The eCommerce industry shows no sign of slowing down as the demand is skyrocketing day by day. But as the competition rises, you have the risk of losing customers. 

Often items are left in the cart, and no further action is taken by customers. Sometimes, people tend to leave it halfway and forget about it. These are valuable leads for any eCommerce store, and they should be nurtured and converted to customers. 


What works best, in this scenario, to convert potential leads into customers are marketing campaigns. HubSpot automation feature is a savior in covering all customers in the buyer's journey. 

Andaaz fashion, a retail brand operating in various countries, chose HubSpot CRM for a perfect marketing automation campaign with the objective of conversion in every step of the buyer's journey.

Being a HubSpot Diamond partner and a company that prioritizes customer relationships, webdew was clearly able to understand the requirements of Andaaz fashion. HubSpot professionals at webdew created an excellent strategy for the client to make maximum use of the HubSpot platform to satisfy their requirements. 

HubSpot Marketing Automation to scale up Business

HubSpot experts at webdew broke down the marketing automation requirements for Andaaz Fashion into four parts. 

The first step was to segment the unorganized database based on various properties and deal associations. What followed was addressing several deals abandoned in different stages of the deal pipeline. 

The next step involved integrating WhatHub with Andaaz's HubSpot account as the client's sales team will then be able to attend to their customer's queries on Whatsapp. And finally, they had to 

Let us now understand in detail how the HubSpot professionals of webdew resolved the challenges of the client and helped in scaling up their business through effective use of HubSpot. 

Data Segmentation

Unorganized data can hamper marketing, sales, and the entire business. It is important to organize contacts; however, that is definitely not an easy task. 

With a huge database of unorganized contacts, businesses are not able to use the data of their target audience to the maximum. Andaaz Fashion was facing the same issue and found difficulty in organizing their contacts, using customer data for marketing purposes, and keeping it within the marketing contacts limit. Moreover, most of their contact data consisted only of the email addresses of their online store visitors. 

Most of their contacts came to HubSpot via forms and chats, and therefore, formatting them so as to collect necessary details were required. After formatting the forms and chats, the next step was to organize the data and segment it to use the same in various marketing email campaigns. 

The email marketing campaigns were inclusive of many customer-oriented incentives like discounts on festivals and special discounts to contacts as per their purchase history. The HubSpot professionals at webdew segmented out the contacts who made purchases around the particular festivals. This was used to send these contacts automatic emails offering discounts and product recommendations based on previous purchases.

Next, we segmented the contacts based on the number of deals they were associated with. This means the more deals, the more discounts Andaaz will offer. 

To keep the number of marketing contacts within limits, it was necessary to segment the contacts who were in the system for a long time but never made any purchases. Also, those contacts with no engagement or no deals were converted into non-marketing contacts. 


Sending Marketing Emails via Workflows

Abandoned carts are quite common, and sending reminder emails can make customers take action and complete the purchase. Reminder emails, along with the information about the abandoned product, can be sent to potential customers by making use of HubSpot workflows. Many deals stagnated in payment pending and abandoned cart stages waiting can be nurtured through this marketing strategy.

So as to nurture contacts to address several deals that were abandoned in different stages of the deal pipelines, we created automated marketing emails. When any contact leaves the product in an abandoned cart and doesn't return it for days, they will be sent reminder emails with product information. 

Not just the products abandoned in the cart required to be shown in the email, but also sending recommendations to the customers can help the customer identify what they would like to purchase further. 

Product and recommendation modules were created first before adding to HubSpot. The whole abandoned cart was also created by the design manager, and static images and other details were used for recommendations. 

Sending marketing emails via workflows

WhatHub Integration for Customer Inquiry 

Andaaz sales representatives used to get many inquiries on WhatsApp, which they would later feed manually into HubSpot. This involved a lot of manual creation of contacts and other processes. They wanted to have all the conversations aligned on Whatsapp by making use of the HubSpot crm software tools.

We integrated third-party app WhatHub with Andaaz's HubSpot account, thereby facilitating all the conversations on HubSpot. By doing so, from that conversation alone, they were able to create the deals. 

Tracking Sales and Service Conversations via HubSpot

Tracking sales and service conversations is very important for the further growth of a business. HubSpot inbox tool helps you track sales and service conversations with customers easily so that transparency is maintained and the business moves forward smoothly. This feature allows you to keep track of sales and service inquiries coming through website forms on HubSpot.

Andaz's fashion utilizes forms on its website so that website visitors and customers can make pre and post-sales inquiries. They wanted to move and track their communication regarding the same on their HubSpot CRM. 

HubSpot professionals at webdew created two different inboxes for sales and service and connected the respective forms to them. Now, the respective sales representatives can keep track of communication with the customers and even can create tickets for inquiries.

Wrapping Up

The webdew HubSpot team worked hard to help Andaaz Fashion get the most out of their HubSpot CRM. Data segregation was done, and spam contacts were removed so that the customer could manage their marketing contacts and start email campaigns based on reliable data.

The webdew team created a centralized communication system to better serve clients. Additional services provided to the client included an automated ticketing system and procedures for sending email reminders in response to various transaction phases.

HubSpot tools are a boon for any eCommerce store like Andaaz Fashion in converting potential leads to customers throughout the buyer's journey. If you are looking to level up your business effectively, HubSpot CRM will be very beneficial. 

To guide you through the process, you might need assistance from HubSpot professionals. 

Get a free consultation with our HubSpot professionals and find out how you can scale up your eCommerce business through effective strategies and tools. 

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