Are you getting rid of staring at a blank workspace, struggling to find the right words for your copy? 

What if I told you there's a smarter way to write, where creativity meets technology? 

Will you believe it?

If not, then take a deep dive into the world of AI-powered writing tools that can transform your writing process from being more complicated to more innovative. 

From crafting engaging content to beating writer's block, these free AI writing tools are here to revolutionize how you create. 

Get ready to discover a new era of effortless and impactful writing. Let's explore the realm of AI tools that let you write smarter, not harder.

Top Free AI Writing Assistant  

The tools covered in this blog align with the G2 ranking system.


Krater AI is a user-friendly and free AI writing tool. It has a mission to make advanced technology accessible to all. Krater aims to combine the best AI tools into one powerful app. 

Krater AI offers a fair-priced solution for enhancing content impact. The standout AI Copywriting feature empowers users to craft engaging copy that resonates emotionally. It fosters a strong bond with its audience and drives action.

Beyond copywriting, Krater AI excels in generating images with text. It can also generate codes. Moreover, text-to-voice conversion and AI-powered conversations are other prompt features that keep Krater apart from the competition.

By democratizing AI, Krater AI boosts creativity and enables diverse applications for writers, businesses, and individuals. It ensures that the benefits of artificial intelligence are harnessed without the barriers of complexity or cost.


The image below shows Krater's dashboard with its various capabilities. 

Krater AI offers many templates to choose from. You can select the pre-built templates as per your requirements. 

I have used the “AIDA Framework Template” to generate a copy of Apple iPhone 14. See, it didn't disappoint me

Key Features

  • All-in-one app
  • Chat with AI
  • Image generation
  • Text to voice
  • Code creator
  • Content detector
  • Speech-to-text


  • Easy-to-use
  • Intuitive features


  •  Limited access to the free plan  

You can choose from three tailored pricing tiers – Starter for essential features, Upscale for enhanced capabilities, and Venture for comprehensive solutions.

Pricing Plan

Starter: $0
Upscale: $28/month
Venture: $287/month

2. ContentBot stands out as a top player in its field. This AI writer always comes up with fresh ideas that help content marketers, agencies, and creators. They're all about moving the industry forward.

ContentBot is awesome for all kinds of writing, whether it's short and snappy or long and detailed. The AI content generator recently introduced the “Blog Shot” tool. It is a super cool tool that makes creating whole blog posts as easy as clicking a button.

And guess what? They've got something called a drag-and-drop blog post builder, too. You can make really impressive blog posts by just dragging different parts into the editor. It's like building with virtual building blocks for your writing.


The image below shows the ContentBot AI dashboard. A simple but intuitive interface is easy to use. 

The ContentBot has generated an appealing title for my blog post on digital marketing and also gave an outline for the blog in the image below.

Key Features

  • Long-form content
  • Blog topic ideas
  • Product Description
  • Ad copies
  • Appealing intros and outlines
  • Generates original & unique content


  • Create high-quality content
  • Easy-to-use Chrome extension
  • 10X faster content creation process


  • Upgrade to get more credits 

Access ContentBot AI's versatile writing solutions through budget-friendly Prepaid or subscription-based tiers: Starter, Premium, and Premium+, catering to your content needs.

Pricing Plan

Prepaid: $1 per 1000 words
Starter: $19/month
Premium: $59/month
Premium+: $99/month

3. Chatsonic

There is a fantastic AI chatbot by Writesonic that can help you create all sorts of excellent content. It's like having a super-smart writing buddy at your fingertips.

Chatsonic is a big player in the world of AI conversation tools. Can you believe it has around 5 million users? That's a whole bunch of people finding it super helpful.

With Chatsonic, you can make killer ad copies, create landing pages that pop, write sales copy that really sells, describe e-commerce products in a snazzy way, and even craft engaging blog posts.

But wait, there's more! Chatsonic isn't just for words – it's a real multi-talented tool. It can help you make images using AI, generate code, and handle different content tasks.

The platform offers a Free Plan where you can play around and create up to 10,000 words of content for absolutely free. So, if you're into making your content game stronger with some AI magic, Chatsonic is your go-to buddy.


Chatsonic has a very intuitive interface. It tells you about its capabilities. You can select the category highlighted in the image below as per your requirements.

I asked Chatsonic about improving my English speaking skills, and it gave me ideas within seconds.

The best part is that it also gave me the references from where it fetched the ideas. 

