Imagine this: You're a budding creator on YouTube, putting your heart into crafting awesome videos. You're getting views, people love your content, but now you're thinking, “How to get paid on YouTube with this?”

Well, hold tight because we're about to spill the secrets! This guide shows you six smart ways to earn money from those YouTube views.

It's not just about making videos; it's about turning your passion into a paycheck. Excited? Let's dive in and make you earn revenue from your YouTube videos.

Why YouTube over other channels?

YouTube stands out from other channels for several reasons:

1. Global reach:

YouTube has a large global audience, making it an ideal platform to reach a diverse audience.

2. Search Engine Visibility

As the second largest search engine after Google (of YouTube), content on YouTube is highly visible. This increases the chances that your video will be found through search results.

3. Monetization opportunities

YouTube offers a variety of monetization options. These include the YouTube Partner Program, affiliate marketing, and fan funding. This allows creators to monetize their content directly.

4. Content types

Creators can experiment with different types of content. This includes tutorials, vlogs, reviews, and more. This diversity allows for flexibility and creativity in production.

5. Features

YouTube offers interactive features such as comments, likes, shares, and subscriptions, encouraging a sense of community involvement around your content . 

6. Integration with other Google services

As part of the Google ecosystem, YouTube provides creators with more tools and features to integrate with other Google services

7. Possible long-form content

Unlike some time-limited platforms, YouTube allows for long-form content. Thus, allowing creators to explore a broader range of topics.

8. Educational Content Hub

YouTube is the go-to channel for educational content. Many users turn to YouTube to learn new skills, making it the best choice for content-based education and curriculum.

6 ways to make money on YouTube

Start getting paid with the help of YouTube by knowing these 6 important ways.

1. YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is the cornerstone for creators to gain money from their content on the platform. To be eligible, a channel must meet certain requirements.

These consist of collecting at least

  • 1,000 YouTube subscribers and garnered 4000 valid public watch hours in the past 12 months.
  • 1,000 subscribers with 10 million valid public Shorts views in the last 90 days. 

Upon meeting these benchmarks and gaining a reputation in this system, creators release various monetization alternatives. 

  • Monetization through Ads

Creators can earn revenue by permitting YouTube to display commercials on their YouTube movies. These advertisements can appear as skippable video advertisements, non-skippable video commercials, display commercials, overlay commercials, and sponsored cards. The sales generated are shared between the writer and YouTube. 

  • Subscriptions

YouTube earnings can also be from monthly subscription organizations such as YouTube Premium. With YouTube Premium, participants can revel in any video on YouTube without commercials while supporting creators simultaneously. 

Currently, YouTube Premium revenue from its membership prices is shipped to YouTube Partner Programme video Creators. This is based on how many members watch their content. 

  • Identify relevant affiliate programs

Joining the YouTube Partner Program permits the implementation of channel memberships. Here, visitors can turn out to be paying participants of a channel for a month-to-month fee. 

In going back, individuals can get admission to distinct perks, such as custom emojis, badges, and members-handiest content. This gives creators a regular and direct sales stream. 

  • Super Thanks

Super Thanks introduces an extra sales movement while supplying viewers with a fun means. This helps to express appreciation for your content.

Through Super Thanks, target audience participants should buy an active ‘clapping' animation seen to them atop your channel's video. 

Additionally, consumers get hold of a colourful remark inside the video's feedback section. This builds seamless communication with your most devoted supporters.

Get to know more about this amazing feature by watching this video now.

2. Become Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing on YouTube is like having an extra way to earn money. You talk about products or services in your videos, and if people buy them through the special links you share, you get a commission. It's a cool way for YouTubers to make some extra cash!

The fundamental premise is straightforward: creators earn a commission each time when their unique affiliate links generate sales.

How to Get Started

  • Identify relevant affiliate programs

Begin by selecting affiliate programs that align with the theme and focus of your YouTube channel. Select services or products that your audience feel relevant to. This ensures a higher likelihood of engagement and conversions.

  • Sign up for affiliate programs

Join the chosen affiliate programs by signing up through their respective platforms. Many companies and brands, from e-commerce giants to niche service providers, offer affiliate partnerships.

