With the covid-19 pandemic still around, it looks like the remote work will stay for longer than expected! And while many organizations are adhering to the rules by managing work remotely, it can be pretty challenging to stay productive and manage every task while working from home.

Fortunately, working remotely is no longer as challenging as it appeared when the companies had to go remote in March 2020! Thanks to a plethora of project management tools that can help remote teams with whatever they're working on.

ClickUp is one of those tools that can streamline your entire team for remote work. Having used the ClickUp project management tool for over a year now, I can say this with sheer confidence that one can certainly make the most of their time through the right project management tool.

Read on to get an inside look at what this project management tool has in-store for you!

ClickUp for work from home

Going remote was undoubtedly a massive shift for most people. Nevertheless, just because the employees are not physically present at the workspace doesn't mean they can't be productive! 

If your organization has a remote workforce, ClickUp is undoubtedly the only task management tool you'll need. Used by teams and organizations of all types and sizes across the globe – ClickUp project management tool has pretty much all the features you need to stay ahead in the game!

top features of click up project management

Let's go through some of the incredible features of ClickUp, which ease the challenges of remote work.

Organized Structure

ClickUp shows us the same structure which we can experience while working from office space. There are features to manage Spaces > Folder > List > Task > Subtask > Subtask chain. This chain helps us manage the project and organize things effortlessly and easily, which can otherwise appear messy while working from home.

clickup organized structure

Tracking timeline

ClickUp also has a feature to track the project's timeline to manage the project as per the estimated time. With the help of the calendar view in ClickUp, one can track the progress or timeline of the entire project. And by setting up the estimated time for a particular task or subtask, one can manage the project task by task.

clickup timeline tracking

Creation of project layouts

In ClickUp, the user can create a complete project requirement at the initial stage, leading to clarity regarding the path to complete the project in the given time period and as per the requirements.

clickup creation of project layouts

Access and sharing permission

ClickUp also provides us the feature of keeping confidential information secure. With the access and sharing permissions feature, only those employees can access or work on the project with access to the particular folder, list, or task.

clickup access and sharing permission

Performance tracking

If we talk about tracking the performance, then ClickUp is the best option for any organization. It tracks time spent on tasks and subtasks, and the organization can have detailed information on which employee spent how much time to complete a particular task or subtask.

clickup performance tracking

Multiple options for a single task

Organizations using ClickUp can apply multiple options to a single task. They can assign a task or subtask to multiple team members, set due dates on it, set estimation time for any task, and set the task's priority. Every task/subtask has a template option, checklist option, and attachment option.

clickup multiple options for a single task

Assign comment to a specific person

In ClickUp, organizations can assign a comment to any employee and know their reaction to the assigned comments. And the employee will also get a notification for the assigned comment.

clickup assign comment to a specific person

Search and filter option

ClickUp also has a search and filter option, which is simple to use and consists of smart features. We can quickly search any of the tasks in any of the list folders. Filter option is also simple to use; we can use the filter based on: assignee, comments, status, tag, due date, etc.

clickup search and filter option


ClickUp can be integrated with many popular applications such as Slack, outlook365, Google calendar, GitHub, Dropbox, one drive, etc. These integrations are pretty handy while working from home or working from office space. 

clickup integrations

Video conferencing

ClickUp also comes up with a zoom video calling feature, which we can see in every task. This pretty much eases coordination during remote work, as no one needs to go to separate zoom calls to have a video conferencing or meeting.

clickup video conferencing

The Bottom Line

It's no secret that the covid pandemic has constrained organizations to go remote. However, it can be pretty challenging for an organization to get the work done by their employees efficiently and productively in the current work-from-home scenario. 

Although, it doesn't quite indicate that your work processes have to get interrupted. Luckily,  project management tools  make this process pretty easy. With ClickUp Project Management, you can bring your entire team and projects under one roof and manage things smoothly.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to organize better, and boost your team's productivity with the ClickUp project management tool!

Editor: Richa Sharma

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ClickUp is widely used for project management. It offers a comprehensive set of project management features, including task creation and assignment, task dependencies, time tracking, goal setting, document sharing, and communication tools. ClickUp's flexibility allows it to be tailored to various project management methodologies, making it a versatile platform for teams and individuals to plan, execute, and monitor projects of different sizes and complexities.

ClickUp offers a multitude of benefits for project management, including task and project organization, extensive customization, seamless collaboration, task dependencies, time tracking, goal setting, document sharing, integrations with other tools, workflow automation, reporting and analytics, custom views, data privacy, and mobile accessibility. With its cost-effective pricing options, ClickUp is a versatile and powerful platform for efficient project planning and execution, suitable for both teams and individuals.

ClickUp is not a dedicated CRM tool, but you can adapt it for basic CRM functions by customizing fields and workflows. It's primarily a project management and productivity platform. For extensive CRM needs, specialized CRM software is recommended.

ClickUp solves productivity and project management challenges by offering a comprehensive platform that enhances organization, communication, task tracking, time management, collaboration, customization, reporting, integration with other tools, document sharing, and goal setting. It streamlines work processes, improving efficiency and collaboration, making it a versatile solution for diverse productivity and project management needs.