Mobile phones have transformed business models, methods of operation, and markets in the 21st century. During the past two years, we have been experiencing a global epidemic that has strengthened the app and web development industry, enabling it to advance rapidly.

In 2022, mobile app revenue is predicted to reach $693 billion. To remain competitive in today's market, mobile app development companies must stay up to date on the latest trends.

Trying to forecast the future of mobile apps for 2021 last year, we took a chance on 5G technology, the Internet of Things, and mobile-first entertainment, among other things. Our assumption was correct.

Smartphone apps seem to be available for every brand now. The number of publishers earning more than $1 million is expected to increase to nearly 900 in 2021, an increase of 91 per cent over 2016. As a result of lockdowns following the epidemic, there was a substantial rise.

Mobile apps need to stay relevant and deliver better results than a website if you are going to compete with companies that are technologically savvy. In order to succeed in the mobile app business, you need to keep up with current trends or you can hire a professional native mobile app development company to make sure you get authentic and fruitful results.

Our article examines some of the top trends in app development for Android in 2024.

Android Mobile App Development Trends 2024

1. Instant Apps for Android

Quick apps are nothing new when it comes to custom Android app development. Nonetheless, they are gaining popularity. Users of instant Android applications can frequently try out apps or games without installing them on their devices. They prohibit consumers from downloading the program and allow them to access the internet directly and rapidly without downloading it.

This technology is useful for both games and eCommerce firms. These instant programs do not take up additional space on your devices, and they significantly eliminate system interruptions. The main benefits include having full access to an Android app without needing to download it, more storage space, excellent UI/UX design, etc.

2. Technology Based on Blockchain

With blockchain technology, you may create decentralized application development solutions that increase transparency, remove unwanted access, and enable the use of strong security measures. This Android app development choice is ideal for financial sectors such as currency exchanges, banks, and a variety of others.

According to a survey performed by PWC, around 84 per cent of organizations worldwide are actively using blockchain technologies. This is something that the current app development trends place a lot of focus on.

3. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cloud computing gives every business access to a lot of computing power. AI models that complement real processes or perform previously inconceivable tasks will become easier to build. According to Accenture, AI accessible today can boost productivity by more than 40%.

Artificial Intelligence development's strengths and weaknesses are the versatility of this solution. It may be used to automate various processes and incorporate image recognition, data analytics, and natural language processing. 

Furthermore, only the training procedure necessitates the use of computers. The neural network that has already been trained could be introduced and used efficiently on smart devices without using the processor.

4. M-Commerce

Though the retail sector did not have a good year in 2020, however, when it comes to e-commerce, it was a disaster. The global epidemic of Novel Coronavirus has changed the way we purchase for the rest of our lives. 

This is a significant change in favour of e-commerce. All firms that previously relied on the offline retail model are now being forced to close or adapt and go online.

When it comes to e-commerce, mobile commerce, also known as m-commerce, should not be overlooked. According to Statista, m-commerce could generate $3.5 million in revenue by 2021. This accounts for only roughly 72.9 per cent of global e-commerce sales. The impact of e-commerce cannot be overlooked.

5. Subscription-Based Services

We're all familiar with subscription-based services such as Google Workspace, Netflix, Spotify, and many others. They are clearly thriving, enticing many businesses to join the trend of providing subscription-based access to their services or products.

For example, the gaming business is working hard to transform itself into a cloud-based company. This will eliminate the need to constantly update a PC's hardware or buy a new console to play more advanced games. 

Services that provide mobile application development are keen to get their hands dirty in this industry. Many advancements are coming soon, including GeForce Now from NVIDIA and XBOX Cloud Streaming from Microsoft.

6. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, which was originally thought to be amusing, has grown and evolved into a technology with a lot of promise for being incorporated into the day-to-day operations of numerous enterprises. Covid has significantly impacted how we communicate with others these days, and Augmented Reality has the potential to add to that.

In many industries, such as hospitality and healthcare, this technology has the potential to revolutionize. The combination of AR, cloud, and 5G will result in a mini-revolution in healthcare. The technology will be beneficial to both CX Directors and Marketers.

7. Events Streaming 

As previously said, our social interactions have changed dramatically as the offline event business suffered a significant setback due to the pandemic. Large and smaller conferences can grow worldwide with the internet as attendees no longer need to travel miles and miles for hours and miles to attend a two-day conference. This is a trend that a bespoke mobile app development business will keep an eye on.

8. Folding Display 

In 2021, the foldable display was predicted to revolutionize the smartphone market. Smartphones like the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold have pioneered this trend. In the years 2021 and 2022, this will be the most popular smartphone.