  • Incorporate affiliate links in video descriptions

Once accepted into an affiliate program, creators receive unique tracking links. These links are then strategically placed in the video descriptions. The creator is credited with a commission when viewers click these links and purchase.

Integrate affiliate links at relevant points in your video. For instance, if reviewing a tech product, place the affiliate link when discussing its features or demonstrating its use.

Here is a perfect example to demonstrate you the usage and placement of affiliate links. In the description of this video, ‘Top 5 video editing apps in 2024', you can find a few affiliate links to the mentioned apps. This way, people try to create videos with topics that are searchable and gain money with the help of affiliate marketing.

This is the description of the above video, and you can witness that the creator has added affiliate links to the tools mentioned in the video. This way, you can add links in the video description and use affiliate marketing to earn money on YouTube.

  • Disclose affiliate relationships

Transparently disclose your affiliate relationships to your audience. Being honest about doing affiliate marketing helps build trust with your audience. When you tell them about it, it shows that you're open and transparent, and that's super important!

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

  • Diversified revenue

Affiliate marketing adds a supplementary income stream to a creator's revenue portfolio. Thus, reducing dependency on a single source.

  • Flexibility and creativity

Creators can choose products or services that resonate with their content. It allows for creative integration within their videos.

  • Performance-based earning

Earnings are directly tied to performance. As your audience grows and engages, so does your earning potential through successful affiliate marketing efforts.

3. Sell products

Monetizing your YouTube channel extends beyond ads and affiliate marketing. Selling products to your audience is also a powerful strategy.

YouTube facilitates this through a “merchandise shelf” feature. It allows creators to showcase and sell branded merchandise. We will help you with the process of selling products on your channel.

YouTube Shopping further enhances this capability. It helps to turn your videos into a direct sales channel. By integrating YouTube Shopping, you can tag your products in videos. It provides a seamless shopping experience for your viewers without redirecting them to external websites.

This feature leads to organized buying process and enhances the viewer experience. It can also boost your revenue stream and thus, a good option to know how to get paid on YouTube.

How to Set Up a Merchandise Shelf

  • Meet eligibility criteria

Ensure your channel qualifies for merchandise shelf access. Generally, this requires your channel to be part of the YouTube Partner Program and have over 10,000 subscribers.

  • Design branded merchandise

Create unique and appealing merchandise that resonates with your audience. This can include T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, or any other items that align with your channel's theme.

  • Choose a partner merchandise platform

YouTube collaborates with merchandise partners like Teespring, Spreadshop, and Merchbar. Select a partner platform and set up your store there. Integrate your YouTube channel with the chosen platform.

  • Link your merchandise shelf

Go to your YouTube Studio dashboard and navigate to the “Monetization” section. If eligible, you'll find the “Merchandise” tab. Link your merchandise store to your channel by entering the appropriate details.

  • Customize your merchandise shelf

Personalize the appearance of your merchandise shelf to align with your brand. Choose the layout, arrangement, and specific products you want to feature. This makes sure a visually appealing integration beneath your videos.

  • Launch and Promote

Your merchandise shelf will appear beneath your videos once set up. Encourage your audience to explore and make purchases. Consider promoting new products, limited-time offers, or exclusive items to generate excitement and urgency.

To know more, watch this video now.

Benefits of Selling Products on YouTube

  • Direct revenue stream

Selling products provides a direct and tangible revenue stream. You earn money not only through video views but also from your audience's direct support through merchandise purchases.

  • Brand visibility and loyalty

Branded merchandise enhances your channel's visibility. Fans wearing or using your products become walking advertisements. Thus contributing to brand loyalty and community engagement.

  • Diversification of income

By diversifying your revenue streams beyond ads, you reduce dependency on a single source, contributing to a more stable income model.

Tips for Success

  • Understand your audience

Tailor your merchandise to your audience's preferences and interests, increasing conversion rates.

  • Quality and design matters

Invest in high-quality, visually appealing designs for your merchandise. Pleasing products in an aesthetic way are more likely to attract purchases.