Key Features

  • Produce trending content faster.
  • Offers Chatsonic Chrome extension
  • Supports over 30 languages
  • Possesses over 100 templates for content generation
  • User-friendly
  • Easy-to-navigate 


  • Write anywhere and everywhere
  • Generates real-time and accurate blog content
  • Saves time with voice commands


  • Limited words in the free plan

Experience Chatsonic AI's prowess with a risk-free Free Trial or explore its flexible options – Unlimited, Business, and customizable Enterprise plans designed to meet your communication demands.

Pricing Plan

Free Trial: $0
Unlimited: $16/month
Business: $12.67/month
Enterprise: Custom plan


CopyAI is your creative problem-solving companion. CopyAI has many automatic tools to beat writer's block. Moreover, it has smart AI templates to kickstart your writing projects.

There's even a fancy editor for those long documents, making your ideas cosy and your writing smoother. Regarding product descriptions, CopyAI offers AI-generated tips and ideas to make your content shine. Besides this, you get a chatbot like ChatGPT.

The Chatbot is pro at grabbing info from websites, personalizing emails using LinkedIn info, and summarizing YouTube videos (give it the link). Also, it can hunt down links and summaries for academic documents.

The best part is that the prices won't hurt your wallet. You will get a free plan to explore multiple features. In the free plan, you can create content of up to 2,000 words.


A simple and straightforward CopyAI dashboard. 

I tested CopyAI by asking for ten Instagram captions for fashion week photos, it generated worthy content for me in seconds.

Key Features

  • Offers long-form document editor
  • Possesses inbuilt prompt templates
  • Supports over 95 languages
  • Offers AI-powered workflow
  • Many content tools to solve all your problems in seconds
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Instagram caption generator


  • The free plan is free forever
  • User-friendly interface
  • No credit card is required for the free plan


  • Slow, often generating long-form content
  • Generates redundant data 

Unlock CopyAI's potential with options including Free, Pro for advanced features, and tailored Enterprise plans, empowering your writing needs.

Pricing Plan

Free: $0
Pro: $49/month
Enterprise: Custom plan

5. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is like a super smart AI tool for writing. It's powered by GPT-3.5, which makes it really good at answering many different questions. It talks like a human and can write in a way that sounds just like us. It gets trained from tons of text, so it's pretty clever.

ChatGPT is like a jack-of-all-trades. It can be a helpful assistant for businesses, answering questions from customers super fast. And for people who make stuff online, it's great for giving ideas, researching, and writing.

Hence, no matter if you are looking for business copy, academic writing, social media content writing, or blog post ideas, ChatGPT is the best free AI copywriting software.

ChatGPT saves time and makes things easier. It can do tasks that need writing and understanding of language, which humans usually do. So, if you're hunting for really excellent AI writing software, ChatGPT is a winner.


Do you know you can select the categories for writing your blog from ChatGPT's dashboard? Below is the image shown of the ChatGPT dashboard.

Key Features

  • Understand the context before generating a response
  • Easy-to-use
  • Simple & versatile
  • Improves your writing in seconds
  • State-of-the-art performance


  • Open-source platform
  • Easy-to-use APIs
  • Intuitive interface


  •  Majorly supports the English language
  • Sometimes generates plagiarized content  

Experience cost-effective pricing with ChatGPT's pay-as-you-go model: pay only for what you use with token-based rates for both prompts and completions, ensuring flexible and efficient AI-powered writing.

Pricing Plan

$0.03/1K token (1k token=750 words)
$0.06/1K token

6. Neuroflash

Neuroflash lets you create 2000 words monthly without spending a penny. It is one of the best AI copywriting tools that helps you write a blog in minutes.

Neuro Flash's AI writing generator can whip up excellent content marketing words with just one click. Moreover, it enables you to write quality content in eight different languages

NeuroFlash took its first steps towards making things super easy. They built their very own special app for writing stuff. In 2021, they gave birth to NeuroFlashAI – a place where you can get your hands on affordable AI text-making magic.

They've got over 90 different templates for long and short bits of writing, all made by AI. Neuroflash is a free AI writer that helps write various content in minutes.


The image below shows a simple dashboard of the Neuroflash AI writing tool.

I asked ChatFlash about the blog ideas on Affiliate Marketing, and I got some interesting results mentioned in the image below.

