ChatGPT is an AI conversational tool that has contributed to a major leap in AI takeover. Being a free-to-use platform, ChatGPT quickly captured the attention of business owners and employees. 

ChatGPT engages in a conversational tone with the users and aids in writing content, editing blog posts, writing and debugging code, translating a language, etc. 

Even though ChatGPT is impressive and may replace content creators and coders in the future, there are many question marks and uncertainties. 

For instance, ChatGPT sometimes provides inaccurate and false information to the users, leading to confusion. Besides, it mostly repeats its responses due to a lack of access to web browsing. 

Generative AI is coming, but it needs countless improvements. 

This article will cover an honest review of ChatGPT. Let’s put ChatGPT to test. 

Reviewing ChatGPT: My personal experience

Now that I have discussed a few basic elements of ChatGPT, it’s time to explore the core sections. 

Remember that the review discussed in this blog is my personal opinion. The purpose of this review on ChatGPT is to help you know the ins and outs. 

Henceforth, my verdict on ChatGPT may be completely different from yours, depending on your needs and use cases. 

1. ChatGPT remembers previous conversations.

ChatGPT can recall prior messages within a conversation, leveraging this context to craft suitable replies. It considers the complete conversation history to generate fitting responses.

Due to this specific ability, you don’t need to worry about giving countless prompts explaining the same thing again. Even if your message is cut short, you can give the “continue” command. 

This way, ChatGPT can continue exactly from where it left off. 

Let me give you an example so that you can understand how effectively ChatGPT can remember the previous conversation. 

chatgpt review previous conversation

As you can see, ChatGPT has remembered the earlier conversations. My second and third follow-up questions had nothing to do with the primary command unless the chatbot knew what we talked about earlier

This will undoubtedly prove handy, especially when using ChatGPT to craft promotional content. The continuing conversation will also help you create blog posts easily while changing the format and structure. 

After you receive your desired output, you can ask ChatGPT to summarize all the responses into one paragraph. 

? Review
  • With its ability to remember previous conversations, I believe this is one of the most helpful features of ChatGPT. After exploring ChatGPT for a long time, I can confidently say that continuing the conversation will save time and effort.

By enabling the model to remember past conversations, we can expect to see even more impressive advancements. It has the ability to engage in natural, meaningful, and contextually aware communication.

2. Blog posts

Using ChatGPT to create blog posts is one of the most popular use cases. 

ChatGPT is here to help you with whether you need short or long articles. All you need to do is just give the commands correctly. 

Apart from writing a whole blog post, ChatGPT can also be used to write introductions, blog formats, conclusions, etc. 

Many content writers use ChatGPT to overcome their writer’s block

chatgpt generating blog posts

Here, I asked ChatGPT to create a 200-word blog post on AI. 

After I gave my prompt, ChatGPT gave me a detailed answer within a second. If I didn’t like the response, I would simply ask ChatGPT to create another one or tweak the prompt

But just because ChatGPT generated a response within a few seconds doesn't mean it's completely error-free. Let me show you what it looks like on Grammarly.

chatgpt grammarly test

ChatGPT generated a result without any grammatical errors. This is a big relief for us content writers as we always need to write content with the utmost accuracy.

However, when I checked for plagiarism, I immediately got alerted.

chatgpt grammarly plagiarism

As you can see, ChatGPT generated 24% of the plagiarised content. If I had used it without cross-checking, I would've been rewarded with a free copyright strike.

And that wasn't even the most shocking part. I pasted the content on Hemingway, and I was flabbergasted to see the results.

chatgpt response checking hemingway

This type of article would immediately make readers skip the content. All efforts wasted.

Let's say ChatGPT gave me such a response once. There's no guarantee that it would give me the same poor result. That's why I will be giving another ChatGPT prompt to create a blog post.

chatgpt generating blog posts 1

Again, this blog initially looks good. I can't say about Grammar or plagiarism, but I bet it's gonna receive the same worse ranking in terms of Hemingway. Let's see the grammar score.

ChatGPT on Grammarly

Again, the result is also grammatically correct. But that's not my main concern.

chatgpt non plagiarised content

Fortunately, this time, it's not plagiarised. However, seeing such unreliable results from ChatGPT has piqued my doubt.

chatgpt result on hemingway

As you can see, my speculation was right. This ChatGPT-generated response is also quite poor.

Make sure you use more reliable AI tools for your business that can help your company automate less important tasks.

? Review
  • ChatGPT can create short-form and long-form content. However, the content quality will be poor as the responses generated by ChatGPT sound too generic and fluff. In addition, the content won't be unique and may get plagiarised.
  • If you need unique content, you need to learn prompt engineering.

Now that you have seen how unreliable ChatGPT can become in terms of creating blog posts, let's take a look at its coding capabilities.