  • Engage and promote

Actively engage with your audience, promoting your merchandise in videos, community posts, and social media. Create a sense of exclusivity and excitement around new releases.

4. Become Brand Influencer

Knowing how to get paid on YouTube doesn't end here; it's time for brand influencing. Teaming up with brands as a YouTube influencer is a great way to make money. This guide will show you how to do it step by step – from forming partnerships to staying true to yourself and making the most out of your earnings!

Steps to Become a Brand Influencer

  • Build a strong brand identity

Before attracting brands, cultivate a strong and recognizable brand identity for your YouTube channel. Define your niche, create consistent content, and build an engaged audience. A well-defined brand will be more appealing to potential collaborators.

  • Grow your audience

Brands often seek influencers with an engaged following. Focus on growing your subscriber count, increasing views, and creating a community around your content. Brands should always consider authenticity and engagement as the key factors when selecting influencers.

  • Identify your niche and audience demographics

Understand your niche and your audience's demographics. This information is crucial for brands looking to target specific consumer segments. The more aligned your content is with a brand's target audience, the more attractive you become as a potential influencer.

  • Create compelling content

Showcase your creativity and content production skills. Develop high-quality, engaging videos that resonate with your audience and show your ability to promote products or services.

  • Optimize your YouTube profile

Ensure your YouTube profile is optimized with a professional-looking banner, an informative bio, and contact information for business inquiries. This provides brands with easy access to your details for potential collaborations.

  • Reach out to brands and agencies

Actively reach out to brands relevant to your niche or let them come to you. Use professional platforms such as influencer marketing agencies or brand collaboration websites.

This will help to connect with potential partners. Craft a compelling pitch showcasing your channel's strengths and how it aligns with the brand's values.

  • Disclose sponsored content

Transparency is essential in influencer marketing. Clearly disclose any sponsored content to your audience. This adheres to legal requirements and builds trust with your viewers.

Here is an example of brand influencer marketing of none other than Google.

Even a global brand like Google recognizes the power of influencer marketing to showcase the versatility of its products. In this instance, Google collaborated with popular YouTube illusionist Zach King.

The campaign involved a YouTube video where King seamlessly incorporated Google Meet and Google Password Manager into his illusions.

Benefits of Being a Brand Influencer

  • Monetization opportunities

Collaborating with brands opens avenues for various monetization opportunities. Thus, including sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and exclusive partnerships.

  • Diversified income streams

Brand partnerships contribute to diversifying your income streams beyond ad revenue. It offers a more stable and reliable income model.

  • Enhanced credibility and authority

Associating with reputable brands enhances your credibility and authority within your niche. It positions you as an influential figure whose recommendations are valued. Cultivate long-term relationships with brands for sustained collaboration. Building lasting partnerships can lead to recurring opportunities and a more stable income stream.

5. License your Content

Licensing your content on YouTube is a special way for creators to earn money beyond regular ad revenue.

Content licensing is like giving a thumbs up to others who want to use your videos. It means saying, “Sure, go ahead!” to media outlets, filmmakers, or businesses. It will let them use your videos for things like commercials, documentaries, or creative projects.

Steps to License Your Content

  • Create unique and high-quality content

The foundation of content licensing is the creation of unique, compelling, and high-quality videos. Content that stands out and showcases your creative prowess is more likely to attract potential licensors.

  • Legal considerations

Ensure that you have the legal rights to license your content. This may involve reviewing YouTube's terms of service and addressing any potential copyright concerns. Clear ownership of intellectual property is crucial for a smooth licensing process.

  • Build a diverse video portfolio

Increase your chances of attracting potential licensors by building a diverse portfolio of videos. Explore different themes, genres, and styles to showcase the versatility of your content.

  • Optimize video descriptions and metadata

Optimizing video descriptions, titles, and metadata makes your videos discoverable. Specify that your content is available for licensing and provide contact information for interested parties.

  • Promote your licensing availability

Promote the availability of your content for licensing through your YouTube channel, social media platforms, and any other online presence. Think about crafting a dedicated section on your channel or website highlighting licensing opportunities.

