CRM setup and Migration for Royal Vending: A Detailed Case Study

Managing the deals and capturing the leads in HubSpot effectively is what every organization aims for. To achieve something similar, Royal Vending joined the webdew team. Want to know how the entire process went through, what were the challenges, how the project came out to be, and many more? This case study is for you.

Project Overview

Royal Vending, a vending machine provider and operator, was planning to automate its contact assignment, capture leads properly, and import old data into HubSpot. We all know automating the tasks as per our business and requirements is not easy, which is why they took the help of webdew- HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency. The professionals at webdew are HubSpot certified and help our clients achieve their goals by suggesting the right strategy at the right time. 

Each task shared in the SOW of the project was completed by the webdians which further helped the client in achieving their goals. Also, the results that came out after the project was completed were marvelous. By going through the results, our team was enticed just as much as our client, Royal Vending. In the end, the client continued to work with us even after sharing the feedback.


Royal Vending is a vending machine provider based in Australia. They started operating in Sydney and now offer their services related to quality drinks, snacks, and combination vending machines all over Australia. Their stylish and reliable vending machines convince the audience to buy and sell without any second thought.


As the client wants to import data into HubSpot and associate the records, they planed to take the help of webdew professionals, so that every single task can be completed without any error. To get this project done successfully, our team has to put in a lot of extra effort as all their data was highly unorganized and was maintained on Excel sheets. They had various Excel sheets with contacts, companies and deals which we had to organize first in the sheets, create required properties to map the values in HubSpot, and then imported the sheets to get the records in HubSpot and also maintained the record association. 

Also they wanted to get the leads from their website to HubSpot. So we created an enquiry form on HubSpot with required fields and embed it on the website. 

Experience and support has been great.
Very responsive and willing to cooperate and do what is needed to get the job done. Thank you very much and hopefully we can continue to work together moving forward!
Royal Vending
Harris Goonetilleke,

Food Beverages


Requirement understanding and evaluation

Firstly, our experts got in touch with our client to discuss the ins and outs of the project. Every detail of the project was clarified to minimize the number of errors in the final delivery. Also, we evaluated the current status of the CRM to find the challenges and appropriate solutions that fulfill the client's requirements. 

Streamlining the data

It is being evaluated that the current status of the client’s CRM is filled with a lot of data out of many repetitions. So, after evaluating everything, we streamlined all the data so that the next steps of the project can be performed without any hassle. 

Strategy Implementation 

After streamlining the data, we set up the forms on a website so that clients can easily capture the leads without any hassle. We imported all the old data of contacts and deals and associated them with each other. Once the form was set up, we started working on the automation so that assignment of all those contacts and deal creation could be done effortlessly. We created the workflows for the automatic assignment of contacts, deal creation, and deal assignment. 

Testing & Delivery

To ensure that every single task is performed without any error, our experts run through the testing. Say in case any data is not aligned, the issue can be resolved right away. 


Our client has received positive results with this project. Now all the leads started coming to the HubSpot database once the website form submission was done by the clients. All the contacts were automatically assigned to the users as the respective workflow was set. Also, deals were created automatically for them and given to their respective users.


The client was more than happy to work with the webdew professional team at HubSpot. A highly responsive and cooperative team helped the client to get the task done in a timely manner and with good quality. 

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