I have read one of the most inspiring quotes of the day “It's not enough to be up to date; you have to be up to tomorrow.” David Ben-Gurion. This is something I can relate to and that's why we make sure we strategize things in advance so that everything is on the right track. 

Not only for one month, but we are also planning big things for the year 2023 so that we can serve our clients better in every aspect. But before we move to that, let's first dive into what's new for September month. 

Welcome to webdew's September updates!


Social Media campaign 

It won't be wrong to say that social media is the heart of marketing. Generating leads without building a presence on social media would be a real hassle. That's why our social media team is going an extra mile to reach that milestone that we have aimed for. 

There are various social media platforms that are helping us to educate the audience, and LinkedIn is one of the best out of them. Till September, we are now a family of 29572 members on LinkedIn. We are not only sharing educational content in the form of text, but also we are making the best use of graphics, carousels, and videos. 

Along with this, we have also taken our Twitter platform to a family of 998. In September, we did 767 tweets, and got 9765 tweet impressions, 10.6K tweet visits, 63 mentions, and 97 new followers.

webdew twitter analytics september 2022 1536x702 1

To make visitors more aligned, we have created two different profiles on Instagram that are webdians for career, and the other webdew, which is for clients. 

On webdew Instagram, we are now a family of 100, and on webdians, we are 728. Not only on Instagram, but we have also seen a great improvement on Facebook. Now, we have a family of 1141 on Facebook.

Along with this, we are utilizing the Pinterest platform by sharing infographics content to the max. In the month of September, we got 6.09K impressions, 94 engagements, 4.11K total audience, and 80 engaged audiences. 

webdew pintrest analytics sep 2022

SEO campaign 

Website without SEO is just like a cake without sugar. We understand that if our website is not fulfilling the SEO standards, then it won't be possible to get ranked on search engines. That's why our SEO team is always on their call to make sure that the site is free from its errors. 

In the month of September, we worked on Google tag manager, Google analytics, and search console to understand and realize the current position of the website. 

Not only evaluation, but we also started working on the errors to ensure that we were on the right track. Due to all the updates, we have seen a great improvement in the statistics. 

As per google analytics, we have seen our September and august traffic updates are shown below- 

webdew september and august graphical traffic updates 2022
webdew september and augustanalytics traffic updates 2022
webdew september and august source wise traffic updates 2022

Now, if I compare August and September performance, then it is observed that clicks and impressions have increased by good numbers. In August, the clicks and impressions were 58.4K and 7.51M, respectively, whereas in September, clicks and impressions were 61.2K and 7.96M, respectively.

webdew september and august graphical clicks and impressions 2022

Not only the SEO errors, but our team is also working on generating excellent links that are helping us to generate quality traffic on our website. If you also want to avail link building services, feel free to contact us.

Here is the list of top blogs for the month of September 2022-

webdew september top blogs 2022

Learn, Teach & Grow campaign 

This is one of my favorite campaigns of marketing as the entire webdew family is involved in this. Thinking about it? 

Well! This campaign is all about learning new things, sharing them with others, and helping them to grow together. Each member of the webdew family creates blogs to express all their knowledge. Click here to learn more about this campaign in detail. 

In the month of September, we have published 10+ blogs of LTG that are helping our audience boost their knowledge around HubSpot, website, marketing, videos, business, and sales

webdew september blog 2022 scaled

Blog campaign

We also consider content as the king of marketing. webdew always believes that educating the audience through content is one of the best ways to capture leads. In the month of September, we have also curated 35+ blogs of different types that revolve around customer relationship management, inbound, and HubSpot problem statement articles, along with LTG. 

crm blog 2022 september scaled


webdew website campaign 

Indeed, a website without visitors is like a ship lost on the horizon. This is the reason we keep on revamping our webdew site in one way or the other.

In the month of September, we made updates to our brand guidelines and pricing page structure. It's not only about the update; we have created new pages on our site named HubSpot audit. If you also want to set up and optimize your HubSpot portal, you can always get in touch with our experts.

hubSpot audit webdew scaled

Along with this, we also added HubSpot tutorials on our site to educate the audience better. If you are a HubSpot user and want to grow around it by utilizing the HubSpot tool to the fullest, feel free to subscribe for free.  

webdew tutorial scaled

Suppose you are linked with the webdew family. In that case, you might be familiar that we have published various HubSpot themes by using which any non-coder can build a highly appealing website without any hassle. In the month of September, we updated our theme layout so that the audience could utilize this to the fullest.  

webdew hubspot themes scaled


Directories campaign

This campaign is all about getting more reviews from our clients so that we understand how better we can serve our clients. In the month of September, we have got 11 reviews on different directories listed below:

  • Clutch: 6
  • G2: 4
  • HubSpot: 1

Also, from the clutch directory, we have got 285 click-throughs, 374 profile visits, and 2 messages.

clutch directory insights webdew 2022

Internal Knowledgebase campaign

Along with the visitors, webdew also cares about its employees. To fulfill the objective of “Growing together,” we pursued the internal knowledge base

Through this campaign, each team member can easily go through the content and boost their knowledge without depending on the third person. So, till July 2022, we have published 610 articles in total. 

Recruitment Campaign

It's well said that “Your human talent is your most important talent.” If your company is full of good resources, then it won't be challenging to win the targets and offer high-quality services to the clients. This is the reason I focus on giving opportunities to both freshers and experienced candidates.  

In the month of September, we interviewed 258 candidates, and one new member joined our webdew family. 

Confused which career to opt for? Don't miss this video-

The Final say 

That's all for September insights. But wait, you have a lot new for the next month. And to know more about webdew, you can visit webdew.com.