3. Coding

AI can’t capture your attention until it can write code, right? Well, with ChatGPT, you can write and debug your code too

Whether you’re writing code in C programming language or Python, everything can be done with the perfect prompt. 

For instance, here I asked ChatGPT to explain what loops are in C programming language. 

chatgpt writing code

As a content writer with a CSE background, I can confirm that this response is accurate. ChatGPT explained it in a way that a beginner can also understand. 

ChatGPT also explained the While loop and Do-While loop, but I have cropped that part. 

Apart from writing perfect code, ChatGPT can also help you understand how a code works and what type of errors you may encounter. 

For example, here I am asking ChatGPT to explain what a coding segment does. 

chatgpt explaining code

I asked ChatGPT to explain a segment, and it did perfectly. This will prove super useful for the people who have started learning C programming language. 

Now, let’s see how effectively ChatGPT can debug a code. 

chatgpt debugging code

Even though the Python code was accurate, it would give me a syntax error due to the misplacement of the second bracket. 

ChatGPT checked my code and gave me an accurate response, ensuring that the code would run without any problem. 

? Review
  • ChatGPT has great abilities to write correct code regardless of the programming language you choose. It can also go through any coding language and find discrepancies easily, preventing syntax errors or any other coding-related errors.

ChatGPT can code, hands down!

But what if you need help with your research purposes? Let's take a quick look.

4. Research

I use ChatGPT for minimal research purposes. I still rely on Google Search and other search engines by default if I need to research something extensively. 

Most of the time, I don’t want to experiment with the prompts just to receive a generic response. Scrolling through each link and gathering relevant information is an easier option for me. 

That being said, ChatGPT can sometimes complete actions that Google cannot do. 

I asked GPT-3.5 to give me a list of 3 technological discoveries in the SaaS business world. I can copy the responses by ChatGPT with just one click. 

Even though the information is incomplete, it still helped me get started instead of starting from scratch

chatgpt helping with research

Since I regularly consume technological content to stay updated, I know that the information provided by ChatGPT needs to be corrected. 

The limited information is from 2022, which is when the training data stops. This is why the free version of ChatGPT may not prove fruitful for research purposes. 

In addition, ChatGPT won’t site the resources, which Bing Chat and Google Bard do. Without resources, it will be hard to trust the information as you don’t know where it originated. 

While it may be tempting to use the human-like responses from ChatGPT, make sure you cross-verify any information provided by ChatGPT

Fact-checking each Chat GPT response may deter some people from using it as a research tool, but I still rely on ChatGPT to give me a great starting point. 

? Review
  • As the data provided by ChatGPT is often incorrect and misleading, you should not use ChatGPT to research sensitive topics. ChatGPT lacks internet access, so it cannot help you research any time-sensitive topic.

Research is an important aspect that has been covered. I hope you learned something new. Now, it's time to determine the user experience.

5. User experience

ChatGPT's interface is a testament to its intuitive design. Its layout is clean, uncluttered, and effortlessly navigable. The platform ensures consistency and adaptability, whether accessed via desktop or mobile devices.

The personalization and adaptability of ChatGPT are also top-notch. Users appreciate platforms that cater to their preferences. ChatGPT incorporates personalization features that allow users to fine-tune their experience. 

One of the standout features of ChatGPT's user experience is its responsiveness. The model quickly generates responses, mimicking real-time conversation. This swift response time contributes to a more engaging interaction, making the experience feel more conversational and less robotic. 

OpenAI continuously works on enhancing ChatGPT’s user experience. Ongoing advancements in natural language processing and machine learning technologies aim to improve its understanding of context, tone, and user intent.

? Review
  • The user experience with ChatGPT has its limitations. Sometimes, the model may generate inaccurate or irrelevant responses, especially when handling complex or ambiguous queries. This can occasionally lead to frustration or confusion for users seeking precise information or assistance.

Overall, the user experience satisfied me quite a lot. I am not concerned so much about the user experience but about the aspect that I am going to discuss next.

6. Email

One popular application of AI writing tools involves their utility in crafting emails. Consider those extensive emails that demand your attention periodically, demanding significant time and mental effort. 

Is it incredibly convenient if AI could shoulder this task for you? Imagine a scenario where all you must do is provide the AI with the essential content or points to be included in the email. 

This way, the AI could compose the email, saving you valuable time and mental energy that you would otherwise spend on structuring and wording those lengthy messages.

Here’s an example of how I use ChatGPT to craft emails. 

chatgpt crafting email

ChatGPT not only generated a professional-looking email but also tried to highlight the critical information.

All I need to do is fill in the blanks with my company’s unique information. You can also craft high-quality promotional emails, newsletters, and email subject lines with ChatGPT. 

chatgpt creating email subject lines

ChatGPT recently introduced a new feature that will simultaneously provide two responses. 

