Welcome to HubSpot product updates May 2021. I hope you were eagerly waiting for these updates as much as I am excited to tell you about them.

As always, HubSpot has brought lots of new features this month. From many third app integrations to programmable emails, we have lot to tell you about.

So let's dive straight in!

1. What is the Latest in Marketing Hub?

Discover the latest updates in Marketing Hub.

1.1 Programmable Email

Applies to: Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise 

The new update Programmable Email Content in HubSpot allows you to create scaled, dynamic email marketing campaigns. To achieve this, HubL support in email has been upgraded to create custom email modules and templates easily in the design manager.

How does it Work?

Now the multiple emails can be distilled into one and programmatically create dynamic content modules. Associate contact properties with HubDB, a standard object, or Custom Objects to generate individualized content that's relevant to each email recipient.


With programmable emails, you can use advanced HubL syntax to personalize the content of your emails fully. You will also be able to pull content from structured data sources, including HubDB tables and custom objects.

1.2 Marketing Campaign Updates

1.2.1 Associate Ads with Marketing Campaigns

Applies to: Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise

You can now associate GB, Google, LinkedIn Ads as an asset in the Marketing Campaign tool and track their performance. 

1.2.2 Partition Marketing Campaigns by Team

Applies to: Marketing Hub Enterprise

HubSpot now allows you to partition the Campaigns by teams so that the right people can have the right access to edit your campaign efforts.

1.2.3 New Properties for Marketing Campaigns

Applies to: Associate ads: Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise 

You can now set a value for the campaign owner, goal, audience, start date, end date along with the pre-existing properties of campaign name, budget, color, and notes.

1.3 Marketing Email Replying Tracking

Applies to: Marketing Hub Starter, Professional, Enterprise

The new update will let you track Marketing mail Replies along with the Open and Click engagement events.

How does it Work?

  • Use a HubSpot connected Inbox as your reply-to address to track replies.
  • Create an email. Now from the Email Settings page, ensure that the reply-to address is one of your connected inboxes
  • Send the email

Once the email is sent, you can see the data in:

  • Email reporting pages
  • Contacts timeline record
  • In lists as enrolment triggers, goals, and the new ‘Delay until' event action

1.4 Simple Branch in Workflows

Applies to: Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise; Sales Hub Professional, Enterprise; Service Hub Professional, Enterprise

In the HubSpot workflows, you can branch on the outcome of a previous workflow action to customize automated journeys and quickly build complex automation with multiple unique paths.

This branch will not be able to be configured with AND and OR criteria. Each simple branch can create up to 250 unique branches for a single property. Example uses:

  • Building a workflow to create tasks then delays contacts until the task is completed. A simple branch will then segment contacts by whether or not the contacts completed the task
  • Automatically create a branch for each owner in a lead rotation workflow.

1.5 Social Account Filter Customization

Applies to: Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise 

HubSpot has updated the Social Analyze Account Filter. Now you will be able to customize and filter the Social Analyze dashboard by any account across all of your preferred network channels.

How does it Work?

  • Navigate to Marketing > Social in your HubSpot account
  • Click Analyze tab
  • Click on the filter Accounts 
    (All filters will be preselected as ‘All Accounts')
  • Select the accounts you want you to want to report on


As a social user, when you publish posts across different networks and pages and need reports specific to those certain accounts. Earlier you could only use HubSpot Social to filter down accounts on a particular network, and you couldn't have one view to measure your performance across all of your accounts. But now, with the new update, you can filter pages across all of the Social networks you manage in one easy-to-read dashboard.            

2. What is the Latest in Service Hub?

Explore the latest updates for Service Hub users.

2.1 Service Analytics Reporting 

Applies to: Service Hub Professional, Enterprise

Service Analytics is a new reporting app in HubSpot analytics tools to track activities to manage your sales representatives. You will gain insight into the business impact of your support issues.

How does it Work?

  • Navigate to Reports > Analytics tool > Service Analytics
  • Use filters on the left side to create a report and click Save to save the report


You may know as a service manager how critical reporting is for delivering optimal customer experiences. You need to understand how your team is dealing with customer issues to optimize the process and give an amazing customer experience.

3. What is the Latest in Reporting & Dashboards?

Let's take a look at the latest updates in HubSpot Reporting and Dashboards.

3.1 Embed External Content on Dashboard

Applies to: Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise; Sales Hub Professional, Enterprise; Service Hub Professional, Enterprise; CMS Hub Professional, Enterprise; Operations Hub Professional

Till now you can view all your data on HubSpot dashboards, but now you can view data from other tools and third-party software. This will help you to have a complete picture of your business performance and progress against goals at a glance.

How does it Work?

  • Navigate to Reports > Dashboards
  • Select a dashboard
  • Click the ‘Actions' dropdown and select ‘Embed external content'


With the new update, you can embed external data from third-party tools and apps on HubSpot dashboards which will help you to monitor business performance at a glance and track against goals all in one place.

