In these uncertain times, it's hard for every organization to manage the work and reach targets. As everybody is working from home, it's common to notice delays in meetings, crossing project deadlines, minimize creativity, and failure to achieve goals. 

A successful business understands the importance of productivity in their work environment. If their employees are highly motivated, healthy, and happy, they will surely add value to your business. 

Are you wondering about how to improve employee productivity in these hard times? Do you want to watch your business grow? 

Well! For increasing work efficiency, it is vital to re-evaluate your team's efficiency and realize the root cause of their inefficiency. Once you improve the time management, you can see a 22% boost in your business productivity

Drum roll, please…. 

Here is the simple way to level up your work culture; it's Time Doctor!

What is Time Doctor?

Time Doctor is basically a monitoring and time tracking tool of the employees working in an organization. It helps the managers to identify the working hours of employees with an in-depth report of employee's tasks. It includes many features that make it easy to boost the productivity of the employees as well as any organization. 

Implementing Time Doctor in your system is a short task but if utilized in the best way; you can focus on the personalization of your workspace and see a long-term effect of being more happy, comfortable, and productive.  

No matter whether you are a student employee, an employer, or a coworker, Time Doctor will help you make your work environment more productive and manageable. 

improve business productivity with time doctor

Still not convinced? Here are some of the features of Time Doctor that will definitely blow your mind. 

Features of Time Doctor

Let's have a look… 

Time Tracking

Time Doctor offers tracking features that allow you easily track the time spent on specific projects not only for you but also for outsourced teams and remote employees. This simple and customized tool automates the tasks and makes your life more simplified. 

Through Time Doctor time tracking feature, you can instantly improve the way your business runs and generate more revenue

Screenshot & webcam shots

Time Doctor has a feature of screenshots and webcam shots. It takes screenshots of the user's computer screen after a few minutes, along with the individual sitting in front of the camera. Yes, you can also call Time Doctor as Face Time Doctor. The best part is you can adjust the time interval settings as per your own requirements. Once, the doctor sleep runtime is exhausted, the tool will automatically take the screenshot. 

Besides maintaining privacy, it also helps in keeping a check on the availability of the employees. The tool will only take the screenshots when the user indicates that they are working on some project or task. 

screenshot and webcam shots

Integrations and API

Time Doctor offers easy integrations that boost your efficiency. Yes! You are reading it right; Time Doctor can easily be integrated with different accounting and management tools like Jira, Asana, Teamwork, Salesforce, HubSpot, Basecamp, etc. 

Also, its Time Doctor's API (application programming interface makes it simple for the software applications to coordinate directly with the Time Doctor tool. Due to this feature, you can update the data from your Time Doctor account from anywhere you like. 

Thus, if you wish to opt for a productive tool that can easily be customized according to your needs, then there is no better option than Time Doctor. 


Compatibility is one of the most inspiring features of Time Doctor. It supports different operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. Due to the Time Doctor app and easy usage and , you and your team can access this tool on tablets, Laptops, Mobile, desktops, etc. Thus, irrespective of your place, you can keep track of the progress of assigned tasks. 


Easy Setup and Support

Many team members cancel their plan to adopt some specific tool due to time-consuming setup. If you are one of them, then Time Doctor is for you. Say if you are an admin, then it will not take more than 10 minutes to set up, but if you are a user, then you can complete the entire process within 3-5 minutes. 

Besides its easy-to-use interface, Time Doctor also has an amazing support team. Their 24*7 support will resolve all your queries right away. Also, they are always ready to provide assistance in case you are stuck in between. 

Reporting System

Time doctor not only includes the above features but also has an amazing reporting system. It provides you all the reports regarding total time worked by the employees, time spent on task, Timeline of the employees, time spent on an unreliable website or app, time spent on the projects, etc. The best part is that you can keep a check on all tasks under one umbrella. 

reporting system

Benefits of Using Time Doctor

Time Management & Monitoring

Many organizations and employees face problems managing their working time which leads to less productivity and some consequences. But with the help of Time Doctor, you can manage your time effectively by avoiding multitasking, monitoring the time spent on the tasks, working on realistic tasks, etc.

By evaluating the resorts, you can easily understand which employees spend how on each project. As per the tracked time, you can bill the clients and pay employees accordingly. This way, your extra cost will be minimized, and you will be able to keep your team on track. 

Also, you can check the webcam shots, mouse activities, keystrokes, etc., to closely monitor the activities, and reach the targets. 

time management and monitoring

Priority to Important Task

Sometimes employees are not able to prioritize the tasks assigned to them, due to which it becomes challenging to meet the deadlines. Are you also facing the same problem? If yes, then it's time to utilize Time of Doctor. 

By using a time doctor, you can check which tasks take up the most time in comparison to the actual time given to the particular task. By having a clear idea, you can eliminate time-wasting tasks in your organization. Once you align your team on the most prioritized task and remove distracting tasks from the system, you can give an extra push towards growth and productivity.

priority to important task

Reduce Distractions and keep focused

Many times, it happens that we get distracted while working on the tasks. The Probability of distraction is usually more while working from home. Do you want your employees to work more professionally and productively

Time Doctor has a feature of Alerts that appears on the computer screen after a certain time period. Say if anyone has gone off track and spent excess time on other activities, then “Are you still working?” pop-up will appear on the screen after some time. This alert will help you keep your team focused and boost your sales. 

Speedup working

If you want your team members to discover the tasks on which they are spending extra time and want them to maximize their potential, then the Time Doctor tool can help you hit your targets

Time Doctor helps you track time spent on each task. It's not only the management who can have a look, even the employees can check their productivity by knowing how much time they have spent on the particular task or project. Proper evaluation will inspire them to speed up their work, reduce time wastage and complete all tasks on time.

sppedup working

In a crux

Remember, Time Doctor is not just for managing tasks and delivering them on time. It is also used by people to maintain the security and privacy of their data.

Once time doctor login is done you can easily keep a track of all your team members from anywhere at any time. Moreover, you can also use other alternatives of time doctor to track the work productivity easily. There are lots of great time clock calculators on the market, make sure to try a couple of them before settling for just one

Well! The list of benefits and features is huge. But hopefully, the above-added points are enough to make you understand how Time Doctor can help you escalate your business productivity. 

Now, it's your time to encourage employees and get more done. Boosting workplace productivity becomes easy with the implementation of the right source- Time Doctor!

Editor: Divya Verma

Frequently Asked Questions

To track productivity effectively, use a combination of methods such as defining and monitoring KPIs, utilizing time tracking tools, implementing project management software, measuring employee performance, ensuring quality, benchmarking, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Tailor your approach to your organization's specific needs and objectives for optimal results.

Productivity tracking is vital for evaluating performance, allocating resources efficiently, improving processes, controlling costs, ensuring quality, achieving goals, making informed decisions, fostering accountability, staying competitive, and enhancing customer satisfaction. It empowers organizations to optimize their operations and work towards long-term success.

Productivity serves as a critical Key Performance Indicator (KPI) because it measures efficiency in resource utilization, controls costs, evaluates performance, optimizes processes, and aligns with strategic goals. It empowers organizations to make informed decisions, enhance competitiveness, and ultimately work towards success and profitability while delivering value to customers.

Productivity monitoring tools are software systems that track and analyze how individuals, teams, or processes perform within an organization. These tools collect data on tasks, activities, and resource utilization, offering insights to improve efficiency and productivity. They often include features like time tracking, task management, performance metrics, and analytics. While valuable for optimization, their use should be mindful of employee privacy and ethical considerations.