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Web designing and development services at their best: Exceed Speech

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Exceed Speech is an online health service for the treatment of childhood stuttering, communication, and learning difficulty. They wanted a user-friendly website that was easy to operate on the back end and visually appealing to the audience simultaneously. webdew has provided website development and design services to several clients. As we received the project, we made sure to deliver the website as per client requirements. As desired, the new website did not fail to impress the client.

What is Exceed Speech all about?

Exceed Speech provides assistance and medical services to children who suffer from childhood stuttering or fail to communicate like other children of their age. Exceed Speech focuses on underlying cognitive skills to maximize childhood potential and provides treatment for communication and learning difficulties in preschool and school-going age children.

Purpose of Web Design and Development

Exceed Speech needed a website to create their online presence and reach out to people who required their services. Since our clients were not very tech-savvy, they required drag and drop modules that could be managed by non-technical people. They also needed various video and quiz elements and external integrations for their website.


To design the Exceed Speech website using boilerplate

In this process, we had to create themes with various drag and drop modules for the website that the client could execute easily and comfortably. Since they were non-technical people, we had to endure user-friendliness.

To design a creative and fun website that resonates with the target audience of our client

Since Exceed Speech's target audiences were parents and their service for kids, we had to make sure it had an added essence of familiarity and a friendly presence. Our client did not want the website to look very professional.

To conduct HubSpot integrations

We had to integrate:

  • Coreplus: Core plus is an Australian digital health management platform that connects healthcare providers with their clients.
  • Kajabi: Kajabi is an online course platform 

We had to include online quizzes

The client wanted us to create modules in the theme where they could put quizzes for their visitors.

Guidelines and Particularities

  • Our web designers and developers had to create the website keeping the kids in mind.
  • We were provided with a particular color palette.
  • The client added a lot of inputs in the documentation regarding the design.

Why Webdew?

Exceed Speech wanted a website for their Digi-health services that would represent their brand and resonate with their clients' perspective. wedew is a full-service Inbound Marketing agency and one of the top Video Production companies, with a good hold in Marketing, Website design, Videos, and HubSpot services.

It is the one and only HubSpot Diamond Certified Partner Agency in India. Our highly dedicated team comprises HubSpot certified digital marketing experts, business analysts, web designers & developers. We specialize in Website designing and development services. 

Our in-house team has delivered many website projects, whether it concerns building from scratch or migrating to HubSpot. 

What makes webdew fit the bill?

  • Proven track record
  • Upfront communication
  • Good turnaround time
  • Experienced professionals
  • Quality work

Process and Problem solving

The process of creating a website starts with designing. We created the themes and sent them over to the clients, which met with some minor revisions. In the second draft, we covered all the bases and delivered the desired results with all the specifications maintained.

We then sent it over to our development team, who took care of the entire execution to provide the client with a picture-perfect website. We also carried out the integrations seamlessly.

Challenges and Difficulties

  • The client website's design was quite complicated, considering we had to use a boilerplate to create it.
  • It had several video modules that had to be integrated.
  • From a design point of view, we had to be innovative and conduct substantial R&D.


There were indeed certain difficulties that we had to face. However, as a team, we always welcome challenges and try to stand up to the expectations. To our utter delight and the client's satisfaction, we delivered terrific results, and the client approved the website in one go.

ExceedSpech website is up and running.