Sid: Hey John! Did you check the upcoming event page of XYZ? 

John: Yes, I have seen it just now. It is so enticing and beautiful; I will attend this event. Will you?

Sid: Yes, of course. I wonder if the page is so enticing, how enticing the event would be.

The above conversation is about the event page of XYZ, which is so appealing that people are convinced to attend their event.

Do you also want people to talk about your event page so enthusiastically?

Do you want to elevate your event promotion game and uplift those conversions? 

Well, you've come to the right place! 

Whether you're organizing a conference, workshop, or virtual gathering, I've a list of 15 event landing page examples to inspire your next promotional masterpiece. 

From effective design strategies to persuasive content techniques, I will make you dive deeper into the world of event marketing and show you how to create landing pages that drive accurate results. 

So, grab your coffee, buckle up, and let's ride on a journey filled with tips, tricks, and actionable insights to revolutionize your event promotions and skyrocket your conversion rates.

15 high-converting Event Landing Page Examples

1. Artist Project Event Landing Page 

Artist Project's landing page is the best event landing page example. This is due to its unique page elements. It incorporates the following key elements: 

  • Artist Project's landing page captivates visitors with high-quality images. It showcases the event's ambiance and highlights previous artwork. This helps them in creating an engaging experience.
  • Important event information such as date, venue, and the number of artists' details are displayed. It ensures visitors can easily access the essential details they need to attend the event.
  • Artist Project's landing page includes the event highlights of the previous year. It covers the artists who participated, the opening night preview, installations, and the upcoming artists. It adds credibility and trust and also helps them in the decision-making process.
  • You can easily check the latest event updates by submitting your sign-in information. 
  • The landing page utilizes a clear and prominent call-to-action button. It directs visitors to take the desired action.

By incorporating these elements, the Artist Project's landing page creates an immersive experience. It drives engagement and conversions on the go. Also, it ensures attendees get all the information to make their event experience memorable.

Hence, the major learning here is to include evidence of previous events to gain the trust of the users. Then, you can easily make an event page worthwhile.

2. Speed Networking Events Landing Page 

The Speed Networking event page is one of the best event landing page examples. The page induces users to participate in a virtual or in-person networking event. It encompasses curated elements to maximize attendee engagement:

  • The landing page presents a compelling overview of the Speed Networking event with a video. It highlights the unique value proposition. Also, it induces you to submit your email information for further notifications.
  • Also, it presents the benefits attendees can expect using the Speed Networking platform. The page explicitly gives The page also has given the prospectives of In-person events and virtual events. These events are aligned with the CTA of the “Watch the Demo” button. This gives the attendees better decision-making guidance for attending the event.
  • As you scroll down the page, it features a section on case studies. It describes how trending organizations are speed networking. This information helps build trust and earn the confidence of the attendees.
  • Mentioning the trusted partners gives extra weight to the page. Hence, it enables visitors to build trust and curiosity to join the event.
  • The page design provides a CTA of “Join an Event” on the navigation bar. It helps attendees quickly register for an event in one go.

Speed Networking event page is a powerful event landing page. It also ensures a seamless and rewarding networking experience. If you plan to create the next event landing page, take cues from the Speed Networking event page design. 

Their way of explaining things in depth and including testimonials is grabbing visitors' attention and inducing them to join an event.

3. Fraud Buzz Event Landing Page 

The Fraud Buzz event page stands out as a simple event landing page example. It incorporates every essential element that promotes knowledge sharing. Also, it provides awareness about fraud prevention:

  • The landing page clearly communicates the purpose of the Fraud Buzz event. It emphasizes the importance of fraud prevention and creates intrigue around the event's agenda.
  • The page showcases the topic of the discussion held at the event. The page also describes who presented the event. It also includes the time duration the speaker delivered his point of view. Also, it highlights their credentials and expertise in fraud prevention and detection.
  • The landing page features an interactive agenda. It outlines the schedule and session durations.  
  • The page offers a seamless registration process to watch the event on demand. This provides full conference buffering on your personal system. 
  • As the event has been done prior, the landing page displays every possible guidance to get the video of that event.
  • The page describes Nicole Reyes, the Director of Fraud Prevention, discussing the latest fraud trends of the summer. Also, he focuses on P2P and travel scams. He also discussed the fraud executives from various credit unions. He also shared his personal experience with the scams they are encountering. Also, he provides strategies to combat fraud.
  • The page also contains a CTA button to ask visitors to get the video on demand. The bright button attracts the attention of the visitors.
  • The Fraud Buzz event page creates an informative experience for potential attendees. It attracts a diverse audience interested in fraud prevention. 

