If you’re looking for a top-notch WordPress hosting solution, Kinsta is a name you’ve likely heard before. This isn’t a coincidence, as Kinsta is one of the best WordPress hosting platforms. 

Kinsta has a strong reputation for providing secure, fast, stable, and user-friendly hosting. These are a few reasons it must be on your bucket list. 

But how does Kinsta stand apart from the competition of managed hosting platforms? And how does it manage to stay at the top?

To help you determine its effectiveness, I will explore Kinsta WordPress hosting’s features, pros and cons, and pricing. Let's get started with the Kinsta review 2024. 

Kinsta Hosting Review 2024: A Quick Summary

Kinsta is a cloud-based hosting provider offering fast, reliable, and premium managed WordPress hosting. 

Apart from WordPress, Kinsta also offers premium database hosting, application hosting, and free static site hosting services. This makes Kinsta an excellent choice for individuals planning to manage multiple projects simultaneously. 

Kinsta WordPress hosting provider is famous for its advanced hosting features and high-performance infrastructure. It employs GCP combined with isolated container technology for the hosting infrastructure. 


  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Free Cloudflare integration
  • Excellent CDN
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Built-in performance monitoring

Thanks to this partnership, Kinsta features high scalability, speed, and reliability of GCP’s infrastructure. On the other hand, the isolated containers will complete the isolated resources for all hosted projects. 

You can also use Kinsta as a Service application to deploy applications straight to your cloud. Adding one or multiple dedicated databases is also possible. 

Kinsta WordPress Hosting: Features

Becoming familiar with Kinsta’s features will help you know if it's the perfect option for your needs. It will also help you know why Kinsta charges more than other web hosting platforms. As web hosting has a solid impact on SEO, choosing the right one is essential.

After I cover all the features, I will share my personal verdict. It will help you understand how reliable and fast services you can expect after choosing Kinsta. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

1. Super Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Kinsta provides an easy-to-use dashboard that can help you manage WordPress websites effectively. The best thing about this dashboard is that it simplifies the user experience. 

This helps everyone navigate and control their hosting environment effortlessly. Even if you have low technical knowledge, you can still operate it. 

The dashboard’s clear organization will help you find and access your desired settings and features. 

Whether you need to configure site-level options or want to add a new site, you can do everything from the dashboard itself. 

Additionally, the Kinsta dashboard also comes with more unique features, such as Early Hints and Cron Jobs. 

With a simple layout and user-centric approach, Kinsta will allow website owners to manage their WordPress websites effectively. Make sure you change the hosting settings according to your needs. 

2. Reliable Infrastructure

As mentioned before, the overall infrastructure of Kinsta is built on a Powerful GCP or Google Cloud Platform. 


But what is the actual benefit of this? What does it bring to the table?

When you leverage GCP’s cutting-edge technology, you will be able to access the global network. 

This allows Kinsta to provide exceptional scalability, performance, and reliability. You don’t need to worry about the speed of your WordPress website. 

3. Extensions and Software

Kinsta runs on the latest PHP version and Nginx web server to power WordPress websites. PHP’s enhanced performance and Nginx’s scalable and efficient architecture can speed up loading faster. 

Kinsta also uses MariaDB. You can use this open-source, high-performance database management system as your WordPress website’s primary database solution. 

It provides improved scalability and speed compared to the other MySQL databases, ensuring efficient data retrieval and data storage. 

4. Excellent CDN

If you’re looking for an effective built-in CDN, you’re in for a treat. Kinsta’s Cloudflare CDN will be included in every plan. 

With 272+ PoPs available globally, the CDN will boost your WordPress website's loading times. It will cache the static content and deliver it from worldwide servers. 

By storing the static content within the cache, your WordPress website can store the subsequent requests for that specific content. This can minimize server response time and boost page loading speed. 

Moreover, the distributed approach can also reduce the physical distance between the server and the website visitor. 

As a result, it can provide faster content delivery and more robust page loading times. 

5. Impeccable Website Optimization

Let’s say you’re looking for a WordPress hosting solution that comes with various optimization tools. In such cases, Kinsta can also prove beneficial for you. 


For starters, automatic image optimization can reduce image file size without affecting the quality. The asset minification can compress JavaScript and CSS files to decrease their size and boost loading speed. 

Make sure you implement the best optimization practices to your WordPress website. This will take your website one step further.  

6. Secure Backups for Restoration

Backups are one of the most important things you need to consider for your WordPress website.


Kinsta offers different types of backups to simplify the website management process.  

