It would not be wrong to say that the world of web designing is expanding day by day. Almost every year, new trends and opportunities are created, mainly with the advent of modern technology.

In recent years, there have been several updates in the prospects for website design, such as the arrival of AI and AR, which is considered as a virtual reality solution for creating mixed media. 

As it's analyzed that video content is at the top, and almost everyone is putting their best to capture the visitor's attention. As the quality of video content has improved, the need for it to be comprehensive and easy to use has changed the way in which we create everything from websites to applications.

But in most cases, web design trends are still visual. When you hear the word “interface“, you usually think of a graphical user interface, which is the best way to connect users to your website. But now, there is a new, more natural way for customers to interact with digital tools… and that's what our current era describes.

Let's understand what is voice UI design and everything about this web design trend.

Designing Website by keeping Voice Trend in mind 

The technology industry has made huge progress in the development of automated speech recognition and natural language understanding. Users can talk to smart assistants, speakers, or phone apps and get the desired results without error. 

You will be amazed to know that by the end of the year, all searches will be done via voice. We are at the forefront of radical changes in the way we interact with computers and critical tools. As a designer or developer, you need to be ready to embrace this new medium.

How to Test with your Voice for UI Design?

There are various steps with which you can make your site more “conversational.” One of the first steps for designers and developers is to think about the types of voice dialogue that apps and websites can offer.

For example, instead of integrating voice technology into your website, you might decide to create another Amazon Alexa “skill” for a device just like the Echo. There are various companies that have invested in this technology so that users can check their balance on their smart speaker like mobile phones instead of opening a laptop and logging into a website.

You can collaborate with your customers on customer journey maps to define the type of voice experience you need to create for your customers. You can use this recurring customer-to-customer interaction map to highlight areas where voice interaction might fit into your process.

For example, if customers are constantly asking questions about the brand or its services, an FAQ page with a bot that can respond to voice queries may be the best choice.

User interface design should always solve the problem. Considering the hardships and frustrations end users experience on the go can help determine the direction of the voice user interface experience.

Go through the Voice Command Announcement

Designers should understand how voice commands work before using voice to create a voice flow for a user interface.

Intent: Intents represent the subject and context of the voice command. A very useful dialogue is asking for a specific task. 

For example, a user can ask the app for a list of 5-best places in a particular area. This is usually easy because what the transcription algorithm needs to do is obvious. 

However, low utility queries, such as “neighborhood places” can be harder to decipher because the bot is less specific about how it works. 

Utterance: This expression shows how the user makes a statement—Voice command Voice of the user interface.

Optional Variables: These additional filters need to be considered in the voice user interface. For 5-star hotels in Amsterdam, the “5-star” descriptor is optional. Optional entries override the defaults and provide search details.

Prototype Details using Voice Lines

It might consume your time and practice to learn how to take advantage of complex UI strategies like VUI. 

Prototype designers often have to think like a screenwriter and design different dialogue streams to accommodate the many dialogues they may face with varying needs of customer.

The dialog flow is described as follows:

  • Keywords that lead to dialogue
  • A branch where you can lead the conversation
  • User and voice assistant sample dialogs

Practice conversational flow with scripts describing the interactions between the voice assistant and the user, helping designers and developers understand the nuances that can appear in the interaction with the guest robot, which increases daily. 

For easy conversational communication, you need to ensure conversation flow for any discussion that may take place between the end-user and your app, website, or digital tool. 

Users don't want to feel overwhelmed, but they need to make sure that they can accomplish the task independently.

The developers of this app, such as One Pi Xuyen Note, allow players to talk to other characters in the game and use commands such as “pull the lever” and “open the trunk.” 

Designers, who are playable components of the game, need to think about their interactions in different parts of the story while allowing them to use it without drifting.

Now that you understand the importance of voice in UI design, it's time to go ahead with one. Don't know how to proceed further? Have a look at these tips

UI Design Tips for Voice

Designing a voice user interface can be very complex, especially if you haven't created anything before using voice as your only input. However, once you get used to creating dialogue lines, the whole process starts to get a lot easier.

Don't miss to take Confirmation after Task Completion 

Whenever you start designing an e-commerce site, don't miss to check out the processes, and one of the most important screens for a designer is the confirmation page. 

This shows the customer that the transaction was successful and prevents them from wondering if they did the right thing. The same concept applies to the design of voice user interfaces. 

Don't miss to create a Strong Strategy for Error

There are various designers and developers who are in the early stages of testing with the voice user interface. A conversation flow script allows the attendee to respond if they don't understand the request or hear nothing.

Incorporate Extra Layers of Security

Various voice user interface solutions, just like Alexa, will help you in recognizing the individual voices. Speech recognition continues to improve, so be sure to follow the latest guidelines. 

Some companies may require additional certification. For example, things that require payment or transactions may require passwords, facial recognition, and fingerprints. 

The Last Say

Video UI designs are really complex. To get it done, one needs to understand how one needs to design a voice user interface while designing a website. You need to understand that your website requires interaction that can be done with a simplified and appealing design.

So, make sure you keep a check on all the pointers while designing the voice user interface of your website. Thus, get ready to make your site design stand out from the rest. Still need any assistance? Feel free to contact us

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Frequently Asked Questions

An example of a voice user interface (VUI) is a voice-activated virtual assistant like Amazon's Alexa, where users can speak commands or questions, and the device responds with information or performs tasks using natural language processing.

A voice user experience (UX) designer specializes in creating a seamless and engaging user experience for voice interfaces. They design VUIs to be intuitive, conversational, and user-friendly, focusing on factors like user intent, natural language understanding, and speech recognition accuracy.

The three types of UI (user interface) design are graphic user interface (GUI), web user interface (WUI), and voice user interface (VUI). GUI is the traditional graphical interface seen on computers and mobile devices, WUI is specific to web applications, and VUI is the emerging field of voice-activated interfaces.

Voice user interfaces (VUIs) offer several benefits, including hands-free operation, accessibility for those with physical disabilities, and convenience in situations where using traditional interfaces is impractical, such as while driving. VUIs also provide a natural and conversational interaction that can be more intuitive and efficient in certain scenarios, like voice search or home automation control.