Text formatting, styling, and animating capabilities are great – and when combined with 3d objects, creating text-based animations is absolutely addictive. Besides, deforming a graphic or text is pretty easy, and you can do it with a plethora of tools offered by Illustrator.

Thinking to wrap text to 3D shapes might not be used often; however, it can save you a great deal of time while adapting your graphics to a particular shape. And honestly, wrapping text in Illustrator is much simpler than wrapping a present!  

Today, I'll show you how easily you can wrap text on 3d shapes using nothing but the default Adobe Illustrator tools.​ Excited to wrap text around your favorite shapes? So, let's find out how we can create fascinating designs.

Before we get started let's look at this infographic quickly and get to know that what's Adobe Illustrator.

Wrap text to 3d shapes and create amazing designs In Illustrator

Getting started with text wrapping

Perhaps, the best thing about creating 3D objects in Adobe Illustrator is that you can easily adjust the text size. Besides, you can import them into other Adobe software and third-party products in no time.

A text wrap allows you to wrap text around an object or a graphic, adding a touch of creativity to any piece. We can use 3D text wrapping in logo designing, logo animation, and character animation

  • To add text to 3D shapes, we will use the 3D extruder bevel and 3D revolve option.
  • To get started with 3D text wrapping, go to effects  -> 3D.
image 213

Wrap text around a sphere

First, we'll see how we can create a spherical design.

  • Step 1: Type out text. Here I have used a Showcard gothic font in size 72 pt.
image 214
  • Step 2: Create your text into a symbol. Go to symbol -> drag and drop the text -> give it a name.

symbol options 1

  • Click ok. Now we have our symbol; you can now delete the text you placed on the artboard.

Step 3:

  • Go to the ellipse tool and draw a circle. 
image 215

Step 4:

  • Use the scissor tool to cut the circle in half. Simply click on the points, and you'll get half of the circle.
image 216

Step 5:

  • Now we will go to effects -> 3D -> revolve option.
image 217
  • Here, we want to create a complete sphere.
image 218

Step 6:

  • Now go to map art thick ->  invisible geometry.
image 304

Step 7:

  • Go to the symbol and add the sphere wrap you have created.  
image 305

Step 8:

  • Now, let's scale to fit. Adjust the size to find out what you are looking for.
image 306
  • Make sure that you get the design that you want.

Step 9:

  • Go to appearance and open 3D revolve options to preview your drawing.
image 219

Step 10:

  • Let's play around with different angles and rotate your shape. Adjust the XYZ values to find out the perfect angle. Go to map art and play around the scale to fit value. 
image 307

Step 11:

  • Once you are content with the outcome, click ok. This way, we can upload text to the spherical design. Now, simply add a background, and voila, you have successfully added text to your first 3D shape.
image 220

Wrap text around a cylinder

Now let's find out how to add text to a cylindrical shape. 

Step 1:

  • Type out random text and make sure that it's symmetric.  
image 221

Step 2:

  • Now, to change this into a symbol, open the symbol layer. Click and drag and drop, create the symbol, and delete the text you have written on the artboard.
image 308

Step 3:

  • Now, just add a background and draw a cylinder. I've used the rectangular tool and changed the color to something bright.
image 222

Step 4:

  • Go to 3d effect -> revolve. This will create a cylindrical shape.
image 223

Step 5:    

  • Now go to map art -> invisible geometry-> add symbol here. 
image 309
  • As you can see, the text is on the lower surface. However, we don't want to apply it over here, so simply clear it off. You can also change the surface from here.
image 224
  • Just select the symbol, and play around with the position. As you can see, X is horizontal right now; however, to convert it to a vertical position, you can change the angle.
image 225
  • Just scale up the text and extend it as much as you want. And click ok and now adjust the angle of rotation.
image 229
  • And click ok and now adjust the angle of rotation. If you want to edit it more, simply go to map art and place the text in the center. Once you feel like the angle is perfect, click ok.

Step 6:

  • Navigate to object and expand. 
image 230
  • To add text to 3D shapes, we will use the 3D extruder bevel and 3D revolve option.
  • To get started with 3D text wrapping, go to effects  -> 3D.
  • Step 7: Now, ungroup it and release the clipping mask. Select these pieces and place them over the shape. 
image 227

Step 8:

  • Place it over the background.
image 226

Step 9:

  • Apply any color of your choice in the background and to the text, and voila, you have successfully created another interesting art.
image 228

Ready to start wrapping text to 3D Shapes?

There you go, folks! Now you know how to use Adobe Illustrator to quickly wrap text around any 3d shape you want.

And remember, the trick is knowing how and where to make adjustments. Lay out the text along a path, rotate the path in 3D space, and finally rotate the text itself to stand up on the path. Besides, don't forget to switch the group containing your text and the shape from the default 2D group to 3D. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing and improve Adobe Illustrator skills to use Illustrator like a pro. Wrap text in any shape you like and use it to create something interesting.

And in case you have any questions, do get in touch.

Editor: Richa Sharma

Frequently Asked Questions

To wrap text into a shape in Illustrator, you can use the “Type on a Path” tool. First, create your shape, then select the Type tool, click on the path of the shape, and start typing. The text will follow the shape of the path.

To wrap text in a 3D shape in Illustrator, you can use the 3D Extrude & Bevel effect. Create your shape, go to the Effect menu, choose 3D, and select “Extrude & Bevel.” Adjust the settings to give your shape a 3D appearance, and then apply the Type on a Path tool to add text.

In Photoshop, wrapping text around a 3D shape can be done using the “3D” feature. You'll need to create a 3D object and then apply the text as a texture on that object. It may require some 3D modeling skills and a different workflow compared to Illustrator.

To wrap text around a 3D circle in Illustrator, create your 3D circle shape, then use the “Type on a Path” tool. Click on the path of the circle, and you can start typing. The text will wrap around the circular path, conforming to its shape.