  • Connect with licensing platforms

Explore platforms and services dedicated to connecting content creators with potential licensors. Some platforms are marketplaces where creators can showcase their content, and businesses or filmmakers can browse and license suitable videos.

Opportunities and Benefits

  • Additional income streams

Licensing your content opens up more income streams beyond traditional ad revenue. Each licensing agreement can result in a one-time payment or ongoing royalties.

  • Exposure and recognition

Having your content featured in commercials, documentaries, or other projects provides valuable exposure. It can increase your channel's visibility and enhanced recognition within the creative industry.

  • Collaborative opportunities

Licensing may pave the way for collaborative opportunities with filmmakers, businesses, or media outlets. Building connections in these industries can lead to future projects and partnerships.

Considerations and Best Practices

  • Specify licensing terms

Define the terms of the licensing agreement, including usage rights, duration, and compensation. A transparent agreement helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures fair compensation for your work.

  • Protect your intellectual property

Ensure that your licensing agreements address issues related to copyright, exclusivity, and any restrictions on the use of your content.

  • Stay informed about industry standards

Stay informed about industry standards and pricing for content licensing. Understanding the market can help you negotiate favourable terms and make informed decisions about potential agreements.

6. Fan Funding

Fan funding has become a significant avenue for content creators to connect with their audience and generate extra revenue on YouTube.

This detailed explanation delves into YouTube's two primary fan funding options that will lead you to your ultimate goal of knowing how to get paid on YouTube: Channel Memberships and Super Chat.

1. YouTube Channel Memberships

YouTube Channel Memberships allow viewers to become paying channel members. Thus, offering a deeper level of engagement and exclusive benefits. Viewers can access perks that enhance their experience and support the content creator for a monthly fee.

  • Exclusive perks: Creators can offer perks such as custom badges, emojis, members-only content, or early access to videos.
  • Members-only community: Create a community among channel members by creating a dedicated space for interactions and discussions.
  • Monetization stability: Channel Memberships provide creators with a stable, recurring source of income. It complements other revenue streams.
How It Works:
  • Creators set up different membership tiers, each with its own perks.
  • Viewers choose a membership tier based on the benefits they find most appealing.
  • Monthly payments from members contribute to the creator's revenue.

2. Super Chat

Super Chat is a feature that allows fans to make monetary contributions during a creator's livestream. Doing so makes their messages highlighted and stand out in the live chat. It allows viewers to support the creator and grab their attention.

  • Requirements: A monetized channel with at least 500 subscribers, To be older than 18, To live in one of the available locations. Additionally, you won’t be able to earn Super Chats if you have a ‘made for kids’ channel or post age-restricted content.
  • Highlighted Messages: Donors' messages appear in the live chat, ensuring creators notice and respond to them.
  • Monetary Contributions: Fans can attach monetary amounts to their messages. It directly contributes to the creator's earnings.
  • Interaction Boost: Super Chat enhances viewer-to-creator interactions during live streams. Thus creating a dynamic and engaging experience.

How It Works

  • Go to the YouTube Studio.
  • In the left navigation menu, click Monetization.
  • At the top of the ‘Channel Monetization’ dashboard, click ‘Supers’.
  • On the right side of the screen, you can disable or enable Super Chats or Super Stickers ( similar to Super Chats, but are animated graphics viewers can buy to display in streams/premieres).

For Viewers,

  • Viewers click on the Super Chat icon during a live stream.
  • They choose the amount they want to contribute and enter their message.
  • The message appears as a highlighted pin in the live chat, increasing visibility.

To know more about Super Chats watch this video now.

Benefits and Considerations
  • Direct Fan Support: Channel Memberships and Super Chat offer a direct way for fans to support their favourite creators financially.
  • Enhanced Engagement: These features deepen the connection between creators and their audience, fostering a sense of community.
  • Diversified Income: Fan funding options provide creators with additional revenue streams beyond traditional ad earnings.

