The worst nightmare for any sales representative after a presentation or a deck is “We'll think about it and let you know.”

If you're constantly hearing from your prospects that they'll think about it or they are planning to consider it in the future, then definitely you need to work on your sales strategy

There's something to be looked into and to be amended. Your presentation or sales talk must take “We'll think about it” off the table, and the deal needs to be closed won or closed lost then and there.

In short, prospecting needs to be done right and being a salesperson, the first thing to be figured out about your sales deck is if you're a walking pamphlet or a person who can sell something to anyone.

Many people who work around sales think that it's all about telling individuals about their business, services, or products. Are you one of those people? If yes, then this article is for you. 

Telling isn't Selling

Being a salesperson, if you pride yourself in knowing all the facts, figures, ins & outs about the services or products you're offering, you're just another walking-talking pamphlet. You might be acting more like a source of information than a person who can sell something.

Rather than telling some great stories about your product or services, a great salesperson is the one who could generate the need in the prospect to make a decision and go for it. 

What good your case studies would do if the prospect you're talking to isn't looking to make the purchase? 

You, as a salesperson, would be making your prospect feel the urge to make the purchase, an urge to want it for any reason. The prospect needs to walk down a path where he/she gets encouraged enough to take that decision.

Encouraging your prospect in needing your service would take “I need to think about it” off the table. 

Aren't you already on a path to being a great salesperson?

If not, then below are some points going through which you will have an idea about how you can close quality deals faster and smoother. 

best sales effective techniques

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How to close deals faster and more smoothly?

Let's begin….

Ask the right Questions

Are you asking the right questions?


If yes, then you need to rethink all the questions that you are asking your prospects to proceed further. 

You need to understand that before going ahead and bombarding the prospect with your typical sales deck questions, Listening to the problem statement of the prospect should be on your priority list.

You need to realize that “Listening Carefully” is the key to your next “Right Questions.”

If you will listen more carefully to your audience and understand their needs, then you can offer them the right service and handle them more effectively. 

Indeed, sales pitches, decks, or playbooks might help you with framing the right questions, but if your questions are not relevant to the prospect's concerns, then it might not help you in closing deals faster. 

So, always try to be one step ahead in framing your next questions based on the prospect's statements. Just imagine that you're on a track to provoke thoughts and indirectly generate interest in your services.

Ensure that your conversation is more like a solution provider & a rational thinker rather than just a blunt salesperson with a few services and products under his/her sleeve. 

Always remember that asking the right questions at the right time will lead you there. So, try to be more enthusiastic while interacting with the prospects. 

Be a likable salesperson

What do you think? Are you a likable salesperson?

There are no two opinions that salespersons are among the world's top hated people. Society finds them less likely to be trusted, extremely pushy, and for being go-getters. But it's not the case with everyone.

A lot of sales reps around the world have proven to be the best in what they do by having all the above-mentioned negative aspects. They have been proving themselves by closing more deals just by realizing the difference between telling and selling. 

Indeed, it's quite important to be liked as a salesperson throughout your presentation or pitch. But this can also be achieved by being genuine, honest, and personable. You just need to strategize your things in a different way than normal. 

You just have to keep in mind that the prospect that you're dealing with might just not be after one of your products or services; rather, they should be interested enough to give you their business.

Talking unnecessarily and trying to become a friend of your prospects, just so that you can be a likable person, is never a good option. Also, it can be a little frustrating, which can also affect other leads. 

So, make sure you're selling your products or services, not handing over favors to your friends.

Make the most of your CRM 

Are you using any CRM platform to keep up with prospects? Or still, trying to do it manually? Then you are missing out on something huge. 

You need to realize that deal closing can be done much faster only if you speed up your process and manage your prospects in a simplified way. This can be done if you choose the right CRM software for your business. 

CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, etc., can help you and your entire sales team to automate all the tasks, manage prospects, and close deals much faster. It will not only shorten your sales cycle but also help you focus more on closing deals faster. As tasks like follow-up communications, sales data updates, meeting check-ins, etc., will all be done automatically.  

So, start freeing up more time so that you can focus more on building relations with your audience. 


Selling is an art that comes with a lot of practice and confidence, but science and psychology are behind it. 

So, Work on your skills, improve your approach, and make yourself presentable enough so that your prospects are not left with any other option but to say “Yes”!

Happy Selling! 

Frequently Asked Questions

The key difference between “telling” and “selling” lies in their communication goals. “Telling” involves providing information or facts to educate or inform, often in a one-way manner. “Selling,” on the other hand, is a persuasive two-way communication aimed at influencing the audience to take specific actions, such as making a purchase, by addressing their needs and concerns effectively.

The four essential rules of selling, known as the “Four Ps of Sales,” include product knowledge (understanding the offering), prospecting (finding potential customers), presentation (communicating value), and closing (securing a commitment). These rules form the core framework for effective sales, guiding sales professionals in their efforts to connect with customers and drive successful transactions.

Selling, in simple terms, is the process of convincing someone to buy a product or service by showcasing its value and addressing their needs or desires. It involves effective communication, building trust, and ultimately, getting the customer to make a purchase decision

The storytelling method of selling involves using narratives to engage and persuade potential customers. It begins with a captivating story that relates to the audience's experiences, demonstrates the value of the product or service, and evokes emotions. The story concludes with a clear call to action, inviting the audience to take a specific step. This approach makes the offering more relatable, memorable, and compelling, enhancing the sales process.