COVID-19 may have slowed down the business pace worldwide, but HubSpot knows how important it's for you to be up-to-date with its products.

If you have been a HubSpot user for a while, you might be aware that it keeps adding new features and always tries to keep up with its customers' needs. This month also, it has many exciting updates for you. From creating Facebook/LinkedIn ads for website traffic to daily task digest to updates for the Zoom app, it's team has worked hard to build the features you asked for.

Come, let's take a tour and know what HubSpot product updates August 2020 is all about.

1. Marketing Hub Updates

Discover the latest updates within HubSpot Marketing Hub.

1.1 Free Landing Pages

Beautiful landing pages are one of the most successful ways of capturing leads. To create successful lead generation campaigns for you, HubSpot has added the landing page builder into the free marketing tools in HubSpot CRM.

Now you can create beautiful landing pages easily for your marketing campaigns and grow your business. 

Free HubSpot users can create up to twenty landing pages using any of the pre-built templates and a variety of modules, including a meetings module that will let your prospects book meetings directly with your sales team.

1.2 Facebook and LinkedIn Website Traffic Campaigns

Facebook and LinkedIn are great ways to generate traffic for your website. Keeping this in mind, HubSpot has brought you a feature for creating website traffic campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn through HubSpot only.


With this update in the Ads tool, you can create a Facebook or LinkedIn ad campaign that links directly to a landing page without leaving your HubSpot account.

Once you have created your webpage, you'll land on a  published screen. On this screen, you can create website traffic ads either by clicking on Promote in the top-right corner or the link or by clicking the link ‘Create website traffic ad' in the bottom-right corner. 

1.3 Multi-Authentication for Ad Account Connections

multi-authentication-for-ad account

Earlier in HubSpot, only one user in a portal was allowed to connect to an ad account. But, with this multi-authentication for ad accounts, multiple users on your team with ‘Ads-Publish permission' can connect their ad account and create and manage ad campaigns and events.

1.4 Preview your Social Posts before Publishing


With the Social tool in HubSpot Marketing, you can manage your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can create posts, schedule them on the HubSpot's Social tool, and then publish them on your social media accounts. With the new HubSpot Preview Social Posts update, now you can preview your posts before publishing to the networks. 

2. Sales Hub Updates

Explore the latest updates within HubSpot Sales Hub.

2.1 Task Daily Digest


Tasks come in very handy in running your day-to-day office work. If you are using tasks, you might also be receiving lots of mail notifications for the same. Now, HubSpot has streamlined all the task notifications in one single mail.

Every morning at 8:00 a.m, task users will receive a single email mentioning the total number of scheduled tasks and the top three most important tasks based on priority.

2.2 Time between Calculated Properties

With this latest feature, ‘Calculation property,' you can calculate the time between two important dates. Calculation properties allow you to set up custom equations calculating the min, max, count, sum, or average between values for properties on associated records.

For example, how long does it take for a deal to close? 

2.3 Keep HubSpot Data Clean


HubSpot has brought two new updates to help you keep your HubSpot account organized.

Admins can now export property with the option ‘Export all properties' to look at all of their properties in detail for contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and products. It helps to plan out complicated internal processes, merging hubs, or general account clean-up. 

With the second update, you can permanently delete data like contacts, companies, deals, and tickets and maintain a clean HubSpot account. Earlier, only super admins were allowed to do this with GDPR features enabled. 

To delete the data permanently:

  • Go to the recycle bin
  • Click Delete. Data will be permanently deleted from your HubSpot account.

3. Service Hub Updates

Check out the latest updates within HubSpot Service Hub.

3.1 Logged-in Visitor Identification


If you have a login feature on your webpages, HubSpot-hosted page, or an external site, you can now identify logged-in visitors from the Conversations inbox when visitors message your team.

Along with the visitor's message in the inbox, now you can also see known information from their contact record and any prior chat history with other members of your team. 

4. CMS Hub Updates

Let's delve into the latest updates within HubSpot CMS Hub.