Additional Best Practices for Successful Monetization

Knowing how to get paid on YouTube involves more than turning on revenue streams. It requires smart practices that boost viewer engagement and optimize content strategy. Explore these essential best practices for successful monetization:

1. Create Engaging Content

Making money on YouTube is about creating videos people love watching and can't resist engaging with. The longer people stay tuned, watch more videos, and interact with your content, the more money-making opportunities open up for you.

So, engaging YouTube video marketing content is the key to unlocking your YouTube earnings!

Best Practices

  • Define your niche

Clearly outlining your content niche is pivotal in attracting a specific and interested audience. This helps target the right viewers and establishes your channel as an authoritative source within a particular subject matter.

Implementation: Conduct thorough research to identify a niche that aligns with your passion and expertise. Tailor your content to cater to your target audience's needs and interests.

  • Compelling Thumbnails and Titles

YouTube thumbnails and titles serve as the first point of contact with potential viewers. Creating eye-catching visuals and titles is crucial to attract clicks, boost click-through rates, and make your content stand out on YouTube.

Implementation: Design eye-catching thumbnails that are visually appealing and relevant to the video's content. Craft titles that are intriguing and descriptive, offering a clear insight into what viewers can expect.

How about this colourful thumbnail of a video from ‘HubSpot Tutorials by webdew‘ ? By looking at such attractive thumbnails, your audience will tend to open the video and watch it.

  • Storytelling Techniques:

Storytelling transcends mere information delivery, connecting the content and the audience. Incorporating storytelling elements enhances viewer engagement, making your videos more memorable and shareable.

Implementation: When making your videos, think of it like telling a good story. Start with an interesting beginning, build up the excitement, and then wrap it up nicely. You can also share personal stories or use situations people can relate to, creating a stronger bond with your viewers.

  • Interactive Elements

Actively involving your audience fosters a sense of community and keeps viewers invested in your content. Interactive elements, such as likes, comments, and shares, contribute to higher engagement metrics.

Implementation: Encourage audience participation through features like polls, comments, and calls to action. Prompt viewers to share their thoughts, opinions, or experiences related to the video's content.

2. Add Links in the Video Description

Use the video description section to provide more information, relevant links, and calls to action. This enhances user experience and opens up opportunities for external monetization. 

Best Practices

  • Affiliate Links

Think of affiliate marketing as a way to earn money by discussing products or services in your videos. You get a commission when you include special links in your video description, and your viewers use them to make a purchase. It's a simple way to make extra income while sharing things you like with your audience.

Implementation: Include relevant affiliate links for products or services featured in your videos. Clearly disclose your use of affiliate links to maintain transparency with your audience.

  • Social Media Links

Earn commissions by promoting products in your videos through affiliate marketing. Use special links in your video description, and you get a commission when your viewers make a purchase.

Expand your online presence by adding links to your social media profiles in the video description for broader engagement.

Implementation: Direct viewers to your social media accounts by providing clickable links. Please encourage them to follow you on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, fostering a stronger connection and community.

  • Promotional Links

Diversifying your revenue streams goes beyond YouTube ads. Use the video description section to promote merchandise, sponsorships, or collaborations. This will provide additional avenues for monetization.

Implementation: Link to your online store or specific product pages if you have merchandise. Include relevant links to the partnering brands or projects for sponsorships or collaborations. Thus creating a seamless flow between your content and external opportunities.

3. Understanding YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is a powerful tool that offers insights into your audience's behaviour, preferences, and interaction with your content. A thorough understanding of these metrics can inform your monetization strategy. This understanding will definitely help you to analyze how to get paid on Youtube in a better way.

If you’re using YouTube Studio, click Analytics that in the left menu to get started.

Best Practices

  • Watch Time Analysis

The cornerstone of YouTube's monetization model, watch time, is a key metric that directly influences ad revenue. Analyzing watch time patterns helps creators understand which content contributes most to this crucial metric.

Implementation: Identify videos with high watch time and analyze the elements that captivate your audience. Use this information to create more content that aligns with viewer preferences and sustains longer watch times.

  • Audience Demographics

Successful content creators tailor their videos to resonate with their target audience. YouTube Analytics provides valuable insights into audience demographics, enabling creators to refine and customize their content strategy.

