Are your email campaigns not quite hitting the mark? Still, relying on traditional methods to craft your email campaigns?

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What is is a platform that provides a suite of tools for email marketing and lead generation. It offers unique features and benefits, catering to the diverse needs of users in different industries. was founded in 2017 and is one of the most popular business choices for outreach and lead generation needs. 

It includes many features, such as an Email Finder to discover email addresses, an Email Verifier tool to ensure the accuracy of email lists, a Drip Campaigns tool for automated email sequences, and a LinkedIn Email Finder for prospecting on LinkedIn.

It also offers Domain Search to gather emails related to a specific domain, Technology Checker to identify the technologies a website uses, and Prospector for a unified platform to manage various outreach activities.

Let’s discuss some of the key features of in detail

Key Features: Unraveling the Toolbox of

1. Email Search: Email finder tool

Email Search

Using Snovio Email Finder for businesses helps to expand their reach. It is similar to Hunter’s email-finding tool. With a vast database and advanced algorithms, it helps you discover the email addresses of potential leads with remarkable accuracy. 

It also provides an email finder Chrome extension that the users can conveniently use. One can click the Chrome extension to find and save employee emails from company websites to your lists.

Email finder in

The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to focus on connecting with prospects rather than getting bogged down by the search. 

To find emails with this tool, just enter the person's First Name, Last Name, and company name in the provided boxes. Click on “Find emails,” and will quickly find the person's email addresses. Sometimes, it might take a few minutes.

Here is a video on how you can effectively use email finder tool:

Bulk Email Search

You can also utilize the bulk email finder by adding these emails to a CSV sheet and importing it into the bulk email finder tool. This allows you to find multiple emails simultaneously.

Bulk email search tool

Upload the CSV sheet in bulk email search tool and click on search it will cost you credits for each email.

Bulk email search option in

Here is a video on how you can effectively use email finder tool:

2. Email Verifier: Email verification tool

Maintaining a clean and accurate contact list is crucial for successful email campaigns.'s Email Verifier sifts through your contacts, identifying invalid or obsolete email addresses. This ensures that your messages reach the right inboxes, optimizing the efficiency of your outreach.

For email verification, has two options.

  • Individual Email verification, where you can verify individual emails and add them to your list.
  • Bulk email verification, where you can verify multiple emails simultaneously using a CSV import. 

There are three verification criteria represented by three colours: “Green” indicates valid emails that won't bounce, “Yellow” signifies unknown status, meaning it's uncertain if it is deliverable or not, and “Red” indicates an invalid email.

email verification criteria in

Individual Email Verification

You can effortlessly verify individual emails by entering them into the email verification box and clicking the “Verify Email” button.

While it may take some time to verify a few emails, in most cases, it only takes seconds to determine if the emails are valid, invalid, or unknown.

Individual email verification in

Check out this video on how you can verify emails:

Bulk Email Verification

You can verify multiple emails by uploading a CSV list of emails and clicking on “Verify Emails”. You also upload emails using other document types like, XLS, XLSX,TXT other than CSV.

This option enables you to create a list and separate valid emails from invalid ones. Although it may take some time, it is beneficial for large contact lists.

Bulk email verification

3. Domain Search

When aiming for a broader outreach strategy, understanding a company's structure is vital.'s Domain Search facilitates this by providing comprehensive information about a particular domain.

From key decision-makers to general company information, this feature empowers your outreach strategy with valuable insights.

Domain Search

When aiming for a broader outreach strategy, understanding a company's structure is vital.'s Domain Search facilitates this by providing comprehensive information about a particular domain.

From key decision-makers to general company information, this feature empowers your outreach strategy with valuable insights.

Domain search provides comprehensive information about the company, including its founding year, company size, industry, social accounts, and technology stack. Additionally, it extracts prospect and contact details.

Domain search feature

You only need to enter the company's website into the search bar and click “search” to extract details. Check out this short video on how domain search works.

