Everyone knows what a logo is. When you talk about various famous brands, their logo comes to mind. 

But how can your logo stand out, advancing in the blink of an eye? Why not apply Motion Graphics and animate your static logo?

Logo animation or animated logo adds motion graphics or animation effects to your logo. In simple words, it is a moving logo or a logo in motion that is now much more interesting than a static logo. 

In this blog, I will tell you why you should animate your logo and also take you through the different available best After Effects logo templates that you can use for your company logo.

Why should you animate your company logo?

An animated logo can be used as part of a storytelling process. If you are interested in learning more about the nature of a business, an animation might be better than a static logo for expressing it. 

In order to effectively illustrate your company's logo, you must keep in mind your company's values and purpose before creating the animation. Your brand logo serves as the visual identity of your brand. Your logo will give your audience an idea of your organization's personality.

Check out this video to see logo animations by webdew:

As an organization or company, you might be doing many presentations or making videos. There is one thing you would want to make sure you get right in a presentation or video that you are making. And that can be the big reveal of the logo.

Suppose you're making a motion graphic presentation or video using Adobe After Effects. Luckily, this video editing software allows you to convert your vision into reality, even if you have limited experience or time at your disposal. 

Your logo unveiling impacts how your audience views your brand in a presentation or video, so don't make a boring or uninspiring first impression. Ensure your logo animation grabs viewers' attention and makes them remember your brand name!

With this collection of After Effects logo templates, you'll find animations, reveals, and effects that'll give your logo that extra advantage and help you impact your audience.

After Effects Logo Templates

Here are some of the best After Effects logo templates to use for your next video project:

1. Digital After Effects Logo Template

This amazing After Effects template is the right choice for a technology or science fiction theme. It mixes your logo into an ultra-modern digital design with distorted glitch effects and neon colours against a dark, dramatic backdrop.

Click this link to see the template.

2. Fireburst After Effects Logo Template

Let us start with a stunning After Effects logo reveal, with a cinematic light burst set to music, before we go on to a few free ideas for a high-quality custom soundtrack exclusively created for this animation. Your brand will stand out with this brilliant marketing strategy!

Click this link to see the template. 

3. After Effects Logo Template for Valentine

Introducing a dynamically animated logo reveal template for After Effects that features an ultramodern neon design. The bright and radiant background template is free from Motion Array and is a great introduction to Valentine-themed videos.

Click this link to see the template. 

4. Light Rays After Effects Logo Template

This trendy and chic logo animation template for After Effects will impress your audience. This easy-to-use template is ideal for beginners who want to learn video editing. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Click this link to see the template. 

5. Video Applications After Effects Logo Template

Enjoy this action-packed video template that is suitable for a variety of creative and professional video projects. As a minimalist and energetic design, it is ideal for projects where the logo animation needs to make a big impact.

Click the link to find the template.

6. Photographic After Effects Logo Template

Our logo reveals After Effects template is truly versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from personal slideshows to short films or promotional videos. You can showcase a selection of photographs using a traditional Polaroid style before revealing your logo in an elegant and practical manner.

Click this link to find the template. 

7. Services After Effects Logo Template

With our next template, we've created a simple yet elegant services logo animated template where you can showcase your brand and service offerings with various colour options. No plugin is needed for the high-quality HD finish and placeholders for text and logos.

Click the link to find the template. 

8. Ancient After Effects Logo Template

This After Effects logo reveal template makes a great choice for fantasy or history-inspired projects – it reveals your logo in a cinematic style accentuated by dramatic elements, including stone, metal, and dust particles for an authentic ancient look.

Click the link to find the template. 

9. Phone Unlock After Effects Logo Template

Here's another free After Effects template from Motion Array that's perfect for projects in technology or security. A smartphone is unlocked to reveal your logo, and its modern design and smooth transitions make it look extremely professional.

Click the link to find the template. 

10. Comic Logo Intro After Effects Template

The After Effects logo animation template can be helpful when creating a cartoon, comic, or kid-themed video project. You can look forward to colourful, cartoon-style animation guaranteed to please your audience.

Click the link to find the template. 

11. Glitch After Effects Logo Template

Lastly, this amazing glitch effect uses distortion and colour elements to reveal your logo in After Effects.

Then there you have it – a collection of professional and unique After Effects logo template designs suitable for every project, including corporate presentations and marketing promotions to personal slideshows and amateur film productions, each with various aesthetics and elements that will impress anyone.

Click the link to find the template.

Ready to use these amazing After Effects Logo Templates?

With the Logo Animation After Effects template, you can create a highly stylish and distinct logo reveal that will set your company apart from the competition. This high-definition template is really simple to edit.

Simply drag and drop your logo into the timeline and hit render to see the results. It doesn't get any easier than this when it comes to creating an awesome logo animation.

There are a lot of things you can do with After Effects as a designer. It is rightly called a designer's best friend in creating animations and motion graphics. 

Do you need help with creating amazing motion graphics or animated videos? Head over to www.webdew.com or contact us!

Editor: Amrutha

Frequently Asked Questions

To add your logo to an After Effects template, open the template project, locate the composition where you want to place the logo, and import your logo file. Then, drag and drop your logo into the composition, adjust its position and size, and customize any animation or effects as needed.

A 2D logo animation in After Effects refers to the creation of dynamic and engaging animations for logos in a two-dimensional space. It involves adding movement, transitions, and effects to a static logo to make it visually appealing and attention-grabbing.

Not all After Effects templates are free. Many templates are available for purchase on websites like VideoHive or Envato Elements, while some websites offer free templates as well. The availability of free templates varies, but high-quality and premium templates often come with a cost.

Yes, After Effects provides a variety of built-in templates, such as text animations, title sequences, and motion graphics templates. Additionally, there are numerous third-party sources where you can find and download templates for various purposes, including video intros, lower thirds, and logo animations.