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Explainer Videos can represent your Online Cab App: DzTaxi Chauffeur

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DZ Taxi Chauffeur is an Algeria based auto and vehicle app. Since their operations were entirely digital, they needed explicit and comprehensive explainer videos to convey their message and explain the app's functionality. The required three different videos. Two of the videos were for the drivers and passengers, respectively, while the third was a general description of the app. webdew delivered quality videos that completely satisfied the client and served their purpose.

What is DZ Taxi Chauffeur all about?

DZ Taxi is an online cab service operational in Algeria.  It features safety, convenience, and ease at the same price as regular taxis. 

Their app is available on Playstore for Android devices.

Purpose of the explainer video

Being an auto and vehicle app, DZ Taxi has two parts of their businesses, giving rise to two audience bases they needed to convey their message to; the drivers and the passengers. They also needed a video that would explain their app's features and functioning and how people could access and use it. Thus, they had requirements for three different videos.


  • To create three different explainer videos: 

For the driver: how to log in and operate on the app as drivers and connect to riders.

For the rider: how to log in, book rides, and coordinate with the driver allotted.

Explanation of the app: what is DZ Taxi Chauffeur, and how you can book rides on it.

  • We had to keep the two different sets of audiences in mind while creating the two respective videos for drivers and riders, while the third one should be generic and convey the purpose and utility of the app.
  • The animated explainer videos should describe the particularities accurately and clearly
  • The illustrations should sync accurately with the voiceover.

Guidelines and Particularities

DZ Taxi Chauffeur guidelines had to be maintained: 

  • We had to follow the color scheme specified by the company
  • The client also set particular fonts that were to be used

Why Webdew?

Our client, DZ Taxi Chauffeur, needed a video production company to produce animated explainer videos that would convey the feature, functionality, and specifications of their app accurately. Wedew is a full-service Inbound Marketing agency and one of the top Video Production companies, with a good hold in Marketing, Websites, Videos, and HubSpot services.

It is the one and only HubSpot Diamond Certified Partner Agency in India. Our highly dedicated team comprises HubSpot certified digital marketing experts, business analysts, web designers & developers. We specialize in Explainer Videos Services, and our videos have been known to boost lead generation and conversion. 

Thus, after considering multiple service providers, DZ Taxi found its perfect match at Webdew.

What makes webdew fit the bill?

  • Proven track record
  • Upfront communication
  • Good turnaround time
  • Experienced professionals
  • Quality work

Process and Problem solving

For us, customer satisfaction is everything. We maintain our transparency and communication throughout the process. The entire Explainer Video development process consists of the following steps. For each stage, we assign skilled professionals and a project manager who supervises the overall development.


This is the first step and involves reference and requirement gathering. Here we discuss the project in hand and its respective specifications. We ensure that we include innovation in every video we produce, and so we build from scratch.


Before creating the script, we spend some time analyzing the client website, target audience, approach, etc. This helps us deliver relevancy so that the video we provide blends seamlessly with their platform. In this case, we received the script from the client itself.


Once we finish working on the script, we create a storyboard to illustrate its execution. There were three different storyboards that we created for our client. 


Our talented group of professionals knows how to turn an idea into an animated video and make it come alive. Thus, there was a single attempt success for our team, in the case of all the videos. Besides, we synchronized the voice over with the animation with utmost accuracy.


While dealing with a project, this versatile time is the most significant requirement. However, our team worked promptly and skillfully to deliver all three videos within twelve working days. The client was not only satisfied with our service but impressed enough to reward us with a bonus.

Challenges and Difficulties

We had to make sure that the language barrier did not impact the quality of the work we deliver. Since the voice over was Arabic in language, we had to be utmost careful not to hamper the audio's synchronization with the video.


The project of DZ Taxi Chauffeur came to us in October. We are glad to share that our in-house video production team has proven itself yet again by delivering such excellent results within the required timeline. 

Nothing motivates us more than our happy client, so we put all our effort into achieving our goals.