There are no second thoughts about “Automation is cost-cutting by tightening the corners and not cutting them.” Not only the cost, but it also saves a lot of time and energy. That's why organizations are investing huge time in automating their marketing services. 

You will be amazed to know that more than 70% of organizations are already making the best use of marketing automation. If you haven't invented it yet, then you should definitely need to think about that. 

Well! If you landed on this blog, then you might be familiar with search engine optimization as one of the most effective forms of marketing automation. It helps companies to drive serious results without investing much effort and time. 

Before diving into the impact of automation in SEO, let's understand first what it actually means. Automation means the use of technologies in easy work efforts with minimum human involvement.  

What is Automation in SEO?

Automation in SEO means the use of software in tracking, website analysis, keyword researching, ranking tracking, competitors tracking, etc. SEO Automation not only helps in saving time but also allows you to deliver excellent results without breaking the banks. Moreover, it also helps in optimizing your SEO strategy.

To know more, have a look at the below-added benefits of using automation in SEO. 

Use of Automation in SEO

Collecting Keyword Data

Implementing automation in your SEO strategy helps you gather important data for yourself. While making any decision, if you have enough data to analyze the situation, it saves not only your time but also increases your chances of making the best decision for your SEO tactics. 

Also, with the help of automation, you can gather keywords data that will help you get ranked in search results. Moreover, each keyword that you are focussing on for your website can be taken care of. Yes, you are hearing it right; you can keep track of your keyword performance.

So, when you search for new keywords through automation, then you can easily get information about keyword competition, average monthly searches, related keywords that will further allow you to take the marketing for your business to the next level.

For example: In the below image of google keyword planner, you can see that everything is updated, which further helps you take the next step without any challenge. 

Collecting Keyword Data

In the image added above, you can see that I just provide one keyword, and the tool provides me with every information that I need. Its average monthly searches, competition, the bid price for PPC, and other keyword ideas related to that keywords. So you can filter out the keywords and plan your marketing strategy. 

Website Monitoring

Automation helps you to monitor your website performance on SERP and its SEO-friendly status. Automation helps in analyzing the website's weak areas, which sometimes are not possible to find manually.  

For Example:

Website monitoring

In the image added below, you can see the site audit report, which further shows all the errors of the website. Say if you automate the process, then you will find all the areas that need to be improved, which further makes sure that your website performs better on SERP. 

The best part, you can also schedule the website audits for time to time optimization of the website. 

So, if you are still figuring out some resource who can sit and find the website errors, then you need to invest time on marketing automation surely. 

Backlink Analysis 

Backlinks are an important part of SEO strategy, and search engines also consider backlinks to websites for verifying which website should rank higher. It helps you gain authoritativeness and trust flow for websites. 

Backlinks are good for websites, but spammy and poor-quality backlinks can hurt your website. Spammy backlinks websites impact badly, and as a result, you can lose your ranking. A good backlink has more domain authority, coming from relevant websites, higher trust flow, quality content.

Automation helps you to monitor your backlinks. By using a backlink analysis tool, you can analyze your backlinks and filter out the spammy backlinks. 

Moreover, it also shows your backlink profile, the ratio of dofollow and no-follow backlinks, from which website backlink is coming. Getting a deeper insight into each will further help you understand which keyword is helping you grow online. 

Below you can see the backlink analysis of webdew:

Competitor monitoring

In the image added above, you can see the domain rating, total backlinks, referring domains status of the website that will further help you make the right move. 

Competitor Monitoring

What if you know about your competitors' strategy? Definitely, you can easily outplay them. Monitoring competitors manually needs lots of time and effort. Still, there are chances to miss out on some important things. Well! That's where automation comes into the picture. 

Automation can help you to monitor your competitors, and you can spy on them. Through automation monitoring, you can find out where the gap is between you and your competitors' strategies. It can be in backlinks, keywords, content, website speed, and other SEO factors. Also, you don't need to invest in improving your strategy.

Backlink Analysis

In the image added above, you can observe the competitors of webdew, along with comparing other things like backlink, keyword ranking, and content in the tool.

Now that you know the importance of automation in SEO, it's time to choose the right automation tool. Don't know which suits best for your business? Have a look. 

Best Automation Tools for SEO Campaign

Let's begin…

SEM Rush

image 135

Price: $99 – $399 per month

SEMrush is one of the most common and popular tools among SEO professionals. You can monitor multiple aspects with this tool.

  • Do keyword research and find valuable keywords
  • Perform website audit and analysis of the lacking area
  • Find competitors and analyze their strategy
  • Help in monitoring your backlinks


image 137

Price: $12 – $40 per month

Ubersuggest is a tool launched by Neil Patel, one of the finest SEO experts. It also has its google chrome extension, which makes it easy for users to use it effortlessly.

It has the following features:

  • Provides you the insights of backlinks
  • Keyword research
  • Ranking tracking
  • Site audit 
  • Traffic overview

Moz Pro

image 138

Price: $99 – $599 per month

Moz pro is one of the finest all-in-one SEO tools made for improving search engine visibility. It also gives a domain authority matrix which gives a score to a website from 1-100 depending on various factors.

Have a look at the below features to know more: 

  • Keywords analysis
  • Rank tracking
  • Content optimization
  • Website analytic
  • Backlink research


image 139

Price: $99 – $179 per month

Ahref is an all-in-one SEO software that is best for monitoring your backlinks. Many digital marketing experts trust this tool for automating their business.

Have a look at the below features: 

  • Backlink analysis
  • Website exploring
  • Keywords exploring
  • Ranking tracking

The Bottom Line

Automation is a hot topic for all startups, small businesses, and large organizations as it is helping them to boost their SEO. If automation is done with proficiency, then you can easily hit your goals. 

If you keep control of each point, then you can easily figure out the best possible task and achieve the results. So, what are you waiting for? Start automating your SEO tasks without putting in much effort. 

Also reach out to us and see how well you can infuse automation in your SEO strategy.

Editor- Divya

Frequently Asked Questions

Automating SEO tasks not only offers cost-efficiency but also accelerates the process compared to manual execution. It efficiently manages laborious and time-consuming activities such as site audits, identifying broken links, analyzing keyword density, and evaluating tags and Meta content, especially when dealing with extensive websites.

SEO automation streamlines repetitive SEO tasks, such as manual meta tag management, image optimization, and analytics tracking. Additionally, it monitors search engine ranking shifts and produces comprehensive reports, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in optimizing websites for better visibility and performance.

Automated operations bring numerous advantages, such as boosting productivity, ensuring reliability, extending availability, enhancing performance, and cutting down on operating expenses. These benefits make tasks easier and more efficient, ultimately saving time and money.

Python plays a pivotal role in the realm of SEO, offering versatility and automation capabilities. Professionals leverage its scripting prowess to streamline tasks like keyword analysis, website audits, and data extraction. Python's libraries like BeautifulSoup and Scrapy simplify web scraping for competitor data and backlink analysis. Furthermore, Python empowers the creation of personalized SEO tools and dashboards, delivering valuable insights on search engine rankings, site performance, and content enhancement. Its adaptability allows SEO experts to craft bespoke solutions for on-page SEO, content creation, and monitoring, ultimately optimizing processes and elevating the efficacy of SEO strategies. Python's significance in SEO is continually evolving, cementing its place in the toolkit of digital marketers.