensure business growth. All you need to do is explore and let your creativity do the rest!

Also, contact us and see what our experts have to say on creating the best LinkedIn polls!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Leveraging LinkedIn Polls can boost engagement levels as it offers a chance for your audience to actively engage with your brand. Crafting a pertinent, captivating, and user-friendly poll can motivate your audience to interact with your content and express their viewpoints.

Here are some key considerations to remember when you're crafting and posting your inaugural LinkedIn Poll.
Incorporate Hashtags: To ensure your poll reaches the intended audience within relevant industries, incorporate hashtags. The more precise, the more effective. For instance, if your question pertains to remote work, employ #remotework.

Determine Your Desired Audience. Suppose you have your sights set on small business proprietors. In this case, you can inquire about the hurdles they encounter while managing their enterprises. Subsequently, leverage LinkedIn's targeting features to guarantee that your polls reaches the appropriate individuals, including those within particular industries or professional roles.

The purpose of this survey is to uncover the underlying reasons behind conducting the research. It revolves around defining your desired outcomes and gaining clarity on what remains undiscovered. Consider the specific inquiries you intend to address and strategize how to gather the necessary data. After establishing your primary goal, you can further refine it into specific objectives.