Key Features

  • Offers ChatFlash with personalities
  • Generates both long & short texts
  • Performs SEO analysis 5X faster
  • Standard workflows
  • Image generator
  • AI tester


  • You get 2K words every month for free
  • Allow access to all 90 AI text generator tools


  • Bit expensive
  • Limited features in the free plan

Elevate your learning with Neuroflash's pricing options – Standard, Pro for enhanced features, and customizable Enterprise plans designed to cater to your educational needs.

Pricing Plan

Standard: $32.70/month
Pro: $87.19/month/seat
Enterprise: Starting from $435.98/month

7. Scalenut

Scalenut is among the best AI writing generator tools to help you write SEO-optimized content faster and easier. It is like Jasper and SEO Surfer teamed up without needing two separate tools.

Just tell Scalenut what keyword you want to use, and it gives you a cool editor that's all about that keyword. Scalenut is handy for writers who want their stuff to pop up when people search. It's like making your article super friendly to Google.

Scalenut even has a Google Chrome Extension to use flexibly throughout your browser. Moreover, if you're a WordPress user, you can publish your article directly on WordPress.

Scalenut looks a bit trickier than simple writing tools. If you're not a big SEO person, it might be better to find something else. But if you're looking for a combination of SEO and quality content, Scalenut is a winner.

Scalenut is a free AI text generator to create types of content pieces in minutes. Content writers seeking free tools can explore Scalenut for its quality content quickly. 


Below is Scalenut's dashboard, where you can select the template that you wish this tool to do for you.

I selected “Article Writer” and than “Blog Outline Creator” as I wanted to get the blog outline for my blog. 

Key Features

  • Research and academic content generator
  • Competitive research
  • Cruise mode
  • SEO score visibility
  • Automated outlines
  • Document sharing


  •  Chrome extension available
  • Saves time with automated keyword research
  • Increase your organic traffic
  • Over 40 templates to choose from


  • Limited features in the free plan

Choose from Scalenut's pricing tiers – Essential, Growth, and Pro – to supercharge your content outreach and digital marketing efforts, aligning with your business goals.

Pricing Plan

Essential: $20/month
Growth: $40/month
Pro: $75/month

8. LongShot AI

Meet LongShot AI – the ultimate helper for folks who make content and ads. It's like having a clever AI buddy for creating and making social media ads super awesome. You won't believe how easy it is!

LongShot AI uses super cool tech to make ads shine. It understands words like humans and even knows what pictures are. So, it makes writing ads a breeze.

But here's the best part: LongShot AI doesn't stop at just writing. It knows how to make ads perfect for the people who'll see them. It's like a super creative friend who knows all the tricks to rock your ads.

And hey, it's not just about making things look great. LongShot AI can save you loads of time and effort. You'll get top-notch ads that do amazing things for your business, and you won't have to work extra hard.

There's more! LongShot AI has 30 different tools. It can check if your info is right, help you find the best words, and even give your writing a makeover. Plus, it talks in eight languages – how cool is that?


The image below shows the LongShot AI dashboard. 

Key Features

  • More than 50 inbuilt templates
  • Unlimited projects & documents
  • Content rephrase feature
  • Headline generator
  • Meta description generator
  • Text extender
  • Fact checker
  • Generates unique blog ideas


  • A handful of customization options
  • Generates SEO-Optimized content


  • There is not much power to decide exactly how the result looks.

LongShot's pricing options include a Pro plan for individuals, a Team plan for collaborative writing, and a customizable Custom plan, providing tailored solutions for different user needs and preferences.

Pricing Plan

Pro: $19/month
Team: $49/month
Custom: Customized Plan

9. Notion

Notion, a popular note-taking app, has added generative AI to its platform. It allows users to create content right from their Notion dashboard.

With its sleek and simple interface, Notion puts your writing front and centre in full-screen mode. It offers ready-to-use templates for prompts.

Also, it covers grammar checks, translations, and text generation – all accessible with a single click. You can also input your prompts.

If you're using Notion to organize your thoughts, the AI Writer is handy for summarizing articles, expanding ideas, and enhancing essay readability.

Although Notion AI lacks a dedicated purpose, chat interface, web scraping, or SEO integration, it's perfect for current Notion users or those focused on note-taking and basic writing.


Refer to the image below to check the Notion dashboard.

You can select the templates as per your requirements. I selected Work and opted for the To-Dos List template.

In the below image, you can see that you can make changes in the to-do list as per your schedule.