You can choose any one response as per your unique needs. However, make sure you cross-check the information. 

If you think you’re getting generic responses, try to change the prompt and provide more unique company information. 

? Review
  • ChatGPT can craft high-quality marketing emails. Fetch all the necessary information, and this chatbot will create an engaging email right away. However, make sure you change the content as per your brand's voice and target audience.

It's a great sigh of relief to see that ChatGPT can generate high-quality promotional emails. I was very skeptical after seeing it's poor blog generation abilities.

7. Chat history

A highly beneficial aspect of ChatGPT involves its newfound capability, allowing users to access past conversations linked to their accounts

Initially, this functionality wasn't available by default. However, due to its considerable usefulness and demand from users, OpenAI swiftly incorporated this feature into the system, making it accessible within a mere two weeks after the initial release. 

This prompt inclusion demonstrates OpenAI's commitment to enhancing user experience and responsiveness to user feedback, ensuring that the platform continuously evolves to meet user needs efficiently and effectively.

However, this specific feature wasn’t present during the introduction. OpenAI realized how useful this feature is and gave a patch update 2 weeks after the initial release. 

Here’s what the chat history looks like on the ChatGPT dashboard. 

chatgpt chat history

From this section, you can access the chat history. If you want to reopen a chat, click on one of the chats on the left side. 

This way, you can continue your previous conversations with ChatGPT. 

Now, if you use ChatGPT like me, the chat history section may look cluttered. 

In that case, if you think you don’t need the older chats, you can simply delete them. 

chat history option

Click on your profile and then go to Settings. There, you need to click on the option Data Controls

? Review
  • Chat history is a lucrative feature of ChatGPT, which will help you access your previous chats. If you need any information from your past conversations, you can access it easily from the chat history.

The chat history part also impressed me. Now it's time to take a look at the web browsing capabilities.

8. Web browsing

While OpenAI decided to disable the Bing search engine feature temporarily, they may bring it back. This is because the features need some work to be done. 

Before being taken down, the Browse with Bing feature would take significantly longer than GPT-3.5 to generate results. 

Sometimes, even after making users wait for a few minutes, it used to give a message saying, “Sorry, I can’t complete the request.”

If you need ChatGPT with real-time internet access, purchase the ChatGPT Plus subscription

? Review
  • This thing bothers me a lot. As web browsing isn't possible with ChatGPT, I cannot use ChatGPT as a Google search engine alternative.

9. Performance and accuracy

ChatGPT demonstrates remarkable performance when compared to human writers. In terms of sheer speed, this tool can effortlessly generate a 500-word response, the current maximum response length, within a concise timeframe of 30 to 60 seconds

Moreover, it doesn't tire out, allowing users to employ it extensively without limitations.

chatgpt inaccuracy

Here’s a perfect example of an inaccurate response. I asked ChatGPT for some sensitive information, and it gave me a wrong answer. 

If I weren’t aware of the car’s specifications, I wouldn’t be able to know about this inaccuracy. ChatGPT sometimes gives nonsense answers but in a convincing way, confusing the users about the accuracy. 

This is the main reason why human intervention is crucial in ChatGPT.

Like any other AI tool, ChatGPT has some areas that need improvement. Even though ChatGPT undoubtedly has some significant advantages, you must recognize its limitations. 

However, while ChatGPT excels in addressing well-known and extensively researched topics, its accuracy diminishes when faced with subjects that require even a slight depth of understanding

When writing more nuanced or complex topics, ChatGPT encounters significant difficulties.

Based on personal experience, ChatGPT occasionally produces responses that appear coherent but need more substantive accuracy. 

This can pose challenges, particularly for individuals new to the subject matter. Consequently, human intervention remains essential as ChatGPT is far from a reliable solution.

? Review
  • ChatGPT performs well in terms of speed, conversation, and content generation. However, the accuracy part needs major improvements before people can use ChatGPT for their daily tasks.

Don't get discouraged after seeing ChatGPT failing in this aspect miserably. I still have a few things to share that will capture your attention.

10. Privacy policy and data sharing

ChatGPT uses the input to improve its response-generating process. This is why numerous companies, including Samsung and Apple, have banned ChatGPT

Apart from data collection that happens automatically by the ChatGPT technology, OpenAI stated that human artificial intelligence trainers might use your conversation to improve this AI model. 

They sometimes review the conversations to ensure the content aligns with the safety requirements and privacy policy. 

According to OpenAI, they cannot delete specific prompts from the user’s chat history. It’s best not to share any sensitive information

People who don’t want their data shared with OpenAI can opt-out through a request form. You can also turn off the Save Chat History & Training from the settings, which will start with immediate effect. 

? Review
  • Even though OpenAI stated they will never use any personal information for any purpose, ChatGPT can use the provided prompts and information to train itself.