3.2 Sunsetting Cross Object Reporting

Applies to: Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise; Sales Hub Professional, Enterprise; Service Hub Professional, Enterprise; CMS Hub Professional, Enterprise

On July 14, 2021, HubSpot will be sunsetting the cross-object report builder.

All the previously saved cross-object reports will be automatically migrated to the new and custom report builder. You need not to create a saved report, but all of your cross-object insights will be preserved.

How does it Work?

In March 2021, HubSpot launched a new custom report builder, which gives you a more powerful and flexible report building experience. 

4. What is the Latest in CRM?

Check out the newest updates within HubSpot CRM.

4.1 CRM Object Dynamic Pages

Applies to: CMS Hub Professional, Enterprise 

With the new update, you can dynamically generate detail and listing pages for CRM object instances on CMS Hub. This is like HubDB dynamic pages, but instead of referencing data within a data table that is separate from the data in your CRM, it directly pulls data from any of the CRM objects. 

For example, you can have a listing page and detail pages for every one of your CRM product object instances to have a product catalog on your website.

How does it Work?

CRM objects can be rendered and queried on HubSpot hosted content, that allows data to be shared between your business operations, emails , and website. Using the crm_object,  crm_objects, and crm_associations HubL functions, you can display and control logic based on your CRM object data. 
See CRM objects in CMS Hub

4.2 CRM Record Card Customization

Applies to: All Products and Plans

In HubSpot, when you associate one record to another record, it appears in the right panel of that record's view with certain properties. With the new update, you can customize the appearance of those associated records.

How does it Work?

  • Navigate to the Settings > Objects > Choose an object in your HubSpot account
  • Click the Record customization tab
  • In the Cards section, click Choose properties for (object) association cards


Now you can choose what associate records to appear on your record's view

5. Integrations

Discover the exciting HubSpot Integration updates below.

5.1 Google Meet

Applies to:  All Products and Plans

With the google Meet integration, you can now automatically send meeting links and conference call details to your HubSpot contacts. 

How does it Work?

  • Navigate to Marketplace in HubSpot
  • Search for Google meet
  • Click Connect app


This integration will turn every meeting booked in your HubSpot CRM into a Google Meet meeting. 

5.2 OneSignal

Applies to: All Products and Plans

With HubSpot and OneSignal integration, you can automate mobile and web push notifications using Hubspot Workflows to streamline your marketing and communication strategy.

OneSignal push notifications will appear on your contacts' activity timelines. 

How does it Work?

  • Navigate to Marketplace in HubSpot
  • Search for OneSignal 
  • Click Connect app


Automate your mobile and web push notifications.

5.3 Slack Connect

Applies to: All Products and Plans

With Slack connect, you and your external contacts can contribute to your Slack workspace and access all of Slack's collaborative benefits. You can use Slack Connect in HubSpot's Slack integration same as you do today, for any Slack channels that are not shared with external organizations. 

How does it Work?

  • Navigate to Marketplace in HubSpot
  • Search for Slack 
  • Click Connect app


Get HubSpot tasks, notifications directly into Slack.

5.4 DocuSign

Applies to: All Products and Plans

With HubSpot and DocuSign integration, you can create, customize, send and track DocuDesign envelopes from contact, company and deal records in your HubSpot account.

How does it Work?

  • Navigate to Marketplace in HubSpot
  • Search for DocuSign
  • Click Connect app


Create and track the status of the documents designed with DocuSign without leaving HubSpot.

In the End

This is all about the HubSpot for May-2021. I hope you have gone through all these updates and now can leverage them to improve your team efficiency and grow your business.

If you have any queries about any topic in HubSpot, you can visit our HubSpot Help Center.

We will be back soon with new updates soon.
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Frequently Asked Questions

HubSpot provides over 1,000 integrations in its App Marketplace, which means you can connect and use more than a thousand different apps directly within HubSpot's CRM. This makes it easier to work with your favorite tools and software without having to switch between different programs, streamlining your workflow and making it more convenient to manage your business and marketing tasks. These integrations cover a wide range of functions, from email and social media to sales, marketing, and customer service, enhancing the overall capabilities of HubSpot for businesses of all sizes.

In simple terms, an integration in HubSpot lets you link two different systems together. It enables these systems to communicate and share information. With this connection, you can easily make, change, see, or remove data in HubSpot from another specific app, streamlining your work and making it more efficient.

To check your integrations in HubSpot, go to the Connected Apps page. In your HubSpot account, click the Marketplace icon on the main navigation bar, then choose “Connected apps” under the “Manage” section. There, you can see all your connected apps. If there are any issues or alerts with these apps, click the “Alerts” tab to address them. This allows you to manage and monitor the apps that are integrated with HubSpot for better efficiency and performance.

Yes, HubSpot can make API calls. They communicate with other systems over the internet using standard methods like POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE, and they understand error response codes. All these calls happen at “https://api.hubapi.com,” ensuring secure data exchange. The information retrieved or sent back is formatted in standard JSON for easy understanding. HubSpot's API functionality allows it to interact with various web services and applications effectively.