You can notice that the event has been held prior, but still, the page induces users to join the buffering of the event. Hence, Fraud Buzz is playing the perfect role, creating a sense of curiosity and suspense, and you are all set to go.

4. Collision Event Landing Page 

The Collision event page sets the standard as one of the best event landing page examples. It encompasses key elements that maximize attendee engagement. Also, it promotes a vibrant conference experience:

  • As you land on the page, you will get a thought-provoking value proposition. You can also see the inducing CTA to pre-register for an event or partner with them.
  • The landing page provides a captivating overview of Collision. It highlights its position as a premier tech conference. 
  • The page showcases a diverse array of renowned speakers from various industries. It includes tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. This creates anticipation and emphasizes that the event is worth attending.
  • The page streamlines the registration process by asking visitors to get an overview of the conference by submitting their emails. It offers an intuitive user interface where attendees can secure their tickets. 
  • Collision's landing page highlights their previous attendees to build trust and credibility among the visitors. 
  • The landing page also includes flashbacks of previous speakers. Also, it incorporates the previous year's trailer to get an overview of the event. It enables event attendees to share their excitement and quickly join the event.  
  • Further, the page asks users to subscribe newsletter for consistent notifications about the event.

The Collision's event page focuses on offering a compelling and interactive experience. It attracts a diverse audience of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals. The page communicates the event's value and facilitates networking. Collision wins in creating the best event registration landing page. 

5. B2B Marketing Exchange Event Landing Page  

The B2B Marketing Exchange event page excels as the unique landing page. It contains essential elements that cater to B2B marketers. Also, it fosters a valuable conference experience: 

  • The landing page communicates that the B2B Marketing Exchange is designed for B2B marketers. It showcases the relevance of marketing to professionals seeking insights and strategies.
  • The page header section displays the event date, venue, and the conversation's basic agenda.
  • Next, with thankful words to sponsors and attendees, the page asks visitors to join their upcoming event showcasing a topic, date, and venue. This builds curiosity in the mind of visitors.
  • The page further showcases what you missed in the previous conference. With this, visitors will try not to miss the further conference and obviously the fascinating venue.
  • As you scroll through the page, you will see the lineup of renowned industry experts who had delivered insightful sessions to provide attendees with valuable knowledge and expertise.
  • Further, the signup process, podcasts, and blogs will keep the visitors engaged with exclusive insights. 
  • It includes testimonials from previous B2B Marketing Exchange attendees. It also highlights the value attendees can expect about knowledge and business growth.
  • The B2B Marketing Exchange event page creates an immersive experience for B2B marketers. It sounds like the page successfully captured the essence of the previous conference, creating a captivating and nostalgic experience through the use of flashbacks.

The mention of a fascinating venue likely added to the allure, making the event seem even more attractive. By evoking curiosity in visitors about attending the next conference, the page managed to generate anticipation and interest among potential attendees.

6. Adobe Summit Event Landing Page 

The Adobe Summit event page is an exceptional example of a well-designed landing page. Here are some key elements that contribute to its success:

  • The conference landing page incorporates a visually appealing web design. It immediately grabs the attention of visitors. The page uses high-quality imagery and vibrant colors.
  • The landing page starts with the value proposition, followed by the date and venue of the event. The last registration date creates a sense of urgency for the visitors to take quick action.
  • The page then includes the keynote speakers along with high-quality images. It also includes a CTA, “Watch Now,” so visitors can directly watch the inspirational words of the speakers. 
  • The event page prominently features the latest product innovations with Adobe leaders. These super sessions are on demand and can be accessed only by signing up. It motivates users toward the desired conversion.
  • The event page provides a wealth of information about the Adobe Summit. The page also incorporates announcements of its new service. It ensures visitors have all the details they need to make an informed decision. 
  • The event page seamlessly integrates social media sharing buttons. It allows visitors to share the event with their network easily.

The Adobe Summit is the best example of an event landing page. It entices visitors with its visually captivating design. If you want your landing page to make a strong impact, follow Adobe Summit's page on your website.