  • Automatic backups ensure all the files and database of your WordPress website are backed up without any interval. 
  • Hourly backup creates a backup every hour to provide additional restoration points. 
  • Manual backups provide an extra level of assurance.
  • Backup access and restoration will let you know of the available backups. You can choose a specific backup version and restore it easily. 
  • External backups can be stored in third-party storage services, ensuring the security and integrity of your data.

Apart from backups, Kinsta can also perform regular uptime checks. This way, you can monitor the uptime and availability of your WordPress website. 

7. Robust Security

Kinsta takes security very seriously. It has world-class security features to safeguard your WordPress website from vulnerabilities and potential threats. 


The hosting infrastructure of Kinsta WordPress hosting is securely stored in data centers operated by the GCP. These data centers have multiple security layers. They include surveillance systems, access controls, network infrastructure, and redundant power. 

The GCP infrastructure also has built-in firewalls to protect your website from Trojan viruses and DDoS attacks. These filters block malicious traffic, mitigating issues before 

Another excellent advantage of this hosting is its robust container technology. Thanks to this technology, you can isolate and secure WordPress sites hosted on the platform. 

The containerization will also prevent one website’s security issues from affecting other websites on the same server. 

Moreover, Kinsta is all about secure HTTPS connection and SSL certificates. Hence, the data will also remain encrypted and protected. 

You also don’t need to worry about Cloudflare integration. This is why improved DDoS protection. For an extra protection layer, Kinsta Two-Factor Authentication, with regular malware scanning and removal. 

8. Staging

The staging area of Kinsta is a separate environment where you can build a clone of your website. 

This feature is great if you want to experiment with the changes and test new plugins and themes without making any changes to the live site. 


The process is so easy that you can create a staging website in a few clicks. The website clone that you create will let you work separately. 

A great thing about the staging feature is that it enables collaboration among clients and team members. By sharing the staging site URL, your team members can review and provide feedback before it goes live. 

Once you’re satisfied with the changes, Kinsta offers a one-click push-to-live option. This way, you can transfer the modifications from the staged site to the live site, ensuring a seamless connection. 

Remember that Kinsta also offers premium staging add-ons. This will help users deploy a maximum of five staging environments as per their WordPress sites. 

9. Free and Helpful Migrations

Let’s say you’re fed up with your old hosting platform and want to migrate your WordPress site to Kinsta. Manual migration is not only challenging but also error-prone. 

This is where Kinsta's free migration services come into the picture. Their team of WordPress experts can handle the migration process on your behalf. 


Despite the hosting plan you choose, you will get a minimum of 1 free premium migration credit with an unlimited number of basic migrations. 

The basic migrations are perfect for standard WordPress installs. On the other hand, the premium migration credits are perfect for multisite networks and dynamic sites. You can also use it for more complex sites. 

The developers at Kinsta are experienced in migrating websites. Hence, they can ensure a seamless and smooth transition from your current hosting to Kinsta. 

Besides checking the current situation, they will also check if the themes and plugins are compatible with Kinsta’s hosting environment. They will ensure low downtime during the migration process. 

10. 24/7 Customer Support

This is one of the best perks of Kinsta I’ve found. It provides a round-the-clock English customer support channel that can address your queries promptly. 

Kinsta ensures you receive assistance at any time. Whether you’re facing an urgent issue or in a different time zone, the support team will always help you out. 

Besides English, Kinsta provides Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese support during the selected hours. 

The support staff has extended technical knowledge of the platform. They can solve a wide range of WordPress queries and can provide expert solutions and guidance. 

Additionally, Kinsta has a thorough documentation and knowledge base on their platform, with tutorials, articles, and guides covering different WordPress topics. 

11. Kinsta Evolves Continuously

This is another great perk of Kinsta. As Kinsta evolves continuously, it keeps up with the latest technologies and updates within the WordPress ecosystem. 

Apart from offering the latest PHP and WordPress versions, Kinsta focuses on enhancing its hosting platform with the latest improvements and features. 

They also actively listen to customer feedback to implement enhancements as per the industry and user needs. These enhancements include new integrations, optimizations, and improved security measures, and user experience. 

Additionally, Kinsta hosting options update the interface regularly and leverage top-notch technologies to provide high-performance hosting. They stay updated with caching mechanisms, server technologies, database management, and other crucial components to ensure the best performance. 

12. Analytics Tab

The Analytics tab will prove helpful if you want to know the WordPress performance. You can explore different metrics such as average MySQL and PHP response time, codes, PHP, and more. 


You will also get your hands on more accessible metrics, such as the number of overall visits, mobile visits, and so on. 