Bulk Domain Search

This tool is just a bulk version domain search. It helps you find prospects and contact details within a company, but it mainly works with domains. You can also try it with company names, but using website links tends to give better results. 

But here's the catch—it might not cover all the domains, and it's not always super effective. My advice?

Go for a bulk search, sift through the results manually, and do a separate domain search for those websites that draw a blank. That way, you'll get the most accurate info!

Here is a short video on how the bulk domain search feature in works:

4. Social URL Search

In, you can use the social URL search feature to find emails using prospects' LinkedIn profiles. This feature can extract bulk email addresses from multiple LinkedIn profiles.

Social URL Search

To use this feature, you need to have a list of LinkedIn profiles in a sheet and upload it here. will find the emails of those LinkedIn profiles in minutes.

This feature is amazing if you are researching your prospects on LinkedIn. Here is a short video on how you can use Social URL search:

5. Technology Checker: Stay ahead in the tech game

In the dynamic landscape of technology, staying informed about your prospect's tech stack is a strategic advantage.'s Technology Checker allows you to identify the technologies used by which companies, enabling you to tailor your pitch based on the prospect's technological environment.

Technology chechker in

For instance, suppose you wish to launch a campaign targeting prospects utilizing HubSpot. In this scenario, you can leverage's Technology Checker to identify companies that employ this tool.

Subsequently, use the email finder tool or domain search to discover the emails of these prospects.  For a visual guide on utilizing the Technology Search feature in and uncovering emails through this tool.

Check out this concise video tutorial:

6. Database Search: Prospecting tool now also has a database search, a prospecting tool where you can create a list of contacts. Although still in the Beta version and not an extensive database, it offers a variety of contact filters for a tailored experience.

Database search in

Whether you're seeking individual prospects or researching companies, the tool provides flexible filters for location, job title, and revenue.

Even in its Beta version, Database Search shows excellent promise, hinting at more valuable future features. Stay tuned for further updates!

Prospect Database Search

Using the Prospect Database Search, you can easily find prospects by applying various filters and directly add them to your lists. This covers all their details.

Whether you're looking for prospects based on names, job titles, companies, locations, company sizes, or more, this tool has got you covered.

Here is how you can use Prospect Database search:

Company Database Search

This feature is similar to prospect database search. With the Company Database Search, you can discover companies by applying company name, industry, size, and revenue filters.

This feature is great for targeting companies aligned with your goals. Plus, you can then search for prospects within those companies using the domain search feature. 

7. Drip Campaigns: Nurturing leads with precision

Automation is a cornerstone for enhanced marketing efforts, and's Drip Campaigns feature exemplifies this. Include personalization and automation in email sequences to nurture leads over time.

The intuitive drag-and-drop campaign editor simplifies the process, allowing you to create sophisticated campaigns without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Drip campaign editor in

You can create drip sequences with personalized emails and workflows and make them automated by setting up schedules and timing.

The email drip campaigns feature can help you create amazing automated campaigns. You start a campaign by creating sequence emails and workflows, adding prospects, and setting up schedules and emails.


You can use templates for your email campaigns on There are pre-written campaigns available that you can use for your outreach.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to craft your own email templates and seamlessly use them for your campaigns.

Templates of drip campaign

AI Email writer now features an AI that aids in crafting emails. Whether you prefer custom prompts or existing ones, you can effortlessly create email templates tailored to your preferences.

Additionally, the tool allows you to enhance, rewrite, and adjust the tone of your drafted emails. If you're dissatisfied with the email, you can easily rewrite it to better suit your needs.

AI Email Writer in

Here is a short video you can watch to understand how the AI tool works:

Drip Sequence and Workflow automation

You can easily create an email workflow with easy drag and drop features. There are 4 steps you can add while creating a workflow.

