What do you think about how much it takes to see the results once you start working on SEO? 

No matter whether you are a newbie or a professional in the marketing field, getting an answer to this is one of the most difficult and sought answers that people are looking for.  

If you have the right SEO, then you can easily see your site in the top searches of the search engine. 

Factors affecting Website SEO

Frankly, the answer is way more complicated than it appears to be because there are a lot of factors that affect people. 

What factors does it depend on? Are you also thinking the same? Well! It depends on how much SEO has been done previously, the framework of your website, quality of the content, quality of backlinks, and many other SEO factors.

We will try our best to answer this question despite all the complexities.
Before answering, let us discuss the major points that affect the results:

  • The age of the domain and the DA of the website
  • Quality of On-page SEO and off-page SEO strategies
  • Quality and number of backlinks
  • Types of Errors, hosting issues, and penalties
  • SEO-friendly design, structure, and architecture
  • Keywords and content strategy
  • Search intent and relevance of your page

All the points added above will help you improve the SEO of your website. Now coming to the topic, it has been seen that SEO gives immediate results in many cases, but for most businesses, it takes a little more time to show results. 

It all comes down to strategies, website design, meta descriptions, target country, level of competition, and business type. Yes, you are right! All these points affect your rank in search engines. 

SEO results grow over time; the average time duration is around six months to twelve months; that being said, there are many ways by which you can speed up the process. For this, you need to understand the types of traffic. Have a look at the below traffic types: 

  • Map Listings – Google Maps is a leading map application where most consumers look for your products and services, so investing in GMB (Google my business) may give you quick results.
  • Organic – These are the traffic that can come directly to your website or through referral links. These are important as it impacts your keyword rank in search engines.
  • PPC – This is search engine marketing where you pay search engines to show your service whenever people look for your products or services.

Now to better understand the timeline for SEO to start showing results, we will discuss month-wise strategies.

Understanding SEO Timeline to check the Status

If you want to see excellent results through your SEO, I would recommend you work on a monthly basis as it will help you better evaluate your performance and take the right step accordingly. 

Now, you might be wondering how to proceed further. No worries! I have listed the points according to the months by following, which you can start improving your website SEO

Month 1

In the first month, start by researching every little thing about your brand. You can begin by doing a website audit to find all the errors and improve the website structure. 

You also need to work on keyword planning to find the right Keyword and create pages based on it with relevant content. If you make the right content targeting the correct keyword, then you will see good results in a minimum time frame. 

Month 2

In the second month, all technical SEO will come into action so that your website ranks better. 

You need to keep in mind that website modifications make your website more responsive and further improve the overall user experience.

So, make sure that you need work on the website interface once you enter into the second month by improving the website audit

Month 3

It is the month you will start to see the magic; find out which keywords are ranking better than you have chosen in the first month. Generic keywords rank will improve, but the magic will happen at long-tail keywords as they will be on the first page.

So, the third month will make you realize how much you need to put in. Once you see the results, you will be able to take your site to the next level easily.  

Month 4

Now, you are at the stage where you need to work on creating quality content, optimizing your website, and continue building quality backlinks to your website so that search engines can find your website worthy.

Always keep in mind, better the content and stronger the link building, the easier it becomes to rank higher on Google. 

Month 5

Once you are done with the creation of content, then you need to plan your 5th month by keeping social media as the priority. 

This month, start working on social media profiles to amplify your audience and bring traffic from different social media platforms. Work on content creation and invest in some PR or media outreach.

Once you have a stronghold on your social media, then you can easily drive huge traffic to your site. 

Month 6

If you followed everything correctly, you would have the traffic and reach you intended in the first month by this month. So, be creative, update your website regularly, look for errors, and remove them.

The Final Say 

SEO is the process that will rank your website higher. If your SEO is strong, then you can easily figure out the best possible way to generate sales

Say, if you are setting up a new site, then obviously, generating traffic and improving site SEO is not easy. But, if you plan things in the right way, then you can easily reach the target and see what things need to be worked on. 

Obviously, keeping track and reaching the targets is a little tricky, but if you proceed by building a plan on a monthly basis, then you can easily hit the goals. So, what are you looking for? 

Plan your months accordingly and get your website ranked at the top of Google. Still, have any confusion and need assistance from an SEO expert? Feel free to contact us

                                                                                                                             Editor– Divya

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO experts typically concur that the initial outcomes of SEO efforts become noticeable within 2 to 4 months. Nonetheless, variables such as website quality, age, and authority can influence this timeframe. In a broader context, a significant 94.6% of surveyed experts affirm that websites boasting strong links and quality content should anticipate tangible SEO improvements within approximately six months.

The 6 to 8-month SEO projection is an approximate timeframe, hinging on how swiftly your website can gain authority and trust in Google's view. The duration for your site to yield outcomes is contingent on multiple elements, encompassing niche competition levels.

A single blog post can achieve ranking in just two hours, while a competitive landing page may take two weeks. For a series of pages, expect a six-month timeline, and for a brand-new website to gain SEO traction, it can take over a year. The commonly given ‘4-6 months' estimate is overly simplistic and generic.

Seeing your website climb the search results for targeted keywords is a positive sign of successful SEO. Additional markers of success include increased organic traffic, improved conversion rates, higher user engagement, growing backlinks, enhanced website speed and health, and organic ranking for related keywords. These key metrics collectively reflect the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.