Are you frustrated with your email campaign process? Are you spending a lot of time in creating and sending the same emails time and again? Are you looking forward to the best way to improve your email marketing game? Well! That's where HubSpot email templates come into play. 

With the help of email templates, you can save a lot of time in creating repetitive email content. Indeed there are various HubSpot email templates available both for free and paid, but customizing your email template can actually take your campaign to the next level. 


Now, you might be thinking that to design and develop email templates, you need to have good coding.
Are you still pondering over how to create email templates without any technical skills? All thanks to 
It provides us with an effortless way to develop an email template. It offers drag-and-drop functionality, that allows us to design email templates without any coding. 


Want to know how? Well! This article will surely help you make email templates in HubSpot. By simply following the steps added below will help you know how it works, and you will be able to design templates with zero coding knowledge.

Steps to create Email Template in HubSpot without Coding

Let's begin… 

Step-1 Login your HubSpot account and go to Marketing > Email.

login hubspot

Step-2 Click on Create Email button at the top right of the screen.

create email button

Step-3 A block will open where you will see different email types. Here I have selected “Regular” email type and moved further but you can choose the email type as per your needs. 

select regular email type

Step-4 Now, you will redirect to a dashboard, where you have to select a template. Now, there are two options, the first is custom, and the second is drag and drop. And, for making templates easily we go with the drag and drop option. 

select template

Step-5 Now, select one of the best HubSpot email templates that fulfill your needs from the list of all HubSpot drag-and-drop templates. 

hubspot template dashboard

Step-6 Here, I have chosen the Promotion template. Well! You can select any template of your choice.

select- promotion template

Step-7 You will redirect to the blog editor page. Here you can now create an email template without zero technical knowledge as per your own requirements. 

blog editor page

Just navigate to the left side of the page and use these drag-and-drop modules to create an excellent email template. It includes images, buttons, text, social, divider, video, footer, etc. 

Now, let's understand the usage of each module in detail. 


Image Module

The image module is basically used for adding images to your email template. Just drag and drop the module in the template and choose your image by clicking browse image or upload on the left side.

Text Module

With the help of the text module, you can insert text into your template. Simply drag the text module and drop it where you want to add it to the template. 

text module

To know-how, simply follow the below-added video. 

Button Module

It is another module that you might have to use in every email template you create. It is commonly used for adding button Links in your template. This module provides all button options like font, link, size, color, etc. Just drag and drop it into the template from the left-side module list.

Divider Module

It is another module that is commonly used for showing the separation between two sections or blocks. It's like a line that separates two different sections. So, if you want to show separation in your blog template, you can always use a divider module by following the below-added video. 

Social Module

By using this social module, you can redirect the user from email to your social media page or profile. Just drag and drop it and add links to your social media in your email with this module. Look at the below-added video for know-how. 

Video Module

If you want to insert some video in your email template, then you can make the best use of the video module using the drag-and-drop option. In this, you can also add embedded code to YouTube videos and style the play button on the video.

The best part is that all the module-adding criteria are the same i.e., just drag and drop and edit. That's why HubSpot CMS is preferred by many. 

Footer Module

Whenever we select an email template, the footer is the area that is set in the template by default. But you can edit, and delete default footers, and can even design new footers by using this module. So, start using this content and add content to your design requirements.

More Module

Furthermore, you can use more custom modules in your email templates. Just click on “More”, and you will see all the custom modules that are stored in the backend.


You can search for the module name and then just drag and drop the module. But personally, I don't recommend you to use a custom module if it's not too necessary because templates have their default width and responsiveness.
If you add a custom module, make sure the module should match the working way of the HubSpot email template. But first, try to make your email template design by using HubSpot's default predefined modules.

Step-8 Besides modules, you can also drag and drop layouts of columns. 

layouts of columns

The drag-and-drop templates provide a maximum of four columns for adding modules in a single row. It means that in a single row, you can add a maximum of four blocks and a minimum of 1. You can drag and drop your module according to these columns. 

Step-9 In your email template design, you can also set the background color, font families for text and text color for the template, etc. You can also do this step at the starting of your process.

select background color

Step-10 Once you are done with all the updation, simply click on the Save button and send it to your email. But make sure you preview the final design before saving it. Also, you can send the email template to your id for testing purposes. Thus, make sure you test the email template before sending the email. Just follow the steps to proceed with the email testing. 

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The final Verdict

Congratulations! You have successfully created your HubSpot responsive email template without the assistance of the developer. 

Indeed, email marketing is an integral part of a marketing strategy. So, if you want to see good results, start harnessing the power of email templates.
Still, if you face any hurdles in designing emails in HubSpot, feel free to
jump on a call with us. 

                                                                                                                    Editor– Divya Verma