1. Email

This is where you can write emails with a personalized subject line using variables like “First name” and “company name” or a custom variable.  You can also use AI to improve or make a custom email. You can also add variations to AB test your emails.

write email for drip campaign

2. Delay

The Delay step in empowers you to schedule intervals between various emails or steps within your sequence. You can set a time gap in minutes, hours, or days based on your preferences. Thus, allowing you to time the delivery of your emails strategically.

Delay step while creating drip campaign

3. Trigger

The trigger feature in Snov's drip sequence allows you to integrate an event or condition that sparks a specific action.

For instance, you can set triggers for actions like the recipient opening an email, clicking on a link, or scheduling a meeting. 

Trigger condition in drip sequence

The trigger event activates automated actions such as sending a follow-up email or advancing the contact to a different stage in your outreach sequence.

4. Goal

You can define and name specific goals, then integrate them at the end of your workflow to track the number of targets that have achieved them.

Setting goal in drip sequence

Adding prospects and List

In this step, you can choose the list to include in the campaign and configure settings. This includes deciding whether to send emails solely to verified and valid addresses (Green), or include unverified and risky ones (Red, Yellow).

Add prospects in the list

Additionally, you have the option to incorporate a Do-not-email list, excluding specific prospects from contact. You can also specify whether to send emails to prospects with missing variables.

For instance, if your email template includes a variable like {{company name}} and a prospect lacks this detail, you can decide whether to include them in the campaign or not.

Sending Options

In these settings, you can choose the email accounts from which you wish to send emails and set up a schedule for the campaign to run automatically during designated times.

sending options in

Moreover, you have the option to enable tracking for opens and links within the software. Additionally, the feature allows you to halt emails for prospects who have already responded to the campaigns.

This provides valuable insights through analytics and reports. Utilizing multiple email accounts for a single campaign can also help create a more personalized and less automated appearance.

Review campaigns

The review is the ultimate step for reviewing your campaign settings before launching it. Any errors will be highlighted at this stage. 

8. Extensions

LinkedIn Email Finder

The integration with LinkedIn enhances's capabilities. The LinkedIn Email Finder extension, allows you to retrieve email addresses directly from LinkedIn profiles.

It enhances your contact database with professionals who match your target audience. This feature creates opportunities for personalized and effective communication.

LinedIn email finder in

You can browse LinkedIn profiles, extract emails, and seamlessly add them to the list used in your email campaigns. This extension is a standout feature, enabling you to manage your list while your campaigns run automatically, ensuring a smooth and effortless campaign flow.

You can directly add prospect emails to this list using these steps:

  • Step 1: Add details for your target persona. You can write titles and set filters on LinkedIn according to your target persona.
Add details of target persona
  • Step 2: Choose the person for whom you wish to discover emails and add them to your list.
Choose the person and add to the list 1
  • Step 3: Choose the list in which you want to add the contact and click save.
Select the list to add the person
  • Step 4: The person will be automatically added to your list.

Email Finder

With the email finder extension, you can find emails on websites like Google and Yelp. In just one click, you need to get on a website; click on the extension and boom, you get all the emails.

You can directly add these contacts to the list and use them in campaigns. Here is a short video on how you can use’s email finder extension on a website:

Email Verifier

With this extension you can verify emails on the go. You can add emails using the email finder extension and verify them with this extension without going to your dashboard. This is a very simple extension.

Watch is short video to understand how email verifier extension works.

9. Email Warmup offers an email warmup feature, allowing you to enhance email deliverability gradually. Within, you can customize your warmup strategy with two options:

  • Progressive: Ideal for new accounts and domains with low sending volumes. Begin by sending a small number of emails on the first day, progressively increasing the volume until reaching a maximum of 50 emails.
  • Steady: Tailored for addressing existing deliverability issues that lead to emails landing in spam or promotions. This mode maintains a consistent daily email send volume.

Moreover, you can specify the email types you wish to send, choosing between AI-generated emails, specific templates, or a custom option for a blend of both.

Email warmup option in

You also have the option to preview emails by sending them to your email address, allowing you to assess how they appear from the recipient's perspective.

