Sure that business marketing is an integral part of companies to gain a competitive edge in the market. And the 21st-century marketplace follows a series of advanced online marketing strategies to gain business traction.

However, that’s not the end of the story. The uniqueness of every business lies in the ways it markets its mission and vision. That’s where the discussion, here, stays incomplete without the sheer mention of ‘meme-jacking’!

Memes have become part and parcel of the social media world today. They are entertaining, funny, and easy to consume! Probably, this makes marketers grasp the notion of memes as a major marketing element! And the practice gave rise to a new term: meme-jacking.

As the name suggests, it is the process of marketing a business with memes! Although it’s an underestimated trend, it’s garnering immense popularity now.

Suppose you’re about to share your refreshing content that can go viral over a couple of minutes! In such cases, meme-jacking becomes your one-stop solution without a single thought. And who wouldn’t appreciate the appeal of a good meme?

But what makes Memes great for Marketing?

Ask any of your friends (or experiment yourself) about the time they spend on social media! And you’ll see it’s not less than one hour every day! And memes become the seamless language for social media surfers to share authentic ideas and their attitudes!

This way, marketing digital memes have turned out to be a cultural phenomenon with the inclusion of meme characters. The social media pop culture stays incomplete without these characters used to spread unique ideas differently.

Another intriguing benefit of using marketing memes is that it simply doesn’t have any such thing called ‘plagiarism’! And kudos to the image editors and video makers like InVideo, due to which creating epic memes has become straightforward. This way, engaging your target audience becomes simpler too.

As memes go viral within a fraction of a second, it makes the brand noticeable. Not only do they create and support brand relevancy, but they also incite shares. All in all, they are a great way to increase the online prominence of the brand.

Tips & Tweaks to use killer Memes for Marketing

Because memes are pretty easy to make, some basic knowledge of a meme generator will be handy. Here, you can also search for tons of meme templates to simplify the process of hijacking popular memes. So, let’s learn the first-class meme-jacking tips & tweaks without further delay.

Opting for Ones at the Tipping Point

The successful examples of meme-jacking for business marketing occur when the meme is at the tipping point. That is, it starts to spread massively, and few have even hijacked it. For gaining business traction, you require staying ahead of the curve. Thus, using trending memes becomes your safe bet.

The most you can do is to stay connected and abreast of the most current news. This way, you can stay on top of the current breaking memes and let you increase website traffic and gain traction with an improved brand identity!

Understanding what Memes you should Use

Before using memes for marketing, always ensure that you are educated about memes. Understanding how they impact your brand is important before its usage.

This is because the last thing that you’d ever want to experience is to offer prospective customers improper memes! It’s illogical to memes that do not appeal to audiences that much.

Unless you have completely understood their connotations, it becomes challenging. So, you should always understand what they imply. Comprehend the reasons behind using them, alongside their histories, claims, and more.

Anticipating what your Audience Want

Only when the audience appreciates your meme, it becomes successful. Thus, it is always imperative to understand what your audience will like. While hijacking, ensure that the meme has a connection to your audience. After all, the intangible connection between meme jacking and business prominence depends on the number of audiences who share the meme!

It should be simple, funny, entertaining, and, most importantly, easy to consume. If the audience does not understand your meme, do you think even the most popular options would drive profitable solutions to your marketing? No, it would not.

Ensuring it’s relatable to the Brand

The most important consideration is to ensure using such a meme that has a relatable connection to your brand. So, you must make sure that the meme is relatable. The process of hijacking the meme should be taken into consideration, as it must have a core connection to the industry or brand!

If creating funny memes becomes a stretch that relates to the brand, it is probably not worth it. And it’s surprising to note that the successful meme jacks are the ones that incorporate the essence of the respective brand carefully. It must have a link with the industry, mission&vision, slogan, messaging, etc.

You must always remember posting a content that includes a subject related to the brand. This way, generating the most engagement becomes seamless. In simple words, posting unrelated content just because it’s the latest on the Internet does not get aligned with the brand! 