7. Affiliate Summit West Event Landing Page 

The Affiliate Summit West event page sets the standard for its nice landing page. It has risen to its stars in the affiliate marketing industry. It incorporates various elements that make it stand out in its category. Here are some key features:

  • The event page boasts a visually appealing design. It grabs the attention of visitors. The page looks modern and clean. It encompasses high-quality images, vibrant colors, and clear typography. This creates a professional and engaging visual experience.
  • The page provides concise and easily accessible information about Affiliate Summit West. It displays the event dates, location, and venue. It allows visitors to grasp the essential details. It also highlights keynote speakers, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.
  • The event page features a compelling CTA encouraging visitors to act. The CTA is strategically placed and stands out visually. It guides users to register or buy tickets from the page.
  • The page offers relevant affiliate marketing content and displays the benefits of conducting this event. 
  • The landing page covers previous experience and speakers to establish credibility and build trust.
  • The event page emphasizes Affiliate Summit West's networking and collaboration opportunities. The page appeals to professionals seeking to expand their network.

The Affiliate Summit West event page is a great event landing page. It captivates visitors with its visually appealing design. To design your event landing page, you can take an example of the event page of Adobe Summit. 

8. Red Hat Summit Event Landing Page 

The Red Hat Summit has a unique event registration landing page. It focuses on exceptional design and comprehensive information. Here are the key elements that contribute to its success:

  • The event page features a clean and visually appealing design. It immediately captures visitors' attention. It utilizes a modern layout and high-quality imagery.
  • Also, it incorporates a consistent color scheme that aligns with Red Hat's brand identity. The design creates a professional and inviting atmosphere for potential attendees.
  • The page gives an overview of previously held summits and induces users to watch the content on-demand. Further, it notifies the key speakers who presented the current trends in IT.
  • The page provides clear and concise information about the upcoming Red Hat Summit. It prominently displays the event dates, location, and venue. The page allows visitors to understand when and where the event will occur.
  • The event page emphasizes the importance of community engagement and collaboration. It showcases various ways attendees can connect with peers and industry experts. 
  • The page features a persuasive CTA that directs visitors to take action. The CTA stands out visually and strategically guides users toward the desired conversion.
  • The event page seamlessly integrates social media sharing buttons. It enables visitors to share event information with their networks easily.

The Red Hat Summit event page excels as one of the best event landing pages. It combines an engaging design and immersive experience for potential attendees. If you need an event landing page for promoting your event, try Red Hat Summit's page.

9. Running Remote Event Landing Page 

The Running Remote event page is a standout example of a best-in-class event landing page. It incorporates key elements that make it highly effective. Here are the features that contribute to its success,

  • Experience the excitement and energy of previous events through a captivating video highlighting attendees' key moments, insights, and testimonials.
  • Learn from the industry's best as the page brings together renowned global experts to share their insights and strategies for successful remote work practices.
  • The includes the flashbacks of the last event, which was a massive success. It featured 35 sessions, 50 speakers, and a power-packed 2-day live event. The page encourages you to join as they raise the bar even higher this year.
  • The page showcases past attendees' transformative experiences and how the event impacted their remote work journey.
  • The evenly distributed “Register Now” CTA buttons are strategically placed throughout the page. It makes it easy for visitors to secure their spot and not miss out on this game-changing event.
  • You can also get a glimpse of the exhilarating moments from previous events. The moments are visualized through stunning motion graphics that will leave you eager for more.
  • By subscribing, visitors can become part of the thriving community of remote work enthusiasts. They gain access to exclusive content, networking opportunities, and industry updates.
  • The page generates a sense of urgency by saying, don't wait, take advantage of our presale, early bird, and other discounted offers to secure your pass today.
  • The brief overview of the upcoming event says, Get your team to Lisbon's unique venue space, where they'll explore the latest trends, innovative tools, and strategies to succeed in the remote work landscape.
  • Showcasing the passes that best suit visitors' needs and goals. The visitors can secure their spot with easy “Order Now” CTA.

The Running Remote event page excels as one of the best event landing pages. It captivates visitors with its engaging design. You can take inspiration for your next event page from this page. 

