For the last two years, we all have been working from home, and I believe that this trend will continue in the coming years as well. People are more satisfied and love to do their tasks in their PJs. But here, one major problem that organizations face is keeping all their employees up-to-date with their tasks. 

To sort this issue, companies like webdew started utilizing tools like ClickUpSlackTimedoctor, etc. Irrespective of using all such tools, there is still a miscommunication between the two departments. If your team members are also facing such issues, then, fortunately, you can avail the benefit of Slack + ClickUp integration. 

Usually, managing all the tools at one single time gets a little complicated and time-consuming, but connecting Slack and ClickUp altogether makes it possible to easily proceed with ClickUp project management, track time, do communications, etc., without putting in much time and effort. 

To become more organized and manage things professionally, we in webdew are leveraging the most of ClickUp and slack integration.

Well! If you are reading this blog, you might be looking forward to knowing more about the integration of ClickUp and Slack. So, before we move into the steps for interaction, let's first know the features and benefits of ClickUp and Slack integration. 

Features ClickUp and Slack Integration 

Let's begin….

Get Instant notifications

If your slack and ClickUp are integrated with each other, then the respective person who is tagged on ClickUp or assigned with a task on ClickUp, then he/she will get notified instantly about the action on Slack. 

With integrated ClickUp and Slack, the user can get notifications for any of the actions performed on the ClickUp to a task. Have a look at some of the notifications- 

Created Task Notification: Whenever a user-created task is in an integrated list on clickup, then all the team members will receive notification on Slack in the respective channel. 

created task notification

Add or change assignee notification: Whenever the task is assigned to someone or added more assigned to the previous task, then everyone linked with the respective task will get notified. 

add or change assignee notification

Task status change notification: Whenever the status of the task is changed by the member who is under the integrated list, then everyone in the respective channel will get notified on Slack. 

task status change notification

Comments notification: When users comment on the task for which they are tagged or not, then everyone in the respective slack channel will receive the notification about the same. 

comment notification

Attachment notification: Whenever a user adds an attachment to the ClickUp task, then all the members added in the respective slack channel will get the notification for the same. 

attachment notification
slack statistics 1

2- Actions on Slack messages

We can also perform the action on the messages that are shared on Slack, which further leads to action on ClickUp directly.

Create Task: We can create the task of a slack message on ClickUp. For this, we need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Click on the three dots. 
  • From the options, click on “More message shortcut.” 
  • From the list of options, select “Create a task.”
  • Choose the location to fill all the fields. 
  • You will see a task on click. Also, you will get notified on Slack for the same.

Add Comment- Say if you want to share a comment on ClickUp, then you can directly do it through Slack. Don't know the process? Have a look… 

  • Click on the three dots 
  • From the options, click on “More message shortcut.” 
  • From the list of options, select “Attach Comment.”
  • Fill the field as per the ClickUp task.

Benefits of Integrating Slack with ClickUp 

Centralized information

Once you integrate ClickUp and Slack, then you will get notified for each task no matter whether you are tagged on ClickUp or Slack. All the team members linked with the respective project will get the updates for the same at one place. They don't need to check each tool separately.  

Can access from anywhere

Both the platforms are cloud-based. Therefore you can access it from anywhere at any time. So, it becomes easy to keep track of all the tasks and reply right away. Instant replies and all-time availability not only help in building strong communication but also leave a positive impact on the other individual. 

Organize time effectively 

After integrating ClickUp and Slack, team members can save their time and use this time for other tasks and complete the assigned project on time. Also, they don't need to spend extra time shuffling among the tools and looking for the respective task. 

Better visibility to team members

If your slack and ClickUp are linked with each other, then everyone in the team will be familiar with all the tasks a particular team member is working on. It will allow the team members to see the progress of the task/project on Slack, along with which they can align themself and other team members accordingly.

How Slack & ClickUp Integrations Work

Step 1: Choose Slack as a trigger application and click on “Trigger” from the Triggers List.

Step 2: It's time to authenticate Slack with Appy Pie Connect.

Step 3: Now, select ClickUp as an action application.

Step 4: Select desired action for the selected trigger.

Step 5: Now, again, you need to authenticate ClickUp with Appy Pie Connect.

Step-6 Now, there you go. Your connection is ready! Start availing of the benefits of integrating slack with clickup. 

The Final Say 

Slack and ClickUp go hand in hand. By integrating both tools, the organizations can be more productive in comparison to the others. 

You might not believe this statement at the beginning of this blog, but hopefully, the above points will make you understand why many businesses prefer integrating ClickUp and slack altogether. 

Also, by following the above-mentioned steps, you can also avail its benefits and take your business to the next level. Still, if you have any concerns, or are looking for some management tasks, feel free to contact us

                                                                                                            Editor– Divya Verma

Frequently Asked Questions

ClickUp offers integration with Slack, allowing you to connect the two platforms. This integration enables seamless communication and collaboration between your project management tasks in ClickUp and your team's conversations in Slack. It enhances efficiency by providing notifications, updates, and the ability to link tasks and conversations, streamlining your workflow.

In the context of ClickUp and project management, “Slack time” refers to the extra time built into a project's schedule to accommodate unexpected delays or changes. It allows for flexibility, helping projects stay on track even in the face of minor disruptions. Managing Slack time in ClickUp involves setting realistic deadlines and allocating time for each task, ensuring adaptability in dynamic project environments.

Yes, ClickUp can send email notifications to users as part of its notification system. Users can configure their notification preferences within ClickUp to receive emails for various events and updates related to their tasks, projects, and activities in the platform. These email notifications can include task assignments, due date reminders, comments, mentions, and more, helping users stay informed and organized while using ClickUp for project management and collaboration.

ClickUp doesn't have direct messaging features. Instead, users can communicate within tasks and projects through comments and mentions.

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