Be Entertaining, Witty, and Funny

Entertainment value is a crucial commandment when it comes to creating entertaining, funny, and witty memes. In simple words, the most successful instances of hijacking memes are the ones that come with entertainment values. Thus, it’s critical to ensure that the audience fairly relates to the meme.

You don’t have to get serious with your presentation. Always include a tone that has a funny and witty element. In addition, it would be fair to use simple language and copy that accomplishes the goals.

Aligning with the Core Components of the Original Meme

The last thing that you’d want is to see your meme-jack not sticking to the original format of the meme.

So, it’s a big not! Ensure that it sticks to its original version, including its format, components, and style. Else, the meme-jacking fails to grab the audience’s attention. Do not forget that authenticity has not a fair alternative. 

Spreading your Memes: How to go Viral

Once you complete creating the meme, it’s time to think of marketing! For this reason, you can consider these great ways to make your memes successful.

Sharing it on Social Media Platforms

Planting your memes in the prime sharing platforms is never an underrated marketing gesture. If not on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, then where would your memes get successful? Thus, you should post the links to your social media accounts. Never forget to include a witty brief description or remark before sharing!

These niche social media websites are perfect for your memes to gain business traction! But the one thing that you should always remember is not to let meme designs distract you from the prime purpose concerning the business.

Using it as the Visual Element in other Web Content

Assuming that meme-jacking on social media is enough to gain prominence is a sheer misconception. Following this, there are other ways to follow. For this reason, you must create a blog post that offers a scenario to which your meme reflects greatly.

Always remember to include a call-to-action phrase in your post. This will optimize your meme for lead generation. In addition, it can also convert prospective customers into leads. Besides, it gives an opportunity to link the URL of the social networks where you have to share your meme!

Optimizing your Creation for Social Sharing

Have you already decided to put your meme on the website?

If yes, then you need to choose any of the following ways:

  • You either have to include it in the blog post
  • Or, you have to use another web page for the purpose

Whatever you decide, ensure that you optimize the page for social media sharing. Also, you should make it simple for visitors to share themselves via the social sharing buttons. This will be useful, especially for visual social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

The last Say

Memes continue to expand in popularity, and meme-related content has been showing up around visual content platforms. Not only for business purpose, but even Internet influencers are also creating them and consuming online.

But its purpose as an effective tool for marketing strategies has helped many brands come under the limelight. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips and tweaks about creating memes for marketing will help improve brand fame.

Also, reach out to us if you want to take your Meme creation to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meme marketing is like a fun language that helps brands talk to people in a friendly and emotional way. It uses jokes and things everyone knows about to make a strong connection. When brands use memes, it feels like they're part of the same group as their customers. This makes people like the brand more and want to stick with it. So, meme marketing is important because it helps brands build a good reputation and makes customers want to stay with them for a long time.

To make a meme popular, it's important to share it at the right moment when it relates to what's happening. This helps people connect with it. Posting a meme at the perfect time also shows that you're aware of what's going on, which can make your brand look good. For instance, a brand used this strategy well by sharing a meme at just the right time, and it worked great for them. So, remember, timing is key when it comes to making a meme go viral.

Meme marketing, from a marketing standpoint, is a part of inbound marketing. It involves creating and sharing funny, relatable content with your audience through memes. This type of marketing has become very popular because it engages people and spreads quickly on social media. However, whether it's right for your brand depends on your target audience and brand identity. If your audience enjoys humor and your brand can use it effectively, meme marketing is a valuable tool in connecting with customers and promoting your products or services. It's all about making your brand more approachable and appealing through humor and relatability.

A successful meme is like a catchy idea that spreads quickly. It starts when someone gets it and keeps it in their mind. Then, they express it, like telling a joke or making a funny picture. Finally, they share it with others, who do the same. It's like passing a fun secret around. For a meme to work, it needs to move through these steps smoothly, from one person to another. If people don't get it or forget it, the meme doesn't succeed. So, a successful meme is like a fun idea that jumps from person to person and makes lots of people laugh or think.