The Analytics tab will help you know lots of useful data items. Make sure you use it properly. 

13. Kinsta Users Tab

With the User tab, you can allow other people to access your Kinsta account. They can control everything as long as you permit them.

If you’re working in a team, this will prove super beneficial. You can also keep your account secure if you’re planning to grant access to a client or freelancer. 


Just like the Analytics tab, the User tab used to come with a separate dashboard area. However, Kinsta integrated it into the individual dashboard. 

When you add and give access to your team members, you can choose between two high-level access methods: site developer and site administrator. 

The site administrator can access everything on the website. On the other hand, the site developer can access only the staging server. They cannot make any changes to the live site. 

You can also track the user’s actions in the MyKinsta dashboard. This will help you know what is going on and make decisions accordingly. 

14. DevKinsta for Local WordPress Development

Besides staging sites and the MyKinsta dashboard, you will also get access to DevKinsta. Designed for more advanced users, DevKinsta will prove extremely useful for WordPress development. 

DevKinsta is Kinsta’s own WordPress development tool. This will help you spin unlimited sites from your own local computer without any internet connection. 

You can use these websites for development, testing, implementation, and more. If you’re a WordPress developer, you will find DevKinsta extremely helpful. 

On top of that, you don’t need to become a Kinsta customer to use DevKinsta. It will integrate with MyKinsta without any problem. 

Through this, you will be able to fetch a site from live Kinsta hosting to a local DevKinsta environment. You can also push a website from your local DevKinsta environment to your Kinsta staging environment. 

Whether you’re a freelancer or own an agency, the DevKinsta integration will prove super helpful if you build a lot of WordPress websites. 

? Verdict
  • Kinsta delivers top-of-the-line features for a smooth WordPress experience. Their Google Cloud Platform infrastructure offers exceptional speed and scalability, while their expert support team and user-friendly dashboard ensure your site runs flawlessly.

Though the price tag might be steeper, Kinsta's combination of high-performance hosting, robust security, and convenient management makes it a compelling choice for those seeking a premium WordPress solution.

Kinsta Review: Pros and Cons

I believe the features are more than enough to convince you to try Kinsta today. However, let’s hold on for a second. 

While Kinsta is reliable and beneficial, you shouldn’t overlook its drawbacks. Knowing the pros and cons will help you make a more data-driven decision. 


  • Kinsta provides top-tier performance with well-optimized architecture
  • The Cloudflare integration will help you cache full pages on the global Cloudflare network
  • The customized MyKinsta dashboard is simple and user-friendly
  • The pricing is extremely competitive. Kinsta also offers low overage fees
  • The Kinsta support team is available 24/7 via a simple Intercom widget. The support staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable
  • Kinsta provides 35+ data centers, which is more than many competitors


  • The visitor limitation on Kinsta is lower than other hosting companies like WP Engine
  • No phone support
  • Lack of email hosting

Remember that just because Kinsta has a few drawbacks doesn't mean you ignore the advantages. Kinsta is not 100% perfect like every other web hosting solution, but it can cater to your unique needs.

Kinsta Pricing

Now that you know the features, pros, and cons of Kinsta, let's take a look at its pricing.

Kinsta Pricing Plan

  • Static Sites: $0

  • Databases: Starts at $18/month

  • Web Applications: Starts at $7/month

  • WordPress Sites: Starts at $30/month

    Billed annually

Kinsta's pricing plans are so vast that I couldn't include all the options here. Make sure you visit the pricing page of Kinsta and go through the different plans to choose a suitable one.

Ready to choose Kinsta?

Overall, Kinsta’s advantages outweigh the drawbacks, making it one of the best hosting packages in the market. 

If you have an important site and you want to focus on reliability and the best performance, Kinsta is the best WordPress hosting company to choose from. 

However, keep in mind that Kinsta may not prove a suitable choice for websites generating low traffic. However, if you earn money from your website, host with Kinsta today. 

I hope you got what you were looking for from this Kinsta hosting review. Are you planning to migrate your website to Kinsta? Let me know in the comments below. 

Kinsta hosting is by far one of the best managed WordPress hosting solutions. While the prices are slightly on the expensive side, the features provided by Kinsta are excellent.

Many shared hosting platforms provide a low pricing structure as they assume most of their customers won't use heavy resources. But Kinsta is not a shared host. This is why it's more expensive.

The average response time of Kinsta is 4 ms.

Ys, Kinsta is faster than Bluehost.

Yes, Kinsta is a powerful web hosting solution specializing in WordPress.