Developers of mobile applications will face several hurdles as a result of this trend. 

A folding display essentially means that we will be able to see real-time changes in screen size in response to user action. From the application development standpoint, you should modify each programme to make it consistent with the current trend.

8. Cloud-native 

To write the codes in Cloud-Native software programmes, hire a professional native mobile app development company and take a cloud-first strategy. This eliminates the requirement for you to have a separate server to host the app. Cloud-native solution providers such as Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS take care of everything.

The benefits and advantages of cloud-native development are numerous. If you want to use the Google Cloud, you don't have to worry about traffic forecasting; instead, you should use the hosting server. The tooling provided by Google Cloud's serverless platform allows you to scale up or down based on traffic levels automatically. 

The world is in a bad position right now, especially after Corona. As a result, one must concentrate on edge computing, the 5G-powered future, and cloud-native computing. These have taken the number one spot in the top mobile app development trends for 2021.

9. The Metaverse

Has the metaverse begun to dominate? Developers of apps in 2024 should ask themselves this question and consider it as they design and create. In October 2021, Facebook announced that it would change its corporate name to Meta. 

As one of the world's largest corporations announces its intention to focus on the metaverse, it is evident that mobile app developers will need to adjust their priorities as well.

Users have the opportunity to interact with a computer-generated world and with other users in the metaverse. In this virtual world, you can exist in an almost infinite number of 3-D virtual settings. As metaverse games gain popularity, it is reasonable to expect that mobile games will follow suit.

Developers will have to assess in 2024 if their app is suitable for basic integration with various metaverses or whether they should pivot if the metaverse becomes popular.

Metaverses are recent technological revolutions, and mobile devices are expected to be the platform of choice. By 2022, the market for mobile metaverse games is expected to reach £3.1 billion, according to a recent study.

The metaverse holds great promise for mobile game manufacturers. In 2021, mobile gaming and applications will generate nearly $90.7 billion in consumer spending, which is an excellent spot for metaverse developers and firms to focus their efforts.

Wrapping up

In recent years, mobile application development companies have gained a lot of traction. It's because of the quick rise in smartphone usage and the expansion of digitalization. In today's world, we are much more prone to convenience than anything else.

This is when a good mobile application comes in handy. As a result, developing a mobile application after understanding all of the latest mobile application trends is a fantastic concept. The trends discussed in this article are the most important mobile app development trends for the year 2021. 

Obviously, they aren't the only ones. The world of technology is quickly adapting to the present conditions in the post-COVID era. Technology is developing a number of innovative solutions aimed at improving the user experience. They succeed in breaking through the global quarantine restrictions.

In order to succeed as a developer, you must keep up with current technology trends and create things that the market wants. It's unquestionably the ideal time to learn how to develop mobile apps if you're a developer or tech enthusiast.

From here on out, the sky is limitless. If you have a limited budget and want to reduce the cost of developing a mobile app in 2024, hire a top native mobile app development company from the market. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile app development trends in 2024 include 5G integration, AI/ML, foldable devices, AR/VR, blockchain, low-code development, PWAs, cybersecurity, sustainability, and voice/chat interfaces.

The future of Android app developers looks promising. With the growing demand for mobile apps across industries, Android developers will continue to be in high demand. Emerging technologies like 5G, AI, and IoT will provide new opportunities for innovative app development.

Additionally, as Android devices become more diverse and powerful, developers will need to adapt and specialize in areas such as foldable devices, wearables, and smart home integration. Overall, Android app developers can expect a dynamic and evolving field with ample job prospects and chances for innovation.

Five new technologies in 2023 include:

  • Quantum Computing: Quantum computers promise significant advancements in processing power and could revolutionize fields like cryptography and drug discovery.
  • Metaverse and AR/VR: The metaverse, along with augmented and virtual reality technologies, is shaping the future of digital interaction and entertainment.
  • 5G Connectivity: Wider adoption of 5G networks will lead to faster internet speeds, low latency, and support for IoT devices.
  • AI-Enhanced Chips: AI-specific hardware like neural processing units (NPUs) will enable faster and more energy-efficient AI processing in various applications.
  • Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency: Blockchain technology is finding applications in supply chain management, healthcare, and more, offering transparency and security.

These technologies have a significant impact on various industries and daily life in the coming years.

In 2023, software developers with expertise in areas like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cybersecurity, and full-stack development are in high demand. Additionally, developers skilled in emerging technologies like quantum computing, blockchain, and metaverse development are also sought after.

Overall, developers who can adapt to evolving technology trends and possess specialized skills are likely to have strong job prospects in 2023.