10. MAU Vegas Event Landing Page 

The MAU Vegas event page is undoubtedly the epitome of a best event landing page. Every aspect of the page is well-crafted. Here's a description of what makes it so outstanding:

  • The event page features a stunning design. It immediately grabs the attention of visitors. It utilizes high-quality graphics, vibrant colors, and eye-catching imagery. 
  • The page majorly focuses on the date and venue of the conference, with CTAs encouraging visitors to join or sponsor quickly.
  • The page presents all the details about the event in a clear and concise manner. It provides a brief overview of the previous conference. Also, it incorporates reasons to join upcoming events.
  • The event page offers a seamless and intuitive user experience. Navigation is straightforward, with a well-structured layout. The page loads quickly, and all the links and buttons are responsive and functional. It ensures a frustration-free experience for users.
  • A compelling call-to-action (CTA) is displayed on the page. It encourages visitors to take immediate action. 
  • The event page seamlessly integrates with various social media platforms. The page includes social sharing buttons. It thereby enables visitors to share the event details with their networks.  

The MAU Vegas event page stands out as the best event landing page due to its captivating visual design. The page focuses on creating an enticing and informative platform that drives attendance. If you are willing to create event landing pages, MAU Vegas is the best event page to get inspired.

11. SXSW Conference Event Landing Page 

The SXSW Conference event page is a successful event landing page. It motivates visitors to convert in one go. The page captures the essence of the conference to engage and take part. Here's a description of what makes it stand out: 

  • The page has exceptional design and comprehensive content. 
  • The event page boasts a captivating design. The page's exceptional design gives reasons to attend the event. It reflects the vibrant and creative atmosphere of the SXSW Conference. This makes their landing page modern and dynamic.
  • The page is pretty and includes dynamic color schemes and high-quality visuals. This page grabs attention and creates a sense of excitement.
  • The page provides clear information about the event. It includes an attention-grabbing headline visible in the page hero area. Also, it includes a brief description and crucial details about the upcoming event. This enables visitors to understand the purpose of the event.  
  • The page incorporates engaging multimedia content to enhance the user experience. It includes high-resolution images and videos that showcase previous conference highlights. 
  • The event page includes a section showcasing conference news of the upcoming event. It includes details about the available applications.
  • The event page seamlessly integrates with social media platforms. The page includes social sharing buttons. It enables visitors to follow them on social media platforms.

The SXSW Conference event page distinguishes itself as the best example of the event landing page. It seamlessly integrates these elements to create an intuitive platform. If you want to go for the perfect event page design, take cues from the SXSW event page. 

12. Affiliate World Asia Event Landing Page 

​​The Affiliate World Asia event page sets the standard for the best event landing page. It has an impeccable design that offers informative content and interactive features. The page captures the conference's essence and encourages visitors' active participation. Here's a description of what makes it stand out: 

  • The event page showcases a visually stunning design. It immediately captivates visitors. It employs a modern, sleek layout, captivating imagery, and a great color scheme. The design elements work cohesively to create an appealing visual experience.
  • The header section directly asks you to buy tickets for the upcoming ‘2023 event. The section also includes the pricing plans for affiliates and companies separately.
  • The pricing packages present a comprehensive agenda. It showcases the sessions and panels that will take place during the conference. It provides detailed information about each session.
  • The page offers commonly asked questions to resolve visitors' queries. It ensures a smooth and efficient registration experience for visitors.

The Affiliate World Asia event page excels as the best event landing page. It combines all the elements to create an enticing and informative user experience.

13. Confab Event Landing Page 

The Confab event page is designed to be the best event landing page. It incorporates several key features and elements that enhance user experience. It also provides relevant information and encourages participation. Here's a description of what makes the Confab event page stand out:

  • The page has an appealing and modern design that grabs attention. It utilizes a balanced color scheme and high-quality images. Also, it has a clean layout that is easy to navigate.
  • The page displays the overview of the previous conference and motivates users to buy the recording. It also includes a compelling event tagline that captures the essence of the event.
  • The event page includes key speakers along with high-quality imagery. It focuses on showcasing the event highlights, previous editions, or guest speakers. These elements help create an immersive experience and generate excitement among potential attendees.
  • The page highlights the unique selling points of the event. Also, it highlights the upcoming event details.
  • The page showcases testimonials from previous attendees while expressing gratitude towards the sponsors.
  • Throughout the page, there are clear and strategically placed call-to-action buttons. The CTAs encourage joining the mailing list or buying recordings of previous events.

The Confab event page creates an appealing, informative, and engaging experience for visitors. Confab has the best event landing page that promotes participation in the event.