Key Features

  • Integrated AI assistant
  • Works faster
  • Edit tone & voice
  • Improves your writing
  • Write your first draft
  • Easy drag-and-drop text editor


  • Automate tedious tasks
  • Translate in many languages
  • Offers collaborative workspace


  • Lacks chat interface
  • Do not support web scraping

Explore Notion's pricing options – Personal, Team, and Enterprise – to seamlessly organize work, collaborate effectively, and scale productivity according to your specific requirements.

Pricing Plan

Free: $0
Plus: $8/month/seat
Business: $15/month/seat
Enterprise: Custom plan

10. Reword

Reword stands out from other AI writing tools. It's unique because it lets you train the AI using your existing articles and writing style. Unlike typical AI-generated content, Reword encourages uniqueness and creativity.

Reword asks you about your readers and general writing topics to make content more personalized. You can also connect it to Google Search Console, which helps the AI understand search intent and analyze click-through rates – super helpful for bloggers.

The writing interface is simple and user-friendly. It suggests titles and sections for your article, saving research time. You can quickly enrich, rephrase, and shorten content using AI buttons. Moreover, you can easily add internal links and SEO keywords to save time.

Reword offers a free tier and affordable paid plans. While it might lack some big company features, its personalization sets it apart. A small team manages Reword, so it's less feature-rich than larger alternatives.


You can train your AI assistant either from scratch, manually, or using Google Search Console. For this, you need to select one option among all options mentioned in the image below.

Key Features

  • Analyze people-first ideas
  • Adds natural internal links
  • Fixes readability & grammar mistakes
  • 2-way synchronization


  • Train your AI
  • Supports over 20 languages


  • Limited writers' seats in the free plan

Optimize your writing process with Reword's pricing choices – Trial for a risk-free start, Grow for essential features, and Pro for advanced capabilities, enhancing your content creation journey.

Pricing Plan

Trial: $0
Grow: $38/month
Pro: $64/month

11. Simplified

Simplified is a super easy AI assistant that helps you create quality content ideas. You don't need to be a tech expert to use it.

Simplified is a content-making magician. It's perfect for people who make stuff online, like writers and marketers. You can use it to create content that's super great for things like ranking on Google, making social media shine, and putting together cool stuff for people to read.

This generative AI generator can help you create an appealing blog title for your blog post. Simplified is more than just a content creator – it's also like a helper that looks at data and tells you smart things.

It helps you determine what people like, what's trendy, and what's essential for your content. This way, you can write content and make people really like it.


Explore a handful of templates on Simplified's dashboard. See the image below. There are unlimited templates to choose from.

I selected “Instagram Story,” and my motive is to generate content for the Summer Sale. I got the result shown below.

Key Features

  • Blog wizard
  • Chats by Simplified AI
  • Over 90 inbuilt templates
  • Allow sharing of documents


  •  1-click WordPress Export
  • Offers 2K words every month
  • Allows direct publishing blogs to Shopify
  • Supports over 20 languages


  • Sometimes, repeats input text
  • Templates are limited for visual arts  

Experience Simplified's writing solutions through AI Writer Free or unlock enhanced features with AI Writer Pro at a budget-friendly monthly cost, streamlining your content creation.

Pricing Plan

AI Writer Free: $0
AI Writer Pro: $12/month

Ready to Leverage One of the Best AI Writing Tools?

In a world where technology continues to reshape how we create and communicate, leveraging AI text generators has become a game-changer. 

These tools transcend traditional writing methods, offering efficiency, creativity, and innovation at your fingertips. These AI text generators have proven their worth, from crafting compelling marketing content to streamlining research and ideation.

So, as you navigate the vast landscape of content creation, remember that the best AI text generators are not just tools but partners in your journey towards smarter, more impactful writing. 

Embrace this fusion of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence and unlock a new realm of possibilities for your creative expression. 

Feel free to contact our experts for any queries related to inbound marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some AI writing tools offer free plans with certain limitations. One of the free AI writers is CopyAI. However, most free plans have usage restrictions or limited features compared to paid versions.

“ChatGPT” by OpenAI is one of the best free AI tools for generating creative and engaging stories.

Yes, Simplified AI offers a free tier with limited features and a paid plan for more advanced capabilities.

To write a book with AI for free, you can use tools like ChatGPT's long-form content capabilities. Keep in mind that while these tools can assist in generating content, the process may still require your creative input and editing.