I strongly believe that a piece of knowledge is no good if not shared! So, I always try to share my learnings wherever and whenever I can.

And, if you are a regular follower, you would know about the Agency Updates Series that I started last quarter. 

For those who are new here, every month, I share all our goals, achievements, learnings, excellently performing campaigns, and even the failed ones, for that matter. 

So, are you excited to know what's new about webdew for October? Don't miss reading this webdew agency update.

Welcome to webdew October Updates

webdians reconnect

The month of October was quite special for both webdians and webdew followers. You might have seen happy and charming faces on social media posts of webdew revive. Yes, after a long hustle, hard work, and planning, we finally planned for #revive2021. 

To break the monotony and bring back the feeling of proximity and togetherness, we organized a day full of fun and memories in October. Although I wasn't able to join the event as I was sitting on an entirely different continent, believe me, it was a magical affair to remember as I tried to connect with all throughout the event over facetime.

Now, many of you might be pondering that October month was all about enjoyment and fun, but this is not the case. No matter how busy we are, we always keep our clients and campaigns at priority. Honestly, I feel so blessed to have a dedicated team who are always ready to go that extra mile to hit the goals. 


Learn Teach and Grow Campaign 

If you are a constant reader of our blogs, then you might be familiar with how aligned we are towards this campaign. What I believe here is that sharing personal experiences and knowledge with the readers not only makes the reader more informed but also inspires them to boost their skills. 

Transferring knowledge with others and the zeal of learning is what makes this campaign a success. So, in the month of October, we have published 16+ articles on webdew. And if I personally compare the results from the day we started this campaign till today, there is a huge improvement in website traffic and subscribers.

If I talk about analytics, then blog traffic has crossed 2000 in numbers in a single day. If you have not subscribed to our blog, do check out at https://www.webdew.com/blog.

webdew blog webpage

Social Media Campaign 

Indeed, social media is the need of the hour. Organizations having a strong social presence are able to increase their brand visibility and trust easily. This is the reason I keep the social media campaign in my priority list. 

In October, we focused a lot on videos besides sharing statistical images, infographics, reels, stories, slides, etc., on platforms like InstagramLinkedIn, and Facebook

Due to all the efforts put in by the social media team, I am more than happy to announce that we are now the family of 2014 on Linkedin, 1120 on Facebook, and 289 on Instagram till 31st October. 

If I talk about Instagram and Facebook reach, then in October, Facebook page reach is 1339, and Instagram reach is 11,227. 

webdew facebook instagram reach

Besides other platforms, the social media team actively participated on Twitter. In October, we did 162 tweets, got 8279 impressions, 3346 profile visits, 28 mentions, and 7 new followers. 

webdew twitter analytics 1

Moreover, Last quarter, we embarked on a significant position across all Social media platforms.

webdew social media performance comparison followers
webdew social performance comparison impressions

SEO Campaign

In October, the SEO campaign went very well. Besides website SEO optimization and other tasks, we continued to build 56+ backlinks on high-quality backlinks. 

In October, SEO didn't get much time to work on the webdew website as they were busy offering SEO services to the client. If you also want to audit your website from an SEO perspective, feel free to contact us with our marketing team. SEO experts. 

Now, if I talk about the webdew website analytics, then we have seen an 11.40% increase in organic impressions and a 14.27% increase in clicks. Along with this, we have seen an improvement in our CTR by 2.57% and sessions by 4.05%. 

webdew website seo analytics

The best part is that we had 1440 clicks in a single day from organic searches, which is a good number. But yes, we are working more on our website to see the extraordinary result in the coming months. 

webdew clicks organically

HubSpot Community Campaign 

October month for the HubSpot community campaign was quite special as we got ranked at 4th position

Our HubSpot professionals have given their best to solve the queries that are directly or indirectly linked with HubSpot.  

webdew ranked 4 on hubspot community

Now, let's have a quick look at their rankings of webdew on the HubSpot community. 

All time: 4 

webdew community all time rank

Last Year: 2

webdew community last year rank

Six months: 2 

webdew community six month rank

Three months: 2 

webdew community three month rank

Thirty days: 2 

webdew community thirty days rank 1

Seven days: 3

webdew community seven days rank

However, if you want any help related to HubSpot, feel free to get in touch with HubSpot experts. 


webdew Website campaign

Website is the only way through which one can connect with the audience and share information. I also believe that having an error-free website is what makes the business grow. To make the website more effective, we keep on twigging in October, such as adding lazy load features, updated sections, and CSS. 

Well! Due to the addition of images and sliders in a blog post, we see an improvement in user experience, but the page loading speed is getting affected. Now, the main task we are focusing on is improving the website page loading speed.

webdew website page

HubSpot Tutorials by webdew

HubSpot tutorial campaign is another derivative of the LTG campaign and HubSpot community campaign. As I mentioned in webdew agency updates in September 2021, our HubSpot experts are trying their best to transfer the information in the form of HubSpot tutorials as well. 

Till October, we have published 28 HubSpot videos on Youtube. Say if you are stuck somewhere in the middle of a HubSpot task, or want to know the usage of HubSpot, click here, to see HubSpot tutorials by webdew.


Review campaign

Knowing a company's background or the quality of services directly from the customers is what makes the audience believe in your brand. That's why I always focus on strengthening the organization's credibility by gathering more and more positive client reviews. 

You might be knowing the webdew is listed on different directories, so the number of reviews we received in the month of October are- 

  • G2: 9
  • Clutch: 5
  • HubSpot Directory: 16

And if I talk personally about the clutch, then we have got 178 click-throughs and 252 profile visits. Along with this, 1 contact form was submitted.

webdew clutch directory performance october

Internal Knowledgebase Campaign

If you have gone through webdew agency updates July 2021, then you might know the reason why I took the initiative to start this internal knowledgebase campaign. The day I started this campaign, I realized that webdians are getting more responsible and putting their best efforts to grow together by helping their juniors. 

To maintain the zeal of learning, we have published 29 more articles in total in our internal knowledge base. 

webdew knolwedgebase 1

Recruitment Campaign 

I feel so blessed to have a team of such talented and cooperative people who are putting their best efforts to take webdew to new heights.

Even the new blood who joined webdew is ready to take challenges and reach the targets. All thanks to the recruitment team. Our  LinkedIn recruiter page also helped our recruiters in hiring the best talent for webdew.

In October, we interviewed 182 candidates. Also, 4 new members joined the webdew family. 

Along with this, our operations and HR are going the extra mile to help candidates in choosing the right career path by sharing their experiences through Youtube videos. Till October, we have published 18 videos to educate and help the candidates in choosing the right career. 

In a Nutshell

Fortunately, we have a lot on our plates as we at webdew are planning to have a new version of webdew in 2022. So, if you want to know much more about our strategies and future plans, stay tuned for our next blog- webdew agency updates 2021. 

Want to know more about webdew? Visit webdew.com. Also, if you have any more queries, feel free to contact us.