4.1 Multi-language Blog Tags and Authors


Previously, in HubSpot, if you create a blog post in multiple languages and you wanted to create language variants of your blog tags and authors, you'd have to create them as a completely separate tag and author profile.

Now with ‘multi-language blog tags and author' updation, tags can be created in your blog's primary language. When a blog post's language variant is created, its tags and authors' corresponding language variant will be automatically swapped in.


For example, if you have created a French blog post, the blog tag and authors you have created in French will automatically pull in.

5. Ecosystem Updates

Discover the latest updates within HubSpot App Marketplace.

5.1 Updates for Zoom App


HubSpot has made two updates regarding the video calling app- Zoom.

First, whenever a Zoom cloud recording becomes available, you and other meeting participants will be notified. You can make the recordings password protected and can share recording links with others. 

Second, three new sync-functions will give you more control for your sync's easy and effective management.

These functions are:

  • “Auto-Sync” data from all new webinars.
  • “Sync” webinars to make sure that new registrants and participants are in HubSpot.
  • “Re-sync All Data” from previous webinars.

5.2 Email Marketing with HubSpot WordPress Plugin


Earlier with WordPress, you had to use a form plugin, integrate it with an email service provider, and then send your email campaigns in another tool. Now, with this update, you can send HubSpot email campaigns directly from HubSpot.

6. Bonus Updates

Here are some bonus updates for all users and teams.

6.1 User Deletion Improvement


Internal user turnover can be very problematic for your team and for your customers too. When you delete a user from your HubSpot account, you need to reassign their assets to some other team member, or else your customers will be left without a user.

With this new update, you will get a new pop-up that will show you all the user's assets, and you can view and reassign them before deleting the user.

How does it work?

  • Go to Settings in your HubSpot Account
  • Select Users & Teams
  • Delete a user or group of users. If any contacts, companies, tasks, or deals are currently assigned to them,  you'll see the links for them in a new dialogue box before you can finish the deletion. If you click on those links, you'll see the same records they own so that you can reassign them.

In the End

HubSpot has brought all these updates keeping the needs of its users in mind. I hope you will find them extremely helpful.

If you have any questions about a topic, you can refer to our HubSpot Help Center.

That's all for now. We will soon come with some more exciting updates. Till then, take care! 

Also, contact us to understand all product details of HubSpot from our team of experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Automation in HubSpot refers to the process of automating tasks, like sending emails. To set up email automation in your HubSpot account, go to Marketing > Email. Then, create a new email. In the email editor, click the Automation tab. Next, choose the type of workflow you want to create, which defines what happens after your email is sent. This feature streamlines email campaigns by allowing you to set up automatic responses or follow-up actions based on recipient behavior, making your marketing efforts more efficient and personalized.

HubSpot offers AI tools that aid marketers in creating content, customizing campaigns, and scrutinizing data to bolster their marketing endeavors. In Marketing Hub, these AI capabilities encompass tasks like content outlining, drafting, rewriting, and repurposing, as well as crafting social media posts. While HubSpot employs AI to enhance marketing efforts, it's important to note that HubSpot itself isn't exclusively an AI tool; rather, it integrates AI functionalities within its marketing platform to empower marketers in achieving more effective and targeted campaigns.

HubSpot can send emails automatically. You can easily set up automated emails directly in the workflow editor. These automated emails, created within the workflows tool, have a basic look but can be personalized and enhanced in the email editor. To make an automated email in the workflows tool, just go to your HubSpot account, find Automation, and click on Workflows. This feature streamlines the process of reaching out to your contacts at the right time, making your email marketing efforts worthwhile.

In HubSpot, you have the flexibility to use multiple domains based on your subscription plan. If you're on the Pro plan, you can connect and publish content to up to 4 domains. However, if you opt for the Enterprise plan, you have the freedom to use an unlimited number of domains within a single HubSpot account. This versatility allows you to manage and promote content across various websites, giving you more options to reach your audience effectively.