Users concerned about data and privacy must have found this specific part really helpful.

But bear with me as I still need to discuss something else.

11. Interaction

ChatGPT has emerged as a powerful tool for human-computer interaction, boasting impressive abilities in natural language processing and dialogue generation.

ChatGPT excels at handling complex and open-ended questions. Its vast training data allows it to grasp intricate concepts and respond with insightful and comprehensive answers.

It can even follow multi-step instructions and weave together information from different sources to deliver a cohesive explanation.

chatgpt answering to complex prompts

Here's how ChatGPT answered my complex prompt. I can confidently say that ChatGPT lived up to my expectations.

In addition, One of ChatGPT's key strengths is its ability to engage in natural and engaging conversations. It understands conversational cues, responds appropriately, and can adapt its tone and style to match the user's.

ChatGPT also demonstrates a remarkable understanding of user intent and context. It can decipher the meaning behind questions, even when phrased ambiguously, and respond accordingly.

Maintaining context throughout a conversation is crucial for natural interaction. ChatGPT generally performs well in this aspect, remembering previous statements and referencing them later in the discussion.

? Review
  • ChatGPT presents a powerful and versatile tool for human-computer interaction. Its capabilities make it a valuable asset for various applications.
  • However, it still has room for improvement in handling highly technical queries, correctly interpreting certain conversational nuances, and offering more extensive customization options.

ChatGPT is revolutionizing the way we interact with machines. Its ability to engage in natural conversation, adapt to individual users, and fuel creative collaboration offers numerous benefits for various fields.

12. Learning

Unlike traditional language models trained solely on static datasets, ChatGPT benefits from constant interaction with users.

This interactive environment allows it to learn and adapt in real time. User responses, both positive and negative, provide valuable feedback that shapes its understanding of language and communication.

For example, when a user expresses satisfaction with a response, it reinforces the model's understanding of what constitutes successful communication.

Conversely, negative feedback helps identify areas where the model needs improvement. This ongoing feedback loop enables ChatGPT to continuously refine its ability to generate human-quality responses and engage in meaningful conversations.

ChatGPT's learning process also incorporates a sophisticated error correction mechanism.

This mechanism identifies and corrects errors in its responses, ensuring that it adheres to factual accuracy and grammatical correctness.

OpenAI employs a technique called Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF). This method utilizes human evaluators who rate the quality of the model's responses and provide feedback.

? Review
  • ChatGPT's learning process, powered by user interaction and error correction, has positioned it as a leader in conversational AI.
  • Its ability to learn and adapt in real-time, coupled with the versatility offered by command prompts, makes it a valuable tool for various tasks.

As long as ChatGPT learns from your prompts and the data you provide, it will upgrade itself continuously.

13. Support

ChatGPT pros and cons

ChatGPT's ability to provide human-quality text is undeniable, but its strengths come with hidden weaknesses

While it can automate tasks, generate creative content, and personalize learning, it's prone to factual errors, biases, and misinterpretations. To unlock its true potential, we must approach it with a critical eye, leveraging its strengths while mitigating its risks. 

Let's see the pros and cons of ChatGPT.


  • Free version to try
  • High-level writing skills
  • Mobile app
  • Helpful coding companion
  • Data opt-out options


  • No citations
  • Dataset only up to 2021
  • Generates inaccurate response
  • Web browsing is disabled temporarily
  • Paid plan is not worth the cost

ChatGPT Review: Final verdict

This ChatGPT review can conclude that this AI Chatbot is a revolutionary product with great potential. 

While ChatGPT is still receiving updates for better output and user experience, it’s already become one of the most popular AI chatbots in the world. 

The fact that one version is free to use makes ChatGPT a more lucrative option for content marketers, coders, students, business owners, etc. 

Will ChatGPT change the entire world as it is today? Of course not. But can this chatbot help you automate repetitive tasks and free up your time? As long as you know how to use ChatGPT, there’s a strong possibility. 

So, can you rely on ChatGPT to automate your daily tasks? Let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ChatGPT is safe to use. To create an OpenAI account, you must provide your phone number for verification purposes, similar to many other online services. They emphasize that it's solely for security and won't be used for anything else.

ChatGPT launched an application for the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store. The ChatGPT application for Android represents a clear improvement over the chatbot's sluggish and choppy desktop version. On the other hand, ChatGPT is faster on the Apple App Store. However, the habit of giving incorrect information still persists.

In addition to addressing basic queries, ChatGPT performs a multitude of tasks. It can craft essays, provide intricate descriptions of art, generate AI art prompts, engage in philosophical discussions, and even assist in coding endeavours. But you need GPT-4 more for accurate responses. 

If you're seeking an AI-driven personal assistant capable of executing tasks across various applications, the choice is clear: ChatGPT emerges as the winner due to its array of plugins.