Implementation: Study audience demographics, including age, gender, and location. Adjust your content to cater to the preferences of your primary audience, ensuring a more personalized and engaging viewing experience.

  • Top-performing Content

Unlock the secrets of your most successful videos by examining their characteristics. YouTube Analytics allows you to pinpoint factors contributing to high performance, empowering you to replicate those elements in future content.

Implementation: Identify commonalities in your top-performing videos. This could include specific topics, video length, editing styles, etc. Incorporate these insights into new content to increase the likelihood of success.

4. Consistency in Uploading

Consistency in uploading content contributes to viewer loyalty and sustained engagement. A regular upload schedule helps build anticipation and encourages subscribers to return for new content.

Best Practices

  • Establish a Schedule

Select a realistic and sustainable upload schedule that aligns with your audience's preferences. Sticking to a routine fosters predictability, Whether daily, weekly, or bi-weekly. Thus making it easier for your audience to expect and await your next upload.

Understand your audience's habits and preferences to determine the optimal upload timing. Consistently delivering content when your audience is most active enhances visibility and engagement.

  • Quality over Quantity

While consistency is vital, quality should never be compromised. Focus on delivering high-quality, engaging content, even if it means adjusting your upload frequency. This ensures that each video contributes positively to your channel's reputation.

Quality content resonates with viewers, leading to longer watch times, higher retention rates, and increased chances of subscribers returning for future uploads.

  • Communication

Life can be unpredictable, and creators may face challenges adhering to their schedules. In such cases, transparent communication with your audience becomes crucial. Keep your subscribers informed about any changes to your upload schedule to manage expectations effectively.

Leverage community posts, video announcements, or social media platforms to communicate schedule adjustments. Engaging with your audience fosters a sense of community and understanding.

5. Collaborating with other creators

Collaborations with other creators can introduce your channel to new audiences, create community engagement, and create unique content that resonates with viewers.

Best Practices

  • Relevance

When embarking on collaborations, focus on relevance. Choose creators whose content complements your own. Thus, ensuring that the collaboration appeals to both your existing audience and your collaborator.

Identifying shared interests or themes between collaborators helps create a cohesive and engaging narrative.

  • Cross-promotion

Collaborations offer an excellent opportunity for cross-promotion. Engage in joint promotional efforts, such as shout-outs and shared content, to encourage mutual growth.

This symbiotic relationship allows both creators to tap into each other's subscriber bases. Thus helping to expand their reach.

Cross-promotion facilitates the crossover of audiences. Thus introducing your content to viewers who may not have discovered it otherwise. This reciprocal sharing reinforces community bonds and amplifies the impact of collaborative endeavours.

  • Diversify Content

To maximize the impact of collaborations, aim to create diverse content that appeals to a broad audience. Whether it's a unique challenge, discussion, or joint project, diversity adds value and keeps viewers intrigued.

When creators come together with diverse ideas, it leads to innovative and captivating content. Collaborating with others adds variety to your content collection.

Ready to earn money on YouTube?

Turning your YouTube hobby into a money-making venture is easier than you think. Follow these six ways to know how to get paid on YouTube with video content: joining the YouTube Partner Program, becoming an affiliate marketer, selling products, collaborating with brands, licensing content, and enabling fan funding.

It's time to start earning money from now on with your YouTube videos. Discover these simple and effective ways to make money with your content and unlock the full potential of your YouTube journey.

If you need professional help to get started with YouTube video creation, contact webdew.

Also, let us know in the comments about the strategy you think will work best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

YouTubers make money through ads, YouTube Premium, channel memberships, and merchandise sales. Ad revenue is a significant source, with creators getting a share based on factors like watch time and ad engagement.

To get paid on YouTube, creators need 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months, and approval for the YouTube Partner Program. This way you can become a YouTube partner. 

To receive payments or earn income, YouTubers set up an AdSense account, linking it to their channel. Payments are processed through AdSense, with various payout options.

YouTube pays based on CPM (cost per thousand impressions), varying from $0.25 to $4 on average. Creators earn a share of ad revenue generated from their content.