All your configured settings will be displayed here, providing a final opportunity to review before commencing the campaign.

10. CRM

CRM is a feature within that helps users to manage and organize their customer relationships effectively. Below is an overview of key aspects and functionalities of CRM:

1. Deal Management

Users can create and manage deals or opportunities within the CRM tool. This includes tracking the progress of deals, stages in the sales pipeline, and associated activities.

Deal management helps teams stay organized and focused on moving prospects through the sales funnel.


2. Contact Management CRM enables users to centralize and organize their contact information. You can store details about leads, prospects, and clients in one place, making it easy to access and manage important information such as names, companies, and contact details.

Deal management in 1

3. Communication Tracking

The CRM feature allows you to log and track communication with your contacts. This includes email conversations with the client.

This feature is valuable for maintaining a comprehensive history of interactions, ensuring that all team members have access to up-to-date information.

4. Task and Activity Management

You can set tasks, emails, and calls within the CRM. This helps manage follow-ups, deadlines, and other important activities related to customer interactions.

The ability to schedule tasks ensures that critical steps are not overlooked. You can also directly connect on Google Meet by connecting your Google Calendar with

Deal management in

5. Reporting and Analytics CRM typically offers reporting and analytics tools to provide insights into your sales performance and team statistics, allowing you to understand revenue and the deals they've secured.

You can monitor deal metrics, such as the number of won and lost deals, and also check the reasons behind lost deals.

Reporting and analytics option in

6. Team Collaboration

Collaboration features enable team members to work together within the CRM. This includes sharing information, assigning tasks to colleagues, and maintaining a shared understanding of customer interactions.

Pros and Cons of


  • offers a versatile set of tools, covering everything from prospecting and email warm-up to campaign automation.
  • The intuitive design of enhances the ease of use and ensures that users.
  • The advanced algorithms of its Email Finder minimize false positives, ensuring you connect with genuine and relevant leads.
  • The Drip email Campaigns feature automates outreach. This saves time and ensures a personalized approach to communication.
  • is a great tool for extracting valid email addresses from LinkedIn profiles and adding a social dimension to your outreach.
  • pricing model is transparent and scalable. It provides a free version and fast customer support to its users.


  • While the basics are easy to grasp, some advanced features may require a bit of a learning curve.
  • However, offers an email warm-up tool. You can only warm up one email at a time in their base plan, making it difficult to start email outreach.
  • It lacks a shared inbox feature. Consequently, you need to check replies for each campaign individually by opening them.
  • may experience occasional downtime or service interruptions like any online service.
  • In, once a campaign has been launched, the core set that cannot be changed is the “Sending Settings.” This includes the sender's name, email address, and the SMTP server used for sending emails.

Ready to elevate your Email Outreach with

In this Snovio review, we discussed its array of features, from precise email findings to automated drip campaigns and amazing customer support, which positions it as a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to optimize their outreach efforts and reduce bounce rates. 

The email marketing tool has strengths in accuracy, user-friendliness, and integration with LinkedIn, making it a valuable asset for professionals across industries.

As businesses navigate the complexities of digital communication, having a tool like can be the key to unlocking new opportunities. Embrace the power of in 2024, and take your outreach strategy to new heights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing is a good option as Snovio offers a range of benefits for users, including streamlined lead generation, email outreach, and prospecting efforts. Its comprehensive suite of tools enhances efficiency in finding and connecting with potential clients and partners.

SNOV, the platform developed by Snovio, is a powerful email marketing and outreach tool designed to simplify the process of finding and engaging with generated leads. It provides solutions for email verification, sending campaigns, and tracking recipient interactions.

Snovio, the company behind the platform, was founded by Alexis Kratko. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, he is recognized as the owner of Snovio.

The Snovio email tracker operates by allowing users to track the opens and clicks on their sent emails. It provides valuable insights into recipient engagement, helping users gauge the effectiveness of their email campaigns and follow up accordingly.