14. Unbounce Event Landing Page 

Unbounce has crafted an exceptional event landing page that effectively conveys its apologies for canceling the event. It incorporates various features and elements that enhance user experience. Here's a description of what makes the Unbounce event page stand out:

  • The page has a clean and intuitive design that focuses on simplicity and ease of use. It utilizes a visually appealing layout and consistent branding. The page ensures that visitors can find the information they need.
  • The page notices the cancellation of the event. They have chosen the best way to express their regret for the inconvenience that occurred.
  • The event page features a captivating headline that grabs attention. Also, it highlights the reason for the cancellation of an event. 
  • The page includes a “Get Notified” CTA to get further event notifications.
  • The event page incorporates high-quality resources to help visitors earn insightful knowledge out of discouragement.
  • The inclusion of a “Stay Informed” call-to-action (CTA) on the landing page, urging visitors to sign up for Unbounce event updates.

The Unbounce event page provides an appealing experience for visitors. It communicates the value of the event. If you ever get stuck in such a situation of cancelling an event, this is the best way to express the inconvenience caused. 

15. Traffic and Conversion Summit Event Landing Page 

The Traffic and Conversion Summit event page is designed to be the best event landing page. It encompasses various elements to promote the event. Also, it provides valuable information and encourages high conversion rates. Here's a description of what makes this event page stand out: 

  • The page features a captivating and modern design. It immediately captures visitors' attention. Also, it incorporates a clean layout that is easy to navigate.
  • The event page displays the event name, date, time, and location at the top of the page. It also includes a concise and compelling event tagline. It highlights the event's value proposition.
  • The presence of a compelling CTA with a discount offer excites visitors and creates a sense of urgency to register quickly. It increases the likelihood of conversion.
  • The page highlights the value of attending by showcasing upcoming guest speakers and event highlights. It instils excitement and motivates visitors to participate.
  • Providing an overview and introduction about the upcoming event and what attendees should expect helps set clear expectations and builds interest.
  • Offering different pricing packages with various levels of accessibility caters to a wider audience. It allows visitors to choose the package that best suits their requirements.
  • Including information about past speakers adds credibility and demonstrates the calibre of speakers the event attracts.
  • Sharing the agenda for the upcoming event gives potential attendees an idea of the topics covered. It encourages them to participate.
  • Showcasing testimonials from previous attendees offers social proof, building trust and confidence in the event's quality.
  • The presence of a well-structured FAQ section addresses common queries and concerns. It helps visitors make informed decisions.
  • Providing venue information with a map makes it convenient for attendees to locate the event and plan their logistics.

By incorporating these elements, the event landing page effectively engages visitors, creates excitement, and provides essential information, making it the best choice for potential attendees. It covers all the necessary aspects to convince and convert visitors into registered participants. Hence, results in a successful and well-attended event.

Ready to create an Event Landing Page?

I hope you're now ready to create an Event Landing Page.


You're going to take a significant step towards promoting your event. Your appearance and creativity can entice attendees in one go.

So, be sure to use the key features and elements discussed earlier. You can then create a landing page that stands out from the competition. The above event landing page examples will guide you through creating your best event page.

Remember to rank user experience, mobile responsiveness, and clear event details. It will enhance engagement and conversions from your event page. 

So, go ahead and harness the power of well-crafted event landing page templates to make a lasting impression. 

Happy Crafting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

An event landing page is a dedicated web page designed to promote and provide information about a specific event. It is a digital hub where potential attendees can learn more about the event's details, register or purchase tickets, and engage with the event organizers. The primary goal of an event landing page is to drive conversions and encourage individuals to take action by attending the event.

An event landing page is important because it is a focused and persuasive platform to promote an event, provide essential details, and encourage attendee registrations. It helps create a professional and organized online presence, builds anticipation, showcases key benefits, and simplifies registration, ultimately boosting event attendance and conversions.

A landing page is the only web page created with a specific purpose, such as generating leads or driving conversions. It is designed to capture the visitor's attention and prompt them to take a desired action. On the other hand, an entry page is the first page a user lands on when visiting a website, which can be any page within the website and not necessarily optimized for a specific action or goal.

The most important part of a landing page is the call-to-action (CTA). The CTA is the element that prompts visitors to take the desired action, such as filling out a form, making a purchase, or signing up for an event. It should be prominently displayed, clear, compelling, and create a sense of urgency or value to drive conversions.