Nowadays, every customer finds out what other people have to say about the company and their services. Indeed, the reviews of previous customers directly impact business growth and ROI. Due to its high popularity and response, companies add client testimonial videos to better customer experience and online presence. 

Do you want people to wipe up their cards to avail your services? Start focusing on client testimonial videos.

As per the statistics, 73% of the customers would likely trust the brand after reading the positive reviews. Thus, it's good to see companies change their way from written testimonials to engaging customer testimonial videos. 

A client testimonial video gives in-depth and straightforward customer responses. By listing the customers' honest feedback in the form of videos, they can make informed decisions and even force the volunteers to take action. 

If you are reading this article, you might be planning to create the best client testimonial videos on your own. Well, you are at the right place. This article will give you a clear insight into how you can easily create some of the remarkable and best client testimonial videos without any hassle.

7 steps to create engaging Testimonial Videos

1. Choose the Right Customer

Choosing the right customer and asking them for a testimonial video is difficult. You must consider a few things, like never asking a brand new client too early as it might scare them. Always choose the customer who is availing your services for the last couple of months. Make sure the client you are selecting feels comfortable while going in front of the camera. 

Moreover, choose a client who loves your company because they would definitely share their views, both real and in favour of your business. Once the customer is ready for the testimonial video, never forget to ask over an email. 

After the confirmation, explain the format to put the customer at ease. This step will engage the clients and allow you to make stronger relations with the customers. Thus, the selection of customers plays a huge role.

2. Hire the Right Video Production Agency 

Choosing suitable video production is more important than selecting the customer. If you are unable to select the right video agency, then all your efforts will be in vain. No doubt, you can also record a client testimonial on your mobile phone, but there are chances that it might not reflect a professional message to the viewers. 

It's better if you select the best video production company. It will produce professional videos, and their skills, creative ideas, and experience make your client look natural on the screen, which is more important than a testimonial video. 

Always make sure whenever you choose a video agency, make sure you ask for some examples. It will help you decide whether the company you plan to choose is the right fit for your business. 

3. Don't Script, make it Human 

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make while producing a client testimonial video is making their clients rehearse the script time and again. It will undoubtedly make the client fluent, but it will not give a natural look to your video, which is essential, especially for testimonial videos. 

Also, your customers are not actors, and they will face hassle in reading the script. So, if you want your testimonial video to be powerful and engaging, keep it genuine and real as it will deliver heartfelt messages to the viewers. Just create a series of questions and record them in their real voice.

Below are some of the questions that you might ask from your customer:

  • What problems were you able to solve with our service/product? 
  • What is the happiest thing you felt while working with us?
  • Are you satisfied with the product and services?

A hot tip- Always ask the customer to answer short because you will get a chance to cover more questions quickly.

4. Add Production Value 

Equipment, techniques, experience, and setup are essential to take your testimonial video to another level. Always let your camera roll until the interview is going on because the camera might capture unexpected things that might create discomfort for the customer. 

Besides making customers feel comfortable, it's important to choose the perfect scene and angle. Now you might be thinking about whether you should shoot the video indoors or outdoors? Office or home? 

No matter which location you choose, ensure it has appropriate lighting and doesn't have a noise like a playground. It might distract the customer, which might further affect the quality of the video. 

5. Keep it Short and Real

I am not saying that long videos cannot help you generate traffic, but if you want to retain more customers, then keep your video short and simple. Ask the video production company to highlight all the major points and discuss the cutaways with the agency. Proper and clear communication will help the video production company make a better video and fulfill all your requirements. 

Always remember that the first 30 seconds are enough to engage the audience. If they feel the temptation, then you will stay on the video till the end. So, make sure to create a video that many people see and adds value to your brand. It's better to keep customer testimonial videos beyond 60 seconds.

6. Edit! Edit! Edit!

Now, you are at the stage where you have to perform post-production editing very minutely. If you don't take this step appropriately, then there are chances that the video's quality might be affected. If you do not use the camera roll properly, it might take a considerable time to edit the content. 

The primary objective of this step is to make a clean-cut customer interview video. If you find any problem in the video content, this is the right time when you can correct and make the video to grab customers' attention. 

So, don't just accept the video directly provided by the agency. Get an overview and ask to make the updates if needed. Once it's all done, don't forget to share it with the client before it's sent out, as it will build their trust again. 

7. Market the Video

Last but not least, share the final video testimonial on various social channels. Shouting your video testimonial video will make the viewers aware of your brands and services and allow you to generate organic traffic and revenue. 

Social media is the best platform to reach potential customers because around 3.8 billion people are using social media worldwide. Also, you can send the client testimonial videos to your email newsletter to increase the number of subscribers. Always remember higher opportunities for people and better business success. 

In a Crux

Indeed, creating a compelling client testimonial video is not a cakewalk. But if you keep these points in mind, then it would be really simple to develop stronger relations with the viewers and convert more deals. 

Strategy and planning can do wonders! Hopefully, all the points mentioned above will help you produce an impressive testimonial video professionally and effectively. Still, if you face any challenges in creating a video, feel free to contact us or share it in the comment section added below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

To create a client testimonial video, start by identifying a satisfied customer willing to share their positive experience. Then, prepare a list of questions that prompt them to discuss their journey with your product or service. Film the interview, ensuring good lighting and clear audio. Capture additional footage or images to support their story. Finally, edit the video, incorporating B-roll, graphics, and music as needed, to produce a compelling and authentic client testimonial.

A customer testimonial video is a marketing tool that features a satisfied customer sharing their positive experiences with a product or service. These videos serve as authentic endorsements, showcasing the benefits, credibility, and trustworthiness of a brand through the firsthand account of a happy customer.

When filming client testimonials, start by selecting a quiet, well-lit location and set up a camera with good audio equipment. Prepare a list of questions or talking points to guide the interviewee. Encourage the client to speak sincerely about their experiences, focusing on the product or service's impact on their life or business. Capture supplementary footage or images that illustrate their story. Finally, edit the footage to create a polished and engaging testimonial video.

A client testimonial is a written or spoken statement from a customer, expressing their satisfaction and positive experiences with a product, service, or company. These testimonials are used for marketing and promotional purposes to build trust and credibility, as potential customers often rely on the opinions of existing clients to make informed decisions. Client testimonials can take various forms, such as written reviews, video testimonials, or audio recordings, and they play a crucial role in establishing a